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My Hair Is Itchy After Washing It [How To Fix It]

A woman touching her hair thingking her Hair Is Itchy After Washing

If you continually feel that your hair is itchy after washing, I want you to know that you are not the only one.

This feeling is more common than you think and it has a simple explanation.

The main reason you feel that your hair is itchy after washing is that you have more oils in your scalp than you need. Too much oil makes the nerve endings in your head itch. It’s the body’s reaction to the oils.

So you can breathe that there is not anything weird in your hair or something weird causing the itchiness!

In this article, I will tell you what causes the increased amount of oils and the solutions.

Why my hair is itchy after washing It?

Why my hair is itchy after washing It

The main reason you may be feeling this itchy head is that your scalp has more oil than it should. Having itchy scalp is a sign that your hair is greasy.

Excess oils are the main cause of these sensations. 

This happens because oils and grease stimulate the nerve endings in your scalp, and that stimulation causes itching.

It is very common that when we have not washed our hair for several days it starts to itch.

The curious thing here is that it still happens after washing your hair. 

However, it is usually due to the same reasons. There are habits that we do during washing that are very much related to feeling this itchiness.

Also, certain products add more oils and other ingredients that give the same effect. That’s why having itchy scalp is one of the easiest ways to tell if you suffer from greasy hair.

 What Causes the feeling of itchy hair after washing It?

What Causes the feeling of itchy hair after washing It

Sometimes even as a professional hairdresser I have felt an itchy scalp, and I have heard a lot from my clients that it is very uncomfortable.

I think that you want to know how to eliminate it from your life!

To fix it, it is very important to first identify from where the itching is coming. 

As I said before, having more oil on the scalp than normal can cause this itching, and that is why having greasy hair is bad for your health.

So I want to tell you what can be causing that extra production of oils or generating an accumulation. 

These are:

  1. Saturation of oils in hair
  2. Not cleaning the daily residue on the scalp well.
  3. Build Up 
  4. Excess of oils in the products you apply
  5. Allergies

If you identify what’s going on, it will be easier to find a solution. 

Don’t worry it will be easy because I will give you a solution to each of the causes, so you can go straight to fixing your problem.

#1 Saturation of oils in hair

One of the main causes of hair being itchy after washing is that the scalp is getting more oils than it needs. Many times it becomes saturated with these oils. 

On our scalp, there should be a certain level of lubricants that are made up of oils, lipids and amino acids.

When your body generates more than it needs is when these symptoms start to appear like itching after washing your hair. 

It is curious that it is right after washing your hair and it is because when you apply shampoo and hot water the hair ends of the head become more sensitive. 

Even the oils tend to affect the nerve endings of the head and that’s why it itches. 

Solution #1

The most practical solution to this sensation is to reduce the temperature of the water so that it is warmer.

This will help you to not irritate the skin and also the gland that produces the oils will not be stimulated and produce more oils.

This will help to not make the terminals more sensitive so you don’t get itchier.

You can also apply a shampoo, especially for a sensitive scalp that is low in oils which will help reduce the itching for the same reason.

My professional suggestion for this is using the Bain Genesis Shampoo from Kerastase.

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#2 Not cleaning daily residue on the scalp properly

Another reason why your hair is itchy after washing is when you don’t clean your scalp properly with the shampoo. 

This is more common than you think. I want to tell you that most of the shampoos that you find in supermarkets and drugstores don’t do a good enough job of cleaning the scalp. 

Most of them are loaded with oils and glycerines that tend to over-saturate the scalp instead of cleansing it.

On the other hand, there are the ones called medical shampoos like head and shoulders that you would think would cleanse but in reality, what they do is dry out the skin and leave tangled ends. 

Every time you wash your hair (3 times a week maximum) the shampoo must remove the oils (sebum) that we produce plus sweat, dust and other residues. 

When this is not done properly it starts to build residues and for as long as you don’t get rid of it, you will continue to feel itchy. 

Solution #2

The best solution for this is to use a shampoo that can clean the residue and oil build-up on your scalp every time you wash it.

A deep cleansing shampoo is the best to clean the daily residues we produce.  

 To achieve this my professional recommendation is to use Kerastase Bain Divalent Shampoo.

This is a shampoo that removes dirt from the hair very effectively and with good results. All the clients who use it have had good results and very good comments.

I use it myself to give my hair a deep clean when I feel my hair needs it or I have not washed it for too many days and I need something more intensive. 

What I recommend is that you analyze how much your hair gets dirty so you can define how often you should use it. 

My professional recommendation in case your Hair Gets Greasy After One Day is to use it 3 times a week. 

If your hair stays pretty good for 3 days just use it once a week and intersperse the other 2 washes with genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo which is also low in oils. 

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#3 Build Up

Another reason that can cause hair to be itchy after washing is that you have generated a build-up. 

What this means is that the oil we produce daily starts to accumulate and get together with residue from shampoo and other products.

When it is not removed, layers os the same start to formed. With time they become hardened, and this is what is known as White Build-Up In Scalp.

The thing to be very careful about this is that it can be very damaging.

When the build-up is generated and not removed it can clog the pores of the hair. And this can cause you other scalp related problems, such as dandruff or hair loss.

Solution #3

To avoid this never happens to you, you have to make sure you cleanse your hair well and detoxify it deeply.

To do this my professional suggestion is to detox your hair using Kerastase Fusio scrub.

This product supplements the traditional shampoo by creating a deep exfoliation. It has small granules that make it very easy to peel off the residue.

Do this detox with this product by washing it twice and using it twice a week for 2 weeks in a row. Then alternate with a shampoo that does not contain any oils.

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#4 Excess Of oils in the products you apply

Sometimes we can be the ones who cause this type of excess of oils in our hair.

Luckily nowadays many products have oils as a special ingredient.

Essential oils have become very popular and almost everything contains them.

The problem is that the products become very greasy. This is especially bad if your scalp if normally already produces extra oils.

When the shampoo you use adds more oils and greasy ingredients it starts to built more residues. It is also common that not only you use shampoo, there are styling products that can also contribute to this.

For example waxes, and styling sprays. And then there are the oils as such that are very common that we use. All those products build up layer upon layer of more and more oils.

This is what makes you feel hair is itchy after washing if you don’t clean your hair well. This is because your shampoo instead of removing those oils is adding more.

Solution #4

The best solution for this is to use a shampoo that can clean the residue and oil production on your scalp.

A deep cleansing shampoo against oily skin is the best thing you can do to eliminate this itchy problem.

When you remove the excess oils your skin will feel fresh and unclogged. To achieve this my professional recommendation is to use Kerastase Bain Divalent shampoo.

This is a shampoo that cleanses the scalp of those oils and will give you the results you are looking for. I have seen how it works and all the comments from hundreds of my clients that it has worked for them.

You must use it for at least 3 weeks in a row to see results. This is because it will cleanse and regulate your gland that produces those extra oils.

I also suggest that you cut out any shampoos or products that are greasy such as styling waxes.

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#5 Allergy

Allergies are much more common than you think and I must say they are also a reason why hair is itchy after washing.

An allergic reaction can come in many forms and itching is one of them, as our body is always trying to communicate with us in different ways.

One of them is that when it doesn’t recognize an ingredient it can react with itching.

That’s why it’s important to be very aware if your hair feels greasier than average or if you notice that you have Sticky Hair After Washing. This can give you an idea if it is due to oil build-up.

If on the other hand, if your skin is dry, the itching is likely caused by an allergy.

Solution #5

The best thing you can do to fix this is to stop using the products you are applying especially in the shower.

I suggest you stop all of them so you can be sure which one is causing the reaction.

I also recommend that you go to visit to your trusted dermatologist to help you determine what may be giving you this reaction.

Bottom line

As you can see the main cause of hair itchy after washing is oil. When you have excess oils in your hair it is very likely to itch.

How this happens regularly due to poor washing or the products you apply to your hair don’t cleanse enough or make it dirty.

You mustn’t feel bad about this because it’s normal. The best thing is that now you can avoid the mistakes of the past and improve them with healthy habits.

I highly recommend that you wash your hair well and detoxify it at least once a month so that you always keep it clean and balanced.

I hope the information will help you and motivate you to take even better care of your hair.

See you next time!