Greasy hair

Over Conditioned Hair

Over Conditioned Hair [How To Recognise It + Fix It]

More than once you may wonder what over-conditioned hair looks like. This may be because you’ve felt that…

Jan 14, 20238 min read
Woman trying to remove build up from hair in the bathroom

How To Remove Hair Build Up [Step By Step]

If you would like to know how to remove hair build up, you are in the right place.…

Dec 26, 20226 min read
How to make your hair less greasy

How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy [Practical Tips]

If you are here it is because you are probably wondering how to make your hair less greasy.…

Dec 12, 20226 min read
What Causes Greasy Hair Suddenly? [How to fix it]

What Causes Greasy Hair Suddenly? [How to Fix It]

Asking yourself what causes greasy hair suddenly perhaps it is because you feel desperate because your hair feels…

Dec 13, 20227 min read
Is Hot Water Bad For Your Hair?

Is Hot Water Bad For Your Hair? [The Reality]

Surely you are wondering if hot water is bad for your hair? Today there are many opinions about…

Jan 28, 20225 min read
Sticky Hair After Washing

My Hair Feels Sticky After Washing It [How To Fix It]

If your hair feels sticky after washing it can be very frustrating. I think that knowing what is…

Dec 25, 20229 min read