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How To Wash Your Hair Properly [Step By Step]

how to wash hair

Learn how to wash your hair the right way, just like the professionals would. Many times, washing our hair seems silly, and we even wonder if we are doing it right. But the truth is that most of the time we wash our hair badly, and that is why we have damaged hair.

The best way to wash your hair is applying the shampoo first two times on very wet hair. You should only wash your roots, and never the ends of your hair. After rising the shampoo, use the conditioner only in the mids and ends of your hair. Leave the conditioner on for about 3 minutes in the meantime you wash your body, and lastly rinse it up.

Although it may not seem like it, washing your hair properly is the most important step in avoiding most hair problems. Conditions such as hair loss, dandruff or even loss of density can be prevented by washing your hair properly.

In this article I will share with you my best professional tips for washing your hair:

Learn how to wash your hair

For many people, washing their hair is a relaxing moment, and for others it is one of those things that they have to do in their routine which they are not very excited about.

If you want to make your hair less greasy, it is important that you know that washing your hair correctly will save you a lot of headaches!

As a professional hairdresser, I can tell you that the majority of clients who come to the salon with hair problems stem from improper hair washing! Whether the frequency is not ideal, or the products are not adequate, most hair problems derive from improper hair washing because it makes the hair greasy, and greasy hair is bad for your scalp.

The truth is that if your hair is greasy, it could be just from improper washing!

Curiously, most of us think we know how to wash our hair! But the truth is that sometimes a small gesture that we are not doing well can be responsible for your hair problem.Take this into account:

  • Ideally, we should wash our hair once or twice a week (it depends on your scalp). You should not shampoo your hair every day!
  • The less hot the water, the better.
  • Always use professional quality products and never from the supermarket.
  • Always treat your hair gently, don’t rub it aggressively.
  • Never just wet your hair, if you wet it you have to wash your hair with shampoo.

In case you are struggling to tell if your are making your hair greasy because of improper washing, don’t worry! You will learn now the proper steps when washing your hair to avoid scalp problems:

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Step #1: Using shampoo

using shampoo

Using the shampoo correctly is super important for a good hair wash. Use a small nut of shampoo and massage it with your fingertips on the scalp once it is well wet.

It is super important that you never massage yourself to wash the middle of your hair, as this will damage the cuticle of your ends. That’s why the shampoo should only go on the scalp! The soapy water that will fall when rinsing is more than enough to wash your media to ends.

It is very important that you wash your hair twice, since the first pass will only remove the excess build up and oils from the scalp, and the second pass is the one that will clean you in depth.

You would be surprised to know that many times scalp problems appear from only washing your hair once instead of twice! This happens because we leave a layer of oils on the scalp that only accumulates with each wash.

Another very important point is the quality of the shampoo with which you wash your hair! If you use a supermarket shampoo, you will only fill your hair with glycerin, which can continue to clog the pores of your scalp even though you wash your hair correctly.

I recommend that you use a professional quality shampoo like Kerastase Bain Satin Shampoo. This shampoo is suitable for most hair types, and will leave your hair soft and manageable. In case you have a problem with greasy hair, dandruff or a sudden hair loss, you will need a specialized shampoo to balance your scalp.

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Step #2: applying conditioner or mask

applying conditioner

At the time of applying your conditioning treatments or masks, it is super important that you apply it well away from the roots of your hair (this way you will prevent hair loss problems). This is extremely important, as learning how to apply conditioner and keeping it away from your roots will save you a lot of hair loss problems.

Interestingly, people who feel that their hair falls out when they wash it, it is not from washing the hair itself, but from applying the conditioner near the roots. Doing this causes the pores of the scalp to become clogged with each wash, and therefore the hair begins to fall out more than normal.

Continuing with the step by step of how to wash your hair, once you’ve rinsed out your shampoo, make sure you squeeze your hair a lot to remove al excess of water from your hair. You can even towel dry your hair a bit! This will help you a lot to eliminate the water.

The less water is seeping out of the hair, the deeper the conditioner / treatment will work!

Next, take a small nut of your favorite conditioner or mask, and apply it to your hair from mid-lengths to ends, massaging gently. Lightly massaging the conditioner will help it penetrate your hair better.

Let the product act for 2 to 5 minutes (you can bathe your body while), and finally rinse it with warm water. As an additional tip, if you do the last rinse with cold water, it will make your hair look much shinier because it will seal the cuticle of your hair. And this will give your hair much more shine!

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Step #3: Getting out of the shower

how to wash your hair after the shower

Once you rinse off the conditioner or mask, it’s time to squeeze your hair out. First, gently press your hair with your hands without twisting the hair, just sliding your fingers from roots to ends. If you twist your hair in this step (specially if you have bleached hair), you can damage the cuticle of your hair and create split ends!

Repeat this movement one more time. When you’re done, wrap your hair in a towel and wait a few minutes for it to absorb the excess moisture.

One of the things that I like the most about leaving my hair wrapped in a towel for a few minutes is that it concentrates the aroma of the products that I use in my hair. When you remove the towel you will feel the delicious aroma of your conditioner or mask much more intense!

When you remove the towel, it’s time to apply your favorite heat protectant and gently detangle your hair. If you use a brush to detangle hair like the Tangle Teezer brush, I assure you that it will help you a lot to take care of your ends since it minimizes hair breakage.

Now you can let your hair dry naturally, or use the dryer ideally on medium temperature (never maximum). Remember that if your hair is still wet, do not go to collect your hair or go to sleep. Always do this once you have dry hair to avoid damaging your hair.

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Let’s get better hair!

I hope you liked these tips on how to wash your hair. Healthy, radiant hair starts from the moment you wash it. Take good care of your hair and I assure you that you will notice an immediate difference.

Washing your hair properly will also help you to reduce the sensation of sticky hair after washing, which is quite unpleasant. For that matter, I would strongly suggest you to find a nice washing routine that suits your needs with good quality products. That way you will keep your hair healthy and clean!

Until next time.