Greasy hair

Are You Washing Hair Too Much

Are You Washing Hair Too Much? [Do’s & Don’ts]

Washing your hair is necessary, but what if you are washing your hair too much? It’s funny that…

Jan 25, 20238 min read
how to apply conditioner

How To Apply Conditioner For Better Results

If you are wondering how to apply conditioner properly, you are in the right article. Curiously, conditioner is…

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Woman thinking my hair is greasy

My Hair Is Greasy [Guide To Get Rid Of Oily Hair]

If you’ve ever wondered: my hair is greasy, what can I do?… you’re in the right place! One…

Dec 24, 202212 min read
A woman touching her hair thingking her Hair Is Itchy After Washing

My Hair Is Itchy After Washing It [How To Fix It]

If you continually feel that your hair is itchy after washing, I want you to know that you…

Jan 2, 202310 min read
Is Shampoo Causing Greasy Hair

Shampoo Causing Greasy Hair [How To Stop It]

Washing our hair is very repetitive and we rarely think about whether the shampoo is causing us greasy…

Jan 28, 202310 min read
Over Conditioned Hair

Over Conditioned Hair [How To Recognise It + Fix It]

More than once you may wonder what over-conditioned hair looks like. This may be because you’ve felt that…

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