Greasy hair

Is Shampoo Causing Greasy Hair

Shampoo Causing Greasy Hair [How To Stop It]

Washing our hair is very repetitive and we rarely think about whether the shampoo is causing us greasy…

Jan 28, 202310 min read
Is Greasy Hair Bad

Is Greasy Hair Bad? [Everything You Need To Know]

You may have a lot of doubts about having oily hair. Especially, if greasy hair is bad. Maybe…

Jan 31, 20239 min read
Are You Washing Hair Too Much

Are You Washing Hair Too Much? [Do’s & Don’ts]

Washing your hair is necessary, but what if you are washing your hair too much? It’s funny that…

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Over Conditioned Hair

Over Conditioned Hair [How To Recognise It + Fix It]

More than once you may wonder what over-conditioned hair looks like. This may be because you’ve felt that…

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Woman brushing white buildup from scalp

White Buildup On Scalp [Best Solutions To Get Rid Of It]

Are you noticing a white buildup on your scalp? This small white flakes can be a frustrating issue,…

Jun 9, 20235 min read
Is Hot Water Bad For Your Hair?

Is Hot Water Bad For Your Hair? [The Reality]

Surely you are wondering if hot water is bad for your hair? Today there are many opinions about…

Jan 28, 20225 min read