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Hair treatment for damaged hair [The best ones]

Hair treatment for damaged hair

Finding a good hair treatment for damaged hair can be very difficult today.

There are too many options and sadly, many times we invest in a treatment and do not feel the effects.

A good hair treatment for damaged hair must have the necessary ingredients to repair the structure of the hair from within, and fortify it to make it more resistant. The best way to use a treatment is at home consistently. Ideally you should use it 1 out of every 3 washes. You can also apply a deeper hairdressing treatment every 6-8 weeks to double the effects.

The treatments that you will discover in this article are the best to repair the hair fiber, and you will see their effects immediately.

Let’s start by seeing what type of treatment you need:

The best hair treatment for damaged hair

If we have damaged hair and we want to repair it, there are two types of treatment that you can use:

  • Treatments at home (masks).
  • Hairdressing treatments (such as ampoules or concentrates).

It is useless to have a treatment in the hairdresser if we do not have the product at home to wash and treat.

For example, let’s say we do an intensive repair treatment with our hairdresser, and when we get home we wash with some supermarket shampoo (even an expensive one), in each wash we will start the treatment because its ingredients are harmful to the hair.

Therefore, to start treating your damaged hair, you must first have the right product at home, and then you can give it a treatment booster at the salon.

This will always be the best way to treat our hair since in each wash we will recover the condition of our hair.

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How to choose the best treatment

How to choose hair treatment for damaged hair

To choose which treatment to buy, you must analyze what type of hair damage you have.

Professional treatments are usually very specific like medicines, and if you choose one that is not for your type of damage, you will not have the desired effects.

There is a difference between dry hair and damaged hair.

Many people have dry hair and think their hair is damaged, so they buy the wrong treatment!

For the hair to be damaged it means that there are chemical or physical processes that have attacked our hair and eroded our cuticle completely.

Damaged hair usually has one of these erosions:

  •  Box dyes or professional dyes.
  •  Bleaching services such as highlights or balayage.
  •  Smoothing or shaping chemicals (such as keratins or perms).
  • Physical aggressions such as ironing your hair very frequently.

If your hair has any of these characteristics, it means that it is damaged.

On the other hand, if your hair is virgin and you haven’t done anything chemical on it, and you don’t tend to straighten it too often, what you have is dryness.

In another article we will see the best treatments for dry hair.

The best treatments for your level of damage

Best hair treatment for damaged hair

Now that you know that you have damaged hair due to some chemical or physical process, I will teach you the best treatments you should use.

There are several levels of damaged hair, and depending on how weakened your hair is, you should use one or the other.

The best masks to treat and repair your hair are:

If you have highlighted or bleached hair

In this case you will need the most extreme level of repair since bleaching is the most aggressive process for the hair.

You will need to use this mask at least once a week, and leave it to act for at least 15 minutes.

If your hair has nay type of perm or straightener, it also falls into this category.

I recommend that you wash your hair maximum twice a week, and accompany the treatment always with this shampoo.

Therapiste masque

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If you have colored hair without bleaching

If you have had hair, this treatment will repair all the damage of the color processes.

And most importantly, it will level the alkalinity of your hair dyes so that you have more radiant and healthy hair.

The mask is very light, so you can use it 1 to 2 times a week, and I recommend that you leave it current for about 10 minutes.

Always use it with this special shampoo to maintain and repair your hair.

Chromatique masque kerastase

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If you use heat tools frequently or you are not sure which type of damage you have

This mask will repair all types of damage since it is like a wild card.

If you have heat-damaged hair, or you have chemical processes that have damaged your hair, this treatment will be ideal for you.

Use it at least once a week for 5 to 10 minutes and your hair will begin to renew completely.

If you use it with the specific shampoo you will see even better results.

Masque force architect kerastase

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Let’s get better hair!

Now that you’ve seen the best treatments for damaged hair, it’s time to start repairing your hair!

Remember to always apply them frequently after shampooing on squeezed hair, and always let them act for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Although if you have time to let them act for half an hour much better!

Having your professional shampoo and mask, you can now go to the hairdresser and get a deeper repair treatment, because you can already keep it at home and make it worthwhile.

You will see that from the first weeks, you begin to see the results and your hair will feel much better.

Until next time!