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Do You Use Conditioner After Olaplex 8? [Right Way]

Do You Use Conditioner After Olaplex 8

The steps to follow while using Olaplex can be confusing. That is why while in a repair routine with Olaplex it is important to know if you do you use conditioner after olaplex 8.

Olaplex has different products and they work in different ways. Using them correctly is what helps to enhance their effect.

The truth is that do you use conditioner after olaplex 8 will help you maximize its effect. Using them together is a good idea as long as you use one first, rinse it out, and then apply the other. My professional suggestion is to apply step 8 first, which is the intensive mask. Leave it for 2-10 minutes. After this, apply a conditioner to give you much more softness and repair.

This order of application allows the hair to absorb the properties of the mask without becoming saturated.

In this article, I will tell you when you can apply the products and how to do it to get good results at the right times.

Do you use conditioner after the olaplex 8 step?

The truth is that you can use conditioner after olaplex 8. It’s a good idea as long as you rinse the mask well first. I also recommend that you remove the excess conditioner thoroughly. Also, never put it on the roots or the skin of the hair.

The best way to use the conditioner is after the mask. This is for hair that does not have a greasy or shedding problem. This combination will make the hair richer in nutrients.

It is important that you know when is a good time to apply this technique because if you don’t you can oversaturate the hair. This will cause very fine hair to flatten out and look greasy and will make the hair look greasy.

when do you use conditioner after olaplex 8?

There are some occasions when using the conditioner is a wonderful idea to enhance the effect of the technology that Olaplex has. You just have to remember to apply it away from the roots so you don’t feel like Olaplex Makes Your Hair Greasy. Usually, a wrong application can lead to complications such as Olaplex Make Hair Fall Out due to pore clogging.

Make sure to move about 10 cm away from the skin of the head to apply steps 8 and 5. The best cases I recommend you try using both products are:

  1. Damaged Hair
  2. Frizz
  3. Curly or very dry hair

In these 3 basic points, I will tell you how using both products correctly and specifically can help you a lot to speed up healing and get double the benefits. I’ll talk you through them one by one below to help you understand them better.

#1Damaged Hair

Especially on damaged hair, you can use conditioner after olaplex 8. When the hair is very damaged and thinned by different chemical or mechanical procedures. This is where you can use this technique because you will get 2 very good benefits from each product. Even though they seem to be almost the same, they are not. Each has a different texture and a specific approach.

By using both during the same day we are replenishing the hair in all aspects and where one does not replenish or absorb the other product will. In fact, the smoothness in the texture of the hair when you do this is delicious and soft.

How Does Olaplex Treatment Work in strengthening the internal bridges that we have in the hair

#2 Frizz

Also, another way you can use conditioner after olaplex 8 that will work great for your hair is when you have a lot of frizz. Frizz is usually caused by a weakening of the cuticles that causes them to start to fray and lift. When this happens the hair looks unkempt, looks poofy, and almost doubles in size from the static it has.

For this type of hair, this technique is very good because it will make the hair so lubricated and nourished that it will make your hair so much tighter and under control. Also in the long term, you will have a great result because it will correct itself if you use it continuously.

#3 Curly or very dry hair

Curly hair is one of the driest by nature and one of the most in need of nourishment and lubrication. It also tends to be very delicate and suffers from breakage and lack of shape. That’s why You Can Use Olaplex On Curly Hair because it will help you solve this type of condition. You will be able to feel the texture much better and even the shape will be much more defined.

Even if you don’t have curly hair you may have very dry hair and don’t know what to do. For these occasions, it is just this formula that will help give you intensive nourishment and lubrication.


In the 3 cases above it can be a wonderful idea to use conditioner after mask 8. I hope this will help you to use it in the best way.

So you can get the most out of each product and perfect its application. Especially that your hair recovers and you get the healthy and well-cared-for look you are looking for.

I wish you luck.
Until next time.