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How does Olaplex treatment Work? [Easy guide]

How does olaplex work

Are you wondering how does Olaplex treatment work? In this article you will learn everything about it!

Olaplex is one of the most famous hair care products today that promises to repair and protect our hair from damage. This wonderful line of haircare has products for use in the salon and maintenance at home.

Olaplex works on hair through a bond building technology which reinforces the hair bridges that are weakened when bleaching your hair. For this reason, in each wash you use Olaplex you will reinforce the damaged bridges of the hair to have healthier hair.

Another quality of Olaplex products is that they leave hair very soft and shiny. And its scent is sensational! Their treatments will leave your hair exquisite, and you will be able to achieve much healthier and stronger hair.

In this article I’ll explain exactly how Olaplex products work, and I’ll give you a mini usage guide so you can find your perfect match.

How does olaplex Treatment work?

How does the treatment work

Surely you have seen on social networks many people using Olaplex and loving its results. From professional hairdressers to influencers, it seems that everyone is using these wonderful products!

Would you like to know how Olaplex products work to find out if they are right for you? Let’s see it!:

Olaplex products are designed to deeply repair disulfide bonds in the hair. Surely you have not heard this hair term before! The disulfide bridges of our hair is basically the structure that covers each hair fiber which gives strength to the hair. When we bleach our hair or use too many heat tools, we start to break down those bonds in our hair.

Imagine a tree bark that has many holes and breaks. In the hair is the same! When we have a slight damage to those bridges, our hair will look dry, dull and with split ends. But when the damage is severe, there are so few disulfide bridges left in our hair that they are not enough to make it resist!

And it is here when our hair breaks because the remaining bridges are not enough for the hair to have a minimum resistance. The more broken your bridges are, the worse condition your hair will be.

Should i use olaplex products in my hair?

As I explained in the previous section, the way Olaplex products work is by restoring the broken bonds of the hair to recover its strength and resistance. Therefore, if you have damaged hair, it is worth using Olaplex treatments, as they will help you restore your hair.

These products will be ideal for you if you have:

  • Many chemical processes in the hair such as dyes or highlights.
  • Hair weakened and with split ends due to the constant use of heat tools such as irons or dryers.
  • If you have straightening chemicals such as keratin treatments or curl perms in your hair.

Surely you have noticed that there is a wide variety of Olaplex products, and it can be quite confusing to know which one to use!

In my experience as a professional hairdresser I have had the opportunity to use the entire range of products on different types of hair, and I have been able to verify which are the steps that are most worthwhile, and which are the steps with which we have to be more careful. not to over use.

Next, I am going to explain in detail the complete range of Olaplex products so that you know how to use them in a simple way:

The complete olaplex products range

How does olaplex work salon vs home

The Olaplex line of products is designed to repair and restructure disulfide bonds in the hair, resulting in healthier and more resistant hair. These bridges can be damaged chemically (bleaching and dyes), or mechanically (straighteners or heat tools). Regardless of what kind of hair damage you have, Olaplex will be a good friend to repair it.

However, it is important that you know that Olaplex products are divided into two product ranges:

  • Those for use in the hair salon: These products are those that are used mixed with dyes or discoloration to prevent damage to the hair during a color service.
  • Those for use at home: These are the best known Olaplex products since they are the treatments that you apply at home to repair your hair.

Let’s see the main differences so you understand how they work:

Olaplex salon products

Olaplex 1 and 2

Olaplex in-salon products are designed to prevent damage from color chemicals and strengthen the hair fiber while processing color. These are the step 1 and step 2.

In other words, at the same time that your hair is colored, it is being repaired so that you can reduce the damage by approximately 50%.

Therefore, using Olaplex in your highlights or dye service is essential if you want to keep your hair healthy! Prevention is the key to success. Whether you are going to dye for the first time or you are going to do other highlights, protect your hair with Olaplex.

This treatment is also used in salons as a stand up treatment without mixing them with color, in which step 1 is diluted in hot water to seal it later with step 2.

It can be very difficult for you to have access to buy these products because they are normally sold only to professionals. But don’t worry! Normally you will not need to use these products unless you are going to bleach your hair at home.

How to use it

The Olaplex step 1 is mixed directly with the dye or bleach that you are going to use. Normally a few milliliters are added to the color formula, and with this you will be able to protect your hair at the same time that you dye it.

Once you rinse the dye, it’s time to use the Olaplex step 2 right before applying the shampoo. This step will help you recover the lost elasticity and seal the repair of your hair. Normally it is left to act for a couple of minutes.

Olaplex home care products

homecare products

If you are wondering how Olaplex home care products work, don’t worry because is very easy. These products are designed to continue to repair and treat both the hair and cuticle bonds. Although they were originally designed to maintain the Olaplex in-salon treatment (like step 3), today their formulation allows you to treat your hair independently of your color services!

These are the products that I most recommend you buy if you want to treat your hair with Olaplex, since you can combine them in different ways according to your needs. Olaplex home care products will be perfect for you if:

  • Your hair has undergone several color services and you feel the ends of your hair damaged.
  • You usually dye your roots when you get gray hair, so your hair is totally dyed.
  • You frequently use heat tools that damage the ends of your hair.
  • You have long hair and split ends often appear.

Even if you have virgin hair without any chemicals, Olaplex will help you keep it much healthier and stronger!

Today there are many of Olaplex home care products! Remember that these products are frequent use, which means that most of them are designed to be used every time you wash your hair. The complete range of products is:

Olaplex 0 and 3

Olaplex 0 and 3 products

The Olaplex 3 step was the first product launched by the home care line! Originally this product was perfect to maintain the effect of the Olaplex treatment in the salon. This product is a great basic if you want to take care of your hair with Olaplex at home, since it has many benefits and a balanced formula that will leave your hair soft, shiny and much stronger. This product is used individually or combined with step 0 to intensify its effects.

Olaplex 0 is the product with the highest concentration of bond technology to repair hair in the entire line. However, this product alone does not have the power to repair in depth. Therefore, you should always combine it with step 3.

How to use it

I recommend that you use Olaplex step 3 once a week. In case you do the intensive treatment with step 0, I recommend that you do it approximately every 10 days so as not to cause protein overload.

These products are used before you wash your hair, as a pre-shampoo. You can also use Olaplex 3 as a night treatment, leaving it to act overnight.

This is a pre-shampoo treatment, which means that you should shampoo your hair after Olaplex 3. The correct way to use these products is to apply them to your hair before washing (always 0 before 3 if you use both), and leave them on for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse them and wash your hair normally.

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Olaplex 4 and 5

bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner

These two wonderful Olaplex products are the bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner. This duo is definitely a must when it comes to taking care of your hair at home, since they are the basic shampoo and conditioner of the product range.

And best of all, they don’t have harsh sulfates to help keep your hair colored (if you have any). In my experience, these products are highly nourishing and give the hair a wonderful feeling of care and strengthening.

In my experience, this shampoo and conditioner are extremely nourishing, and will do you a lot of good if your hair is not only damaged but also dry. This duo also has bond enforcing technology in them, so you’ll strengthen your hair with every wash.

How to use it

You can use these products every time you wash your hair like a traditional shampoo and conditioner. I recommend that you wash your hair twice, and then apply the conditioner only from the middle to the ends, leaving it to act for about 5 minutes.

Olaplex 4C Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo

This clarifying shampoo is a product with which you can thoroughly cleanse your scalp and remove all build-up residue from your hair. Olaplex launched this shampoo for all the people who felt greasy hair when using their products.

The truth is that unlike anti-grease shampoos, this shampoo does not leave your hair stiff or dry. The Olaplex 4C shampoo will clean all the residue from your scalp, leaving your hair soft and shiny at the same time.

In addition, this product has the brand’s reinforcing bond technology. This makes you clean and strengthen your hair at the same time! This is definitely one of my favorite shampoos.

How to use it

The best way to use this shampoo is weekly or fortnightly, just as a cleansing boost. I do not recommend that you use this shampoo on a daily basis because it could dry out your hair.

Ideally wash your hair with Olaplex step 4 basic shampoo, and once every 3 washes use this 4c clarifying shampoo. When you use it, wash your hair with two passes to make sure you clean it thoroughly.

New Olaplex 4P Blonde Enhancing shampoo

Olaplex 4p shampoo

The Olaplex 4P blonde enhancing shampoo has been one of the brand’s most recent launches. This purple shampoo will help you maintain the luminosity and toner of blonde hair.

The reality is that most people with blonde hair are bleached, which is why Olaplex products are perfect for treating hair damage. However, most blonde toning shampoos tend to be very drying for the hair.

Therefore, this blonde enhancing shampoo has been designed to nuance and treat your hair at the same time! This shampoo also has the brand’s bond reinforcing technology, which will make your hair feel very soft and shiny after use.

How to use it

The best way to use this shampoo is occasionally between washes. How often you use it will depend on how often you wash your hair and how ashy you would like to color your hair. If you want a very ash blonde, use this shampoo at least once a week.

To use this shampoo I recommend that you have slightly towel-squeezed hair. Distribute the shampoo throughout the hair and let it act for a minimum of 5 minutes. Then condition your hair as normal.

Olaplex 6 bond smoother

step 6 bond smoother

The Olaplex step 6 is a leave in conditioner that will leave your hair incredibly soft and without frizz. This styling cream is designed for all hair types, so you can use it whether you have straight or curly hair.

One of the things that I like the most about this leave in conditioner is that it works particularly well to define curly or wavy hair. Its anti-frizz effect is quite powerful, and will help keep your curls elastic so they look spectacular.

As this cream also has bond repair technology, every time you use it you will be strengthening your hair. In addition, it will help you treat split ends of your hair.

How to use it

The best way to use the wonderful bond smoother cream is by applying a couple of pressures on the palms of your hands and then distributing it throughout your hair and letting it act.

This cream works best if you apply it to damp hair. However, you can also apply a few drops on your dry hair. The drier your hair is, the less amount you should apply!

A tip that makes hair feel spectacular is combining it with bonding oil step 7. The combination of both products will leave your hair spectacular.

Olaplex 7 bonding oil

Step 7 bonding oil

Olaplex number 7 bonding oil is one of my favorite products! This oil will not only leave your hair extremely soft and shiny, but it will also protect your hair from heat tools.

More than just a beauty oil, it is an oil to treat your hair every day. You will only need to apply a couple of drops of means to the ends of your hair once a day. Their results will surprise you! A plus that this product has is that it does not leave a greasy sensation on the hair, which is very helpful. And it smells amazing too!

This oil will not only keep your hair soft and flexible throughout the day, but thanks to its bond repair technology, it will treat your hair to gradually strengthen it. In addition, this product has a very powerful anti-frizz power! Therefore, it will be a great ally if your hair is curly, wavy or with a tendency to frizz.

How to use it

You can use this product several times a day, no matter if your hair is wet or dry. To do this, I recommend that you apply a couple of drops to your hands, rubbing them together, and then run your hands through your hair. Help yourself with a brush to distribute the oil better.

As an additional tip, you can mix a couple of drops with your favorite Olaplex treatment to achieve greater smoothness. You’ll love it!

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Olaplex 8 Moisture mask

Olaplex 8 moisture mask

This intensive mask is another of the brand’s great favorites, as it will repair your hair in depth while leaving you with an ultra-soft texture. As you know, Olaplex treatments work by restoring the bonds of our hair. Therefore, using this deep mask would be a great choice to speed up the process.

Unlike step 3, this treatment is used after shampooing, and promises to intensively strengthen your hair. In my experience I have noticed that for people who have very curly hair it is usually a great ally due to its intensive nutrition.

Also, one of the things that I love most about this mask is that if you add a few drops of oil number 7, you will multiply its softening effect.

How to use it

Use this mask once a week for best results. In case you also use step 3 frequently, I recommend that you alternate them every week.

Use this product on freshly washed and squeezed hair. Massage the mask well from the middle to the ends of your hair, and let it act for about 10 minutes. Rinse your hair abundantly with water and you will be ready.

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Olaplex 9 bond protector hair serum

How does olaplex 9 serum work

Olaplex 9 hair serum works in a wonderful way. This innovative product will not only leave your hair with a smooth and shiny texture, but it also provides you with an anti-damage shield to protect your hair.

In addition, this hair serum has a heat protector! That is why it is one of the products that I recommend the most from the brand, since it protects, treats and seals your hair.

Like all Olaplex products, it also has bond repair technology. Every time you use it, you will be treating your hair in depth.

How to use it

You can use this product on dry or damp hair. I recommend that you always use more when it is wet, and less when it is dry. This way you won’t over-saturate your hair.

Ideally you should use this serum when you get out of the shower, when detangling your hair. So it will be protected when you go to dry your hair.

On the other hand, if you are going to straighten your hair between washes, use a small amount on dry hair and brush it well to distribute the product.

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How does Olaplex products should be used?

Now that you know how most of the Olaplex products work, it is important that you know how to use them in a simple and practical way.

The most important thing is that you have to keep in mind that you do not have to use the entire range of products to have the desired effects. In fact, if you overuse these products too much, you can have problems with your scalp. But do not worry! I will explain everything in detail later.

Let’s first see what a healthy routine would be for Olaplex products to work properly on your hair:

The Olaplex routine: How it should be used

The basic care routine with Olaplex products consists of 3 steps: Shampoo step 4, conditioner step 5 and weekly treatment step 3. These are the most recommended products to use at home due to their effectiveness. Ideally use the shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair, and once a week use step 3.

However, there are always small modifications that you can make to this routine according to your needs. For example, if your hair is oily, you can use step 4C shampoo between washes. On the other hand, if you want to keep your blonde hair well nuanced, you can use step 4P shampoo after washing.

Step 6, 7 and 9 products are for styling use after you get out of the shower. If you want to enhance your treatment routine, apply one of these three options to strengthen your hair during the day.

Finally, the step 8 mask can be used as an alternative to the step 3 treatment and exchange them between them in your care routine. And of course, don’t forget to use Olaplex treatment 1 and 2 at the hairdresser when you dye your hair!

Does olaplex treatment cause Hair issues?

Lately many people wonder: Does olaplex make your hair fall out? Or does it damage your hair if you use it often?

The reality is that Olaplex is a high-quality treatment that shouldn’t cause you hair or scalp problems. However, if you use the treatment incorrectly, or if you have a scalp condition, you may develop dandruff, oil or hair loss problems with the product.

The most common hair problems when using the Olaplex treatment are:

Hair loss

Many people who have used this treatment incorrectly think that Olaplex made their hair fall out. The reality is that there is no ingredient in its form that can have a proven side effect of hair loss.

For this reason, if you feel that your hair is falling out when using Olaplex treatments, it is because you are oversaturating your scalp with them. And this causes build up in your scalp which causes the crash. This may be happening to you because:

  • You are using the treatments more often than you should.
  • Or that you are using the treatments very close to the scalp.

To solve this problem, I recommend that you start using Olaplex 4C clarifying shampoo. In this way, you will remove the excess build up from the scalp and solve the problem. I also recommend that you use less amount of product, less frequently and always only from mid-lengths to ends.


The second most common problem is that people feel that Olaplex makes their hair greasy. This usually happens after a couple of weeks using the step 4 bond shampoo from the line.

The truth is that this is an extremely nourishing shampoo! Therefore, if you have a scalp with a fat trend, it will only make the situation worse.

My best recommendation to solve this problem is that you wash your hair from time to time with the 4C clarifying shampoo. If the oil problem is very severe, stop using Olaplex shampoo altogether! And of course, always apply the treatments far away from your scalp.

Protein build up

Another fairly common consequence of overusing these treatments is that Olaplex can cause protein build up in your hair. Protein build up happens when you give your hair more repair than it really needs. This will cause your hair to be dull, rough and dry.

As Olaplex products have many repairing elements for the hair structure, if you use them in excess you will be oversaturating your hair with proteins, and this causes the opposite effect on our hair.

Solving this is very easy, just follow the care routine that I mentioned in the previous point, using an intensive treatment of the maximum line once a week.

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How does olaplex treatment work: bottom line

I hope that this article has been helpful to you in knowing how Olaplex products work, and that you know how to choose the best treatment for your hair type.

Repairing our hair is a process that takes time and patience, but with the right product from the first wash you will feel a great improvement! Having a good repair product at home like Olaplex, and using it frequently is the key to success.

Until next time!