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how often should you wash your hair? [know how]

how often should you wash your hair

If you are wondering how often you should wash your hair, you are in the right place. Washing our hair is part of our beauty routine. There is nothing better than the sensation of fresh and clean hair.

But the truth is that each person should have a different washing routine, because if you wash your hair more or less you can have problems with your scalp or your hair.

In the majority of the cases you should wash your hair about twice a week. If you have any scalp anomaly such as greasy scalp or dandruff, you should wash your hair more frequently, ideally about three times a week.

Washing your hair every day is not good as it will make your hair dry and you will not give it time to rest. On the contrary, if you wash your hair very infrequently, you may have problems with hair loss due to obstruction of the follicles of the scalp.

In this article I will tell you how often you should wash your hair according to your need so that you always keep your scalp healthy.

How often should you wash your hair for best results

Washing our hair is one of the essential moments of our self-care routine. But many times we wash our hair out of routine and not out of necessity.

We should wash our hair only when our scalp gets oily and we need to clean it. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day.

If you wash your hair simply because it is part of your bathroom routine, or because you like the feeling of cleanliness, you will only be drying out your hair.

The reality is that every time we wet our hair we change its molecular hair. It takes about 24 hours for our hair to fully recover and return to the molecular hair from when it was dry.

Therefore, if you wash your hair every day you will not be giving your hair a break and it will be more harmful than beneficial.

Now I will explain according to your type of need how often you should wash your hair:

If you have “normal” hair

how often should you wash your hair if you have normal hair

Most people do not have any scalp or hair abnormalities. If you have “normal” hair, you don’t have any problems with grease, dandruff or unusual hair loss.

In this case, ideally you should wash your hair about twice a week. And when you wash it I recommend that you use warm water.

This will help you maintain a healthy wash cycle by giving your scalp’s natural oils time to form, and then gently removing them.

Furthermore, washing your hair twice a week is ideal if you have colored hair as it will help the dye not fade as quickly.

Make sure that when you wash your hair you always do it twice, and that you always use the conditioner away from your scalp.

If you have scalp issues

If you have scalp issues

If you have any scalp anomaly such as oiliness, dandruff or hair loss, you probably have to change your shampoo routine a bit.

On oily scalps, you should wash your hair about three times a week with a balancing anti-grease shampoo. This will help you a lot to avoid excess fat in the roots. Do not do it more than three times because if you clean your scalp excessively you can generate even more oil.

In the scalp with dandruff it is also indicated to wash your hair about three times a week with a special shampoo to have the scalp treated. Just be careful not to confuse dandruff with sensitivity where the skin on your scalp falls off. In this case you should wash your hair less and with a sensitive scalp shampoo.

In the case of the fall, it depends a lot on your personal situation. I recommend that you ask your hairdresser the type of fall you have so that he can give you a personalized recommendation. Whenever in doubt, consult a professional.

If you have dry hair

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair if you have dry hair

In case you have dry hair you should wash your hair less frequently, ideally once a week.

The reason is because the shampoo removes excess oil from the scalp. And when your scalp is dry, it doesn’t produce as many oils as it should.

The best thing is that you try to last several days without washing your hair, and when you do, avoid using water that is too hot. Using a special nourishing shampoo will also be of great help, since it will provide you with the essential oils that your scalp needs.

Another trick that will help you a lot to moisturize your scalp is to use the technique of oiling your scalp once a month. You will see that little by little your scalp will feel much better.

Bottom line

Fabulous hair starts at the roots. Have a specific care routine for your needs and always use professional products on your hair.

As long as you can use warm water instead of hot on your hair, much better. It will help you with any scalp problem you have, and in this way you will also avoid drying out your ends.

Until next time!