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My Hair Feels Sticky After Washing It [How To Fix It]

Sticky Hair After Washing

If your hair feels sticky after washing it can be very frustrating.

I think that knowing what is causing it will help you to fix it.

The main reason your hair feels sticky after washing is that you are washing it incorrectly. Probably because you are using a product that does not clean your hair enough and is even clogging the pores of your scalp.

Here in this article, I will tell you what to do to eliminate this problem in about one week.

Why My Hair Feels Sticky After Washing it?

The feeling of dirt or stickiness right after taking a shower comes from different factors, however, they are all related to each other. The stickiness is a feeling that normally occurs if your hair is greasy.

The main reason this happens after washing your hair is that there is no proper cleansing.

We produce oils that come from the scalp.That is why is common to feel the sticky feeling in the first 10 cm of the head.

This production can be altered very easy due to external things such as products with too much oils or glycerin inside their shampoos.

That is why we must clean well our hair so that this felling of sticky hair after washing does not occur.

Principal Causes Why Your Hair Feels Sticky After Washing It

Causes Why Your Hair Feels Sticky After Washing It

It is often difficult to identify what is causing the hair to become sticky. The reality is that you would normally have sticky hair (or other scalp complications) if you have greasy hair, and this is one of the reasons why greasy hair could be bad for you.

First, I have to tell you that this feeling and sensation is real and you are not the only one who suffers from it.

The most common causes may be the following:

  1. Improper washing
  2. Greasy products
  3. Hormonal changes
  4. Seborrhea

In each of them I will help you to give you a professional solution that works since I have put them into practice with many clients for several years.

For the one that we cannot easily solve because it is due to hormonal changes we can treat its effects.

Let’s take a look at each one individually:

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Cause #1: Improper washing

Improper washing

This is the most common reason because hair washing is the main way that we have to clean the head and its pores. Is important that you learn how to wash your hair properly to avoid stickiness.

The product you use to wash this area is extremely important because it is in charge of cleaning and removing any dirt.

When the shampoo you use isn’t doing a good job of cleaning, that’s when the felling of sticky hair after washing can happen.

During the days our hair can be get dirt with dust, sweat, and styling products that accumulates on the head.

After certain time, which is different for each person, some areas or even in general it will start to feel more and more sticky even coming out of the shower.

The areas where more oils tends to accumulate are in the back of the head between the ears. Also, the crown and the bangs which are closer to the forehead could get quite sticky.


Avoid very hot water when showering because this increases the output of oils because it opens the pores aggressively.

Use a special scrub to remove all build-up of dirt, oil, and products. Using an effective product is just what will make it possible to eliminate it or keep it growing.

Apply Kerastase Bain Divalent which is a deep cleansing shampoo for cleaning the grease regularly. To eliminate it you must use it every time you shower.

It is important to not wash your hair daily. This will help that the gland that produces the oils (sebum) don’t get stimulated and produced more oils than you need.

Always wash your hair twice. In the first wash, it is common that you do not even see foam. This is because it is just barely removing the waste. In the second wash, the foam is already visible and that is when it is really cleaning.

Do not apply conditioner below the chin to prevent get too nourished. It’s important because otherwise it gets worse and begins to create White Build-Up In Scalp if you don’t removed correctly.

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Cause #2: Using Greasy Products

Using Greasy Products make feels your hair sticky

There are different types of shampoo on the market. You can buy shampoo almost anywhere from a convenience store to a pharmacy.

There are thousands of different options and many times television and advertisements influence us to buy.

The problem is that all commercial products that are not professional have a lot of different oils that make it very likely that they will saturate the pores of the scalp.

That is why you can feel your hair sticky after washing it because when shampoo contains many oils, it does not have the power to clean deep enough.

Additionally, oily ingredients can cause even more buildup of grease.

This gives a double oily appearance even than before of washing it. This is the main reason your hair feels sticky after washing it! You should always use a good balanced shampoo, as an oily shampoo can cause greasy hair.


To remove residue buildup, exfoliate your hair in the shower with a quality product. I recommend a hair scrub that immediately cleanses and gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

The Kerastase Scrub is my professional suggestion because has small granules that clean the pores in depth by removing all the accumulated residue.

Also, has vitamin B6 and salicylic acid that help reduce inflammation and deep detoxify the scalp. They leave it clean and pores can breath again. In addition to that, gives you 70% more volume at the roots for that clean.

Do this treatment once a month to always keep your scalp clean and well cared for.

Also bare in mind these tips:

  • Wash your hair regularly with a proper shampoo like Kerastase Bain Divalent (mentioned above) that cleanses and balances your hair. It is designed to give a regular deep clean.
  • Do not wash your hair more than 4 times a week because overstimulate the sebaceous gland (the one in charge to produce oils in hair). Continuous washing will only make produce more oil.
  • Avoid very hot water.
  • Don’t use conditioners above chin height. As an alternative, you can use water-based biphasic to prevent grease from reappearing. In this way you keep your hair hydrated and nourished at the same time that it looks clean.

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Cause #3: Hormonal changes

hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in women are very common and can affect your hair. As I told you above, the sebaceous gland is responsible for producing the oils that moisturize the skin.

That gland produces hormones and nutrients like others in the body. When there is an imbalance of this type, it can affect and deregulates the normal production and operation.

If this happened to you suddenly without explanation or any change in your normal routine, it may be because it is out of adjustment and you are producing more oils than you should be.

This would be what is casing your hair feels sticky after washing it or suddenly.


Hormonal imbalances are usually temporary due to conditions such as the thyroid. In these cases, it is better to consult your doctor to help you know what to do. There are medications that help regulate that.

To solve the feeling and appearance you can wash your hair with the correct product and having a cleaning routine.

This will help you feel good while all your body back to its normal regulation.

Unfortunately, hormonal changes are difficult to prevent. They are usually due to strong emotions, changes in medications or simply a change in the body.

However, if this happens frequently, it may be a good idea to see your doctor and tell him or her about it.

You may be able to see a pattern that will give you the cause.

I have heard that many times there is special monitoring that your gynaecologist can look at.

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Cause #4: seborrhea

Why do I feel My Hair Sticky After Washing it

It’s a very difficult name, and you probably haven’t heard it before.

It is a skin condition that causes inflammation and itching on the skin and creates flakes in areas where there is oil production, such as the head.

You can actually see this type of condition in other areas where skin and hair meet, such as the eyebrows.

There is a yeast that is produced that causes these sensations and itching.

If we eliminate that yeast it will eliminate these sensations.

Excess oil can cause this because it sends out signals of disturbance. This condition is very uncomfortable and that is why it is good to avoid anything that can lead to it.


It is important to keep the skin on your head clean. It should also be free of debris so that it does not accumulate.

Regularly by applying a cleansing shampoo such as the shampoo that I recommend you at the #1 solution it is eliminated. Inflammation must be controlled too.

If using the shampoo for at least 3 weeks does not work and these sensations reappear, I recommend that you see a dermatologist for a check-up.

He/she will probably prescribe you something special like topical steroids to eliminate the inflammation.

Consult your doctor about this.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to keep your skin clean.

Also, will be great to continually remove residue so that you never have to suffer from dandruff.

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Now you know what is causing your hair to feel that way and to keep it coming back.

You also already know how you can eliminate it quickly and effectively so you can make your hair less greasy.

When you have good cleaning and care routines, it is when you can recover any hair and enhance its beauty.

I know that if you follow the solutions that I have given you. You will have effective and positive results.

Decide to put it into practice.

Until next time.