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Bleaching Asian Hair: Everything You Need To Know

Bleaching Asian hair

Bleaching asian hair can be very complicated because it is a hair type that is normally very resistant, and this makes it more difficult to lighten it.

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful Asian hair, you are very lucky! Your hair is probably strong and thick, which makes it look spectacular.

However, you must take a lot of specific care if you want to color your hair. Bleaching asian hair requires using a type of extra lightening bleach in order to get to light shades or any blonde color. If you bleach your hair with regular bleach, you’ll probably end up with orange hair.

But do not worry! In this article I will tell you all the secrets you should know to bleach your hair type.

Don’t be afraid to try new colors and enter the wonderful world of coloring!

The best secrets for bleaching Asian hair

Surely you already know that bleaching asian hair is very complicated. This is because as the hair is thick and has a lot of pigmentation, it is difficult for the bleach to remove all the layers of pigments. What happens in most cases is that the hair is lightened in a reddish orange color, or just brown as if nothing had happened.

The first thing you should know is that if you have naturally dark hair, you should never use a permanent dye or box dye! This will only make the problem worse, as in addition to making your hair more resistant to the bleaching, you will be adding a cosmetic layer of color to it that will make it nearly impossible to remove.

It is very important that you know that hair grows about 6 inches on average per year. That is, if you dyed your hair say a year ago, half of your hair is natural and the other half is dyed.

This will make it so that if you bleach your hair, you will have two colors! And it won’t look good at all. If you only have a colored residue on the ends and plan to cut it off, great.

But if you have the dye growing right in the middle of your hair I recommend that you dye all of your hair again (with the lighter color as possible), before bleaching so you don’t have two colors that will be very difficult to correct.

Which are the best colors for Asian hair?

The best color for bleaching Asian hair

The first thing you should think about before bleaching your hair is to know what type of color would suit you best.

My best recommendation is that you avoid global dyes on all your hair, since it is not healthy to bleach all your hair every month! When your hair grows it will look like a horizontal band and you will need to touch up every 4 weeks.

Sadly, even for a nice brown color you will most likely have to bleach it anyway, as the most that is usually lightened with normal dye is 1 tone on this type of hair.

And in my experience you will hardly notice the difference, honestly it’s not worth it.

What I recommend the most is that you get a balayage effect. The balayage color technique is the best option, since the hair is only bleached from the middle to the ends with a natural gradient.

This will allow you to show off a spectacular color while keeping the roots of your hair in their natural color. So when the hair grows, there will be no banding and it will be low maintenance.

Don’t try to achieve a light ash blonde color! The healthiest thing is to lighten your hair about 3 shades to achieve a natural and flattering effect.

The colors that I recommend the most are:


This intense mocha color is perfect if your hair is very dark, or has a dye that makes it difficult to lighten. Your hair will no longer look black, but will be filled with chocolate highlights that will give it life. It is a very pretty color and low maintenance.


A caramel color is one of my favorites for dark bases. It does not require such a deep bleaching, so it will not damage your hair too much. The touches of color start from the top which will give you dimension, and the roots are still blurred.


If your hair has been able to lighten well, this is a spectacular color! This is the lightest hair color that I recommend if your base is dark. The trick here is the definition of the strands to add contrast, instead of doing many highlights from above. This color looks stunning.

The best tips for bleaching asian hair lighter

The best tips for making it lighter

Now it’s time to get to work! I will teach you the best practices to bleach your hair. However, I must be 100% honest with you.

I want you to be inspired by this article to choose a hair color that suits you, and have an idea of what to expect if you bleach your hair.

However, my best recommendation is that you always go to a professional hairdresser. You need someone to do a beautiful effect on your hair, and the chances of you achieving that at home with no experience are almost none.

I want you to know more about the subject, but I encourage you to use this information to find a professional you can trust to make you a beautiful hair color.


The most important points when it comes to bleaching asian hair are:

  • Have realistic expectations. Don’t expect to lift more than 3-4 shades. The less you lighten your hair, the healthier your hair will be.
  • You should always use a wonderful quality bleach with extra strength when lifting. My favorites are Blonde Studio +9 from L’oreal Professional, or High Lift from Redken.
  • Never use a strong peroxide as it will only damage your hair. Asian hair works best with a gentle, consistent bleach. My best recommendation is that you use 20vol.
  • You should always saturate the hair strands with a lot of product. As your hair is resistant to lightening, if you use too little bleach you will end up with patchy areas on your hair. Always deeply saturate each strand.
  • Always use Olaplex to protect your hair by mixing it with the bleach. This will make your hair lighter as it will make you gain resistance.
  • Do not leave the bleach to act for more than an hour. Ideally it should be about 45 minutes. You should never use heat either, let the hair process at natural temperature.
  • Always wash your hair with a shampoo with blue pigments (not purple) like this one, to eliminate the orange reflections that usually appear in dark hair.

And what is more important, do not bleach your hair every month! I know it can be tempting to bleaching your hair several times, but ideally you shouldn’t do it more than 3 times a year maximum.

Let’s change our color with care

I hope this article has been helpful for you to know the results you can achieve bleaching asian hair.

If you have doubts about how light you can get your hair, I highly recommend that you ask your hairdresser to do a strand test. These types of tests are usually free, and it is a way of knowing what type of color to expect. It will simply cut a section of your hair and bleach it so you can see the result.

These types of tests are super practical because you can get an exact idea of how light you can expect the hair.

And if your hair is not in good shape, I strongly advise you to first repair your hair with treatments, and once your hair is stronger, proceed to bleach it.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Until next time!