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Do Perms Damage Hair? The Professional Opinion

Do Perms Damage Hair

You are probably wondering if do perms damage hair? 

If you are thinking of getting a perm, it is because you want more body and volume in your hair. Curly hair is beautiful, but you have to be very careful. There are many people who have completely destroyed their hair by getting a perm!

The reality is that perms do damage hair all the time. This is because the perm needs to break the structure bonds inside the hair in order to curl it. That is why you need to find a good hairdresser that would perm your hair with the best quality products, and a proper procedure.

In this article you will discover why perms damage hair, and what we can do to maintain our hair healthy with a perm. Let’s get started:

Do perms damage hair? The honest opinion

The truth is that perms will always damage your hair to a greater or lesser extent.

When you get a perm on your hair, what happens is that we break up the disulfide points in the hair to create a new shape.

By breaking the structure of the hair, the hair will always weaken as it will lose its natural resistance.

But like any chemical, the level of damage will depend on how aggressive the perm has been, the products used, and the condition of your hair.

You can never get a perm without suffering any damage to your hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one and keep your hair in good condition.

Who can get a perm?

Can I get a perm or Do perms damage hair

If you think about getting a perm, the first thing you have to analyze is if your hair is in the minimum condition necessary to avoid great damage to your hair.

If you get a perm and your hair does not have the necessary strength, you will suffer a lot of damage and you may risk breaking your hair completely.

Therefore, here I explain the most important points that you should keep in mind before getting a perm.

  • The length of your hair: The longer your hair is, the less resistance it will have at the ends due to the daily aggressions of the hair. If your hair is shoulder length or shorter, this is the perfect length to perm. If the length of your hair is in the middle of your back, you will probably have to cut a couple of inches. But if your hair is very long, be prepared to cut at least 1/4 of the length.
  • The previous chemicals: To get a perm, your hair should be natural, or have a not too light color dye. The lighter your hair has been, the riskier it will be. If you are blonde or have highlights, I recommend that you forget to get a perm. Your hair will most likely break.
  • The thickness of your hair: The thicker your hair, the more resistance it will have. Thick hair tends to hold up to perming quite well. But if your hair is very fine, it will be very fragile, and this will put it at great risk of breakage. I advise you to avoid perming if your hair is very fine.

In short, don’t get a perm if your hair is blonde and thin.

Best advice to prevent damage in a perm

Hair rollers

If your hair type allows you to get a perm, and you would love to wear the curly hair look, don’t worry!

Now I will give you my best tips so that you can get the perm and take care of your hair to the fullest.

The best thing you can do to avoid damaging your hair is:

  • Look for a good professional: A hairdresser with a lot of expertise will first diagnose you to see if your hair will resist the perm well, and will take great care of the quality of your hair in the process.
  • Find a salon that uses good products: Using the best perm products can reduce hair damage by up to 70%! Ask in the salons that give you confidence which brand of products they use and do a little research.
  • Prepare your hair for perm: Use these shampoo & mask to fortify your hair and make it more resistant about two weeks before doing the service. If you prepare your hair before the perm, you can reduce the damage up to 50%! Continue using them after service to repair your hair to the fullest.
  • Take care of the process times: Tell your hairdresser that you prefer the waving lotion to act for less time although the effect is softer to prioritize the health of your hair. The more marked you want your hair and the more they let you process the undulating liquid, the more damage you will have.

If you follow these tips you will see that you achieve a very beautiful perm and will prevent damage to the maximum.

Let’s get gorgeous hair!

I hope you liked this article and it has been helpful to know if do perms damage hair.

Having a good professional will help you a lot to take care of your hair and keep it healthy.

Run away from offers and that kind of thing when it comes to getting a perm!

Investing a little more is definitely worth it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

Until next time!