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Does Oily Hair Cause Dandruff? [The Reality]

Woman with Oily Hair Causes Dandruff

If you feel your hair dirty and greasy regularly, maybe you’re wondering: does oily hair cause dandruff?

Answering this question will help you know how to prevent it and how to get rid of it.

The truth is that oily hair can cause dandruff on the scalp because make an unbalanced environment. When this happens it can trigger a fungus called Malassezia making the white and yellow flakes that we know from dandruff.

In this article, you can find the main reasons that can cause it and how to fix it.

Does Oily Hair Cause Dandruff?

The truth is that oily hair can cause dandruff because the extra oils that are added to the skin change the correct environment on the scalp.

Mainly you should know that our body produces natural oils (called sebum), and they are what lubricates the skin and keeps it healthy. However, the oil production must always be in balance!

The skin of our scalp must meet certain conditions to work properly because if not is when certain problems such as dandruff can appear.

Specially if your hair is greasy you need to be extra careful with your scalp! The main reason is because greasy hair can be bad for your hair as it can trigger other scalp alterations.

When your hair feels oily it is because there is more sebum and oil than you need.

That’s why you should be aware of how it alters the scalp so you don’t have more complications.

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Why Oily Hair Causes Dandruff?

Is common to see that the causes of dandruff have to do with the environment on the scalp.

Knowing what is causing that dandruff will give you a way to get rid of it and avoid it too.

The most common ways related to oily hair leading to cause dandruff are:

  1. The Malassezia Fungi
  2. Build Up

These two are the ways that oils can alter the hair in such a way that it results in dandruff.

A remarkable characteristic feature of dandruff is the white or yellow flakes that produce. It also can cause itching and irritation.

Let’s look at each one in more detail:

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#1 the Malassezia Fungi

How does Oily Hair Causes Dandruff

This is a type of yeast-like fungus that lives in 90% of adults. Normally it does not cause any problems, but sometimes some triggers can cause this fungus to spread and cause skin problems.

Dandruff is a consequence of this fungus. This is because it spreads and makes you see all this white powdery fungus everywhere.

This fungus is on almost everyone, however, it requires everything to be in balance so that it stays under control and doesn’t cause all the commotion that is so uncomfortable.

A lot of sebum or oil production can be a trigger.

Sweating generates moisture and oils as well and being continually wet can trigger it as well.

Continued sweating can cause this fungus to spread and cause more skin problems.

Solution #1

To solve dandruff my professional recommendation is to wash at least 3 times a week using Kerastase Shampoo Antipelliculare.

This is a product that I have seen in countless clients that have helped them reduce flakes after 2-3 weeks of use. It is important to know that you will not see an instant result because you have to regulate the scalp environment and pg and that can take time. However, it calms itching and cleanses very well so that your hair looks good and gives you peace of mind while it works.

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#2 Build-Up

Does Oily Hair Cause Dandruff

Having excess of greasiness in your scalp can also be affecting the environment of the skin.

When a lot of residue forms on the scalp from natural oils as well as products can make white build up appear in your scalp.

A buildup of sweat, dead cells and products such as shampoo remain on the scalp.

The problem with this is when it is not removed properly. This buildup can last for months and even if you change shampoo the problem continues.

Many shampoos, especially supermarket shampoos labelled as nourishing have a high charge of oils and greasy ingredients that tend to make the scalp very dirty, causing the buildup to start.

When the shampoo doesn’t clean your skin and adds more oils instead is when it makes your hair greasier.

If you are feeling this for a long period of time is probable that build-up layers are accumulating on your scalp.

Solution #2

A perfect solution when you think and have discovered that your hair is oily is to detox your hair often.

Removing the build-up and cleansing the pores is a perfect way to get rid of the build-up and let your pores breathe and oxygenate again.

Use a special scrub exfoliator to remove all the buildup of dirt, oil, and products. Using an effective product is just the thing to get rid of it and avoiding to spread and growing.

That is why my professional suggestion is Kerastase Fusio Scrub because it is a good brand with good references and results. It refreshes the scalp and hair very well eliminating all the residues.

Keeping your skin clean and removing the build-up will prevent the trigger from forming again.

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Bottom line

So now you know why hair oil can cause dandruff.

I hope that knowing more about how most of us have this fungus on our skin can make us take more care to level the level of those oils and also to keep it clean from the build-ups.

I hope all this information will help you prevent this from forming on your scalp. Also if you already have it you can fix it.

I must tell you that many clients have tried the products I recommend and have had great results. Don’t forget to use it correctly and apply it a maximum of 3 times a week and then reduce it.

Until next time.