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Greasy Hair Hacks [10 Practical & Effective Tips]

10 Greasy Hair Hacks

Having good greasy hair hacks is very helpful in controlling all things greasy. There are always some hidden tricks that can help you.

Many of them you may already know and others may help you a little bit more to reduce the symptoms and most of all to improve the look and feel of your hair in the long run.

The best hacks for oily hair can be divided into two categories, one of which is washing habits. Which include the regularity with which you wash your hair, the temperature, and how well you clean your hair. On the other hand, there are external factors that you can control such as not using accessories that contribute to a humid scalp environment and the products you use to condition your hair, among many other tips that can help you a lot.

Many times we have habits that may be contributing to generating more oil in our scalp instead of eliminating it.

In this article, I will talk about the most practical hacks you can put into practice to improve the appearance of your hair and reduce grease.

why do greasy hair hacks work?

The main reason greasy hair hacks are a good idea is that they have been tested on hundreds of clients. All of them are based on real data based on the science and chemistry of hair.

Knowing how oil production works in the hair is very important so you can understand What Causes Greasy Hair Suddenly. The sebaceous gland is responsible for producing sebum on the scalp. This sebum is very important because it contains amino acids, oils, and lipids that moisturize and protect the skin.

This sebum is necessary to keep the scalp environment healthy and protected from external agents. It also has the antibiotic capacity to remove microorganisms that want to attack or be on the scalp. In fact, a healthy scalp is one that is balanced and hydrated.

The greasy hair hacks are made to combat the main problems related to the sebaceous gland. Also with the appearance of greasy hair.

Above all, they are focused on finding the solutions that will make your hair less greasy. It will last clean longer and your hair will look cleaner.

10 greasy hair hacks

Most of us with oily hair are a little fed up with the greasy look of our hair because so little time goes by and we go back to thinking My hair is oily.

That’s why I want to give you some hacks that work and are easy to do for you to try. I want to tell you that what I’m going to share with you is very valuable because they do work. I recommend that you don’t underestimate them because some of them are small changes to your wash and care routine that can make a big difference. 

These tips have been tried and tested by many of my clients and myself and they work great if done consistently. 

The 10 tricks for oily hair you are about to read are:

  1. Don’t wash it for three days
  2. Don’t use hot water
  3. Don’t touch your hair
  4. Wash it twice
  5. Detox twice a month
  6. Use dry shampoo
  7. Use bi-phase as a conditioner
  8. Do not use nourishing shampoos
  9. Use a massager 
  10. Do not cover your hair

In each of these, you can find valuable information on why it helps to improve the look of your hair and keep it cleaner. Some of them may seem crazy or wrong to you. That’s why I keep telling you how valuable they are and it’s because they do work and have science behind them.

Many things we do in our habits are based on myths or customs that are passed down from generation to generation. Here are 10 tricks that can help you make small changes in your routine.

Let’s look at each one in detail…

Hack #1 Don’t wash it for three days

One of the best hacks for greasy hair is to not wash it for 3 days. Yes, I’m serious. It sounds like the exact opposite of what you were hoping to hear, right? The reason is that the gland that produces oils and fats called sebum is stimulated more when you wash it more often.

That is why contrary to everything you thought plus your desire to eliminate the oils it is a trick to stop washing it daily and space the washes at least three days apart. It is very important that for this to work, the day you wash it, you wash it with a special shampoo like Kerastase Bain Divalent to make sure it is properly cleansed of all residues and also to help regulate oil production.

Hack #2 Don’t use hot water

Hot water is another sebaceous gland stimulant so you should not use it when showering. This is another one of the hidden greasy hair hacks that you should put into practice immediately. Washing your hair with cold water would be ideal but since it is almost impossible to do so I recommend you to use the warmest temperature you can resist.

This is one of the hardest habits to get into at first but lowering the water temperature will help you produce fewer oils and make your hair last longer. This will take some time even with the shampoo I just recommended. However this

Hack #3 don’t touch your hair

Another Hacks that you can do and you will see that it is very useful to keep your hair cleaner longer. It is not to touch it during the day women, for example, we usually pass our hand over our hair countless times this is why I recommend you not to do it at first it will be difficult, but you will see how well it works.

The hand always contains grease produced by the body plus powders and other agents found in the environment. When you pass it through your hair you will put this powder and others on it and you will distribute the fat that is in the roots throughout the rest of the hair, plus the gland is going to detect this type of movement and also stimulate and produce more oils.

For all this, it is important that by not touching it you are not spreading that oil all over the rest of the hair and thus avoiding this spreading.

Hack #4 Wash it twice

Another thing that helps the most, with oily hair is to wash it more than once. It is a hidden hack as one of the first and many times it is ignored. you should wash it more than once because the shampoo in the first wash is only going to remove the accumulation of fats and oils that have occurred during the day or the days that you have not washed it.

In the second wash, you will be clean and leave a surface without any residue, allowing the shampoo to penetrate the skin and deliver its benefits. You will notice how on the second wash is that the shampoo starts to lather and it is not the first time.

That’s why I highly suggest you do this action because you will notice your hair and skin much cleaner and it will last longer with this feeling.

Hack #5 Detox Your Scalp twice a month

This is another one of the most important Hacks that you can read in this article. The reason is that usually, anyone has product and serum buildup on the hairy skin. It is very important to always remove all that receipts every so often. Failure to do so is when build-up occurs. Which are those white flakes that often form after a certain period and cause itching and are very uncomfortable.

That is why it is important to have a routine every two weeks. When you have an oily scalp, remove well and very deeply that residue every two weeks. It is also important to know that you should not over-cleanse to avoid dry skin.

My professional recommendation is to use Kerastase Fusió Scrub because it is a line that deep cleanses all the residues and leaves a clean and fresh feeling, very pleasant.

Hack #6 Use dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo Will Help Greasy Hair because it is one of the most practical solutions to Fix Oily Hair Without Washing It.

That’s why it’s one of my favorite greasy hair hacks because it’s very practical for when you’re short on time. Plus it works well anytime even in the middle of the day or after exercise.

It should always be used wisely otherwise it can dry out your skin. However, it is very useful for those days when you don’t have to wash your hair. This helps so you don’t have to get it wet and you do have the benefit of removing extra oils.

It also gives immediate volume which is always appreciated.

Hack #7 Do not use nourishing shampoos

Most nourishing oils contain a lot of lipids and butter. Many of them have oils such as avocado, argan, and others that will contribute to further saturating your scalp.

For oily skin, it is not good to add more oils as it may contribute to White Build-Up In Scalp. This is not good because the accumulation of product will clog pores and can lead to other problems such as hair loss or thinning.

That’s why it’s a greasy hair hack because the nutrition will be used at the tip and not at the roots and this will avoid a lot of delays in your grooming. It will also greatly improve the appearance of your hair.

This will make your hair last longer and cleaner. My professional recommendation is to use a shampoo that is light and special for oily scalps like Bain Genesis shampoo from Kerastase which strengthens the follicle without greasing.

Hack #8 uses bi-phase as a conditioner

This is another hidden greasy hair hack that is not widely known. Using a light conditioner will really help to reduce the greasy feeling. Plus your hair will stay cleaner for longer in a lighter way.

Most conditioners are very greasy and even if you apply them correctly without going above your ears they can still leave your hair feeling greasy with movement.

In fact, this is where this point comes together with not touching your hair as the grease from the ends will be passed to the roots as you touch it continuously. Using a bi-phase conditioner like Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Conditioner will give you the benefits of feeling soft and lightly moisturized.

Hack #9 Use a massager

This is a hack that will help you a lot when used in conjunction with the scrub I recommended in the detox routine. By using a massager and scrub you will be able to regularly remove the residue from your hair. This should only be done once a week so that you don’t remove too much and create more oil. Remember to keep using this in conjunction with the low water temperature when showering and use the special cleansing shampoo.

Doing this will allow you to have a cleaner and regularly maintained scalp. This way the sebaceous gland will get used to stimulate itself only when you want to detoxify it.

Hack #10 Do not cover your hair

Some accessories like headbands and hats can be very costly to wear. However, they cause the hair to stay at high temperatures and contribute to sweat and humidity. This is not good because it will cause the sebaceous gland to start producing sweat and sebum.

Because of all that we have seen, we need to keep the sebaceous gland in check as much as possible to help regulate it. That is why environments that spread humidity and heat are not good.

Avoid wearing any type of accessory that covers your head for more than 30 minutes.


Now you know the 10 most practical Hacks for oily hair to apply immediately. If you apply them correctly and consistently you will have very good results. Most of them are very simple to do and with slight changes to your routine.

The most important thing is that you know how to wash your hair well and apply a product that really works with good technology. Then knowing how the gland that produces these oils works is very useful. Then you can do what is necessary to not overstimulate it and to balance it again.

When you combine balance and cleansing with consistency that is when you will be able to reduce the natural oil production you have to a more controlled level.
I hope this information helps you to achieve this and you can apply it as soon as possible.

I wish you the best of luck.
See you next time