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Kerastase Genesis Bain Hydra Fortifiant: Honest Review

bain kerastase genesis hydra fortifiant

Surely you have heard good comments about Kerastase Genesis Bain Hydra Fortifiant shampoo. It’s been highly advertised as one of the best anti hair-fall shampoos ever. 

But would it work for you? The truth is that this is an amazing Kerastase product, however there are two types of shampoos in the same line. You need to make sure you choose the right one for your hair type.

The Bain Hydra Fortifiant is a on of the best shampoos for hair-fall, and it is strongly recommended for fine and slightly grease hair. This Kerastase shampoo makes your scalp stronger so your hair doesn’t fall at the same time that deeply cleans your roots to avoid build up. Your hair will feel fresh, clean, and stronger than ever.

Let’s find out more thing about this amazing shampoo in this article.

Kerastase Genesis Bain Hydra Fortifiant: Honest Review

This wonderful Kerastase shampoo focuses on stopping and preventing hair loss.

Its formulation is very good as it has aminexyl and ginger extract to stimulate growth.

But this range of Kerastase genesis products has two different shampoos:

Bain Hydra Fortifiant
kerastase bain hydra fortifiant

It is indicated for people with fine hair, who suffer from hair loss and have a slightly oily scalp.

Bain Nutri Fortifiant:
kerastase bain nutri fortifiant

It is recommended for people with thick hair, who suffer from hair loss and have dry hair.

Therefore, depending on the type of hair and scalp, you should choose one or the other.

What effect should I expect from the kerastase genesis bain hydra fortifiant?

what effect to expect

The first thing you will start to feel is that your hair will start to fall out less with each wash.

This shampoo should reduce hair loss by at least 70% during the first month of use.

It is super important that every time you wash your hair, you apply shampoo twice and give it a good massage so that it penetrates your follicles.

This shampoo has the benefit that it is not greasy at all.

So you don’t have to worry if your hair gets greasy quickly, as your hair will feel light and clean.

And another of the biggest benefits of using Kerastase’s genesis line of products is that it will help stimulate hair growth.

Sadly, hair that fell more than two years ago is almost impossible to recover.

But this shampoo will stimulate your hair follicles to regrow your recently lost hair.

The only con that I find about this shampoo is that it is not specific for maintaining colored hair.

Being a cleaner shampoo, it can remove a bit of the color when it’s recently made.

The other genesis shampoo (bain nutri fortifiant) maintains color longer because it has fewer cleansing ingredients.

How should I use it?

This shampoo is very concentrated, to wash your hair you should only use a small amount.

You should wash your hair no more than three times a week.

Ideally two.

And the more you can avoid hot water, the better.

The shampoo bottle should last about 12 weeks.

Can I mix it with my normal conditioner?

In theory you can mix it with whatever you want.

However, to be honest, if you apply a conditioner from the supermarket:

  1. You will remove the effect of silkiness and lightness that the shampoo has.
  2. You can cause hair loss due to the high content of silicons in conditioners that will clog your follicles.

Ideally, I recommend that you use only the shampoo, or if you combine it, combine it only with the same products from the line.

These are my favorite Kerastase Genesis products:

Bain Hydra Fortifiant

kerastase bain hydra fortifiant

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This is the shampoo that we have talked about in this article.

Remember that it is ideal for you if you have normal to fine hair, and a scalp with a tendency to greasiness.

Bain Nutri Fortifiant

kerastase bain nutri fortifiant

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This is the shampoo you should choose if you feel that your hair and scalp are dry.

It is perfect for thick hair that needs a lot of hydration.

Genesis Fondant Renforcateur

genesis fondant

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This conditioner will be your best friend for hair loss.

It is not heavy at all and strengthens your ends, so they do not break.

Genesis Defense Thermique

kerastase genesis defense

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If you use heat tools, this styling cream has wonderful thermal protection and will reduce hair breakage.

If you have oily hair, you can use it as a leave in conditioner instead of the normal conditioner.

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Let’s get better hair!

I hope you liked this article, and you have discovered if this shampoo is suitable for you.

I personally love the results of this line, in addition to the fact that the presentation is very beautiful, and the smell is exquisite.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

Until next time.