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When Should I Use Dry Shampoo? [Help Is Here]

When Should I use Dry Shampoo

One of the questions that come up learning to use dry shampoo is when should I use dry shampoo?

Sometimes you may not know what would work best for you.

You should use dry shampoo when your hair has the appearance of oily hair or dirtyness on it, ideally you should use dry shampoo a maximum of 2 – 3 times a week. If you use too much dry shampoo it can lead you to hair loss on dandruff. Therefore, only use it when you really need to refresh your hair in between washes.

In this article, you will be able to see in which cases it is better to use it and where it can help you the most.

When Should I use Dry Shampoo On My hair?

When Should I use Dry Shampoo On My hair?

The best time to use dry shampoo is when hair is dirty or has not been washed for 2 days. This is a time when the hair regularly feels sweaty or has an oily looking.

It is important you know that dry shampoo is not a substitute for washing your hair with water.

Another thing is that because you should give your hair at least 1 day after you wash it without add any water o wet the hair. This is to allow it to dry inside.

You can use it in the day that you are not washing your har and it is dry.

You shouldn’t use dry shampoo on wet hair because is not gonna work and coul be result in a very bad experience.

However, a great idea to use dry shampo in dry hair is on bangs because bangs tend to be an area that gets dirty very quickly because it is in contact with the skin.

That’s why there are days when the bang doesn’t look good and the rest of the hair is still clean. For those specific areas, it is also a good idea to use dry shampoo.

In what cases I Should use Dry Shampoo?

In what cases I Should use Dry Shampoo?

You can use dry shampoo for different pourposes.

We are usually running around with all the activities during the day.

At work, studying, and with children at school. All that reduces the amount of time you dedicate to yourself and your care.

That’s why dry shampoo could be so useful for you.

Here are the most useful ways you can use it to help you look your best daily.

Can be useful for:

  1. Cleaning greasy hair
  2. Making a hairstyle last longer
  3. Get volume

You will see in each one of them how dry shampoo is a very convenient product.

The best thing is that you can see how by using it that way you can take better advantage of its properties and look better and smarter every time.

#1 Cleaning Greasy Hair

Cleaning Greasy Hair With the use of dry shampoo

Cleaning is the main advantage of this product and I think is for what it designed for.

You must have noticed that your hair gets dirty from time to time.

The dirty hair looks stand out usually because it starts to feel sticky and it looks like adding too much oils, shines too much with strands of hair sticking together.

This can be occur you exercing, when you sweat.

The technology features you can find in dry shampoo, and especially in a good quality one with good ingredients are:

  • Grease absorption
  • Odor elimination
  • Sweat elimination
  • Removes oily appearance

It will help you clean up almost instantly what makes you feel uncomfortable when your hair gets dirty.

Plus it’s great to have a waterless alternative to complement your hair wash.

I don’t know if you know this but you mustn’t wet your hair every day to avoid the fiber becomes rough and the cuticles begin to open up causing dryness.

To prevent this it is very good to leave your hair unwashed and un-wet for at least 1 day so that it can dry inside.

This is where dry shampoo can help keep your scalp clean during this time.

This is where dry shampoo can help keep your scalp clean during this time.

Dry shampoo will keep your hair cleaner for longer.

If you apply it correctly you can extend the look and feel of clean hair for up to 3 days.

#2 Making A Hairstyle Last Longer

Making A Hairstyle Last Longer

One of the secrets about dry shampoo is that it’s not only for cleaning but also to preserve a party or event hairstyle.

At weddings, office meetings, special dinners, or any personal event it is important to make the hairstyle last all night long.

Whenever you want this you can apply dry shampoo only on the roots before doing the hairstyle.

Usually, when you go for an updo in your hair salon the stylist will ask you to wash your hair the day before.

In some cases, they will wash your hair at the salon.

In my professional opinion, it is best not to wash it with water. That is because it makes the hair more slippery and I have seen with numerous clients after washing it with water the hair has less volume and will not hold up in the same way.

That’s why if you only apply the dry shampoo instead of washing it, you will get more volume and more durability in the hairstyle.

It can also help you make a hairstyle you already have from the day before last longer by not washing it out with water, and also give you volume and a clean look.

For example for waves or a flat ironed style.

Simply apply the dry shampoo to the roots. You brush it or move it with your hand to remove the residue and that’s it!

#3 to Get Volume

To get volume

Many times especially with fine hair we would like adding volume to the roots.

For these occasions, it is a wonderful idea to spray a little of this product at the roots.

Always put the bottle at least 6 inches away of the skin to help the product work properly.

I suggest you to press the bottle between 5 or 6 times, after that shake it out.

A piece of advice that you will thank me is to always lift your hair 90 degrees before apply dry shampoo to the roots.

This will help you to clean between your hair so that oil and sweat do not get trapped between the strands. This will allow you to get more volume at the roots.


Now you know what to do! This product will help you need to remove oil from your hair on different occasions and can save you time and effort in more than one occasion.

I hope this article has helped you in some way and give you more confidence to use this product safely.

Until next time.