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Olaplex Made My Hair Fall Out [Causes + Solutions]

Olaplex made my hair fall out

If you are in this article it is because you are probably thinking: Olaplex made my hair fall out!

Today there are several cases of women who are suffering from hair loss since they started using these products. But does Olaplex really cause hair loss?

Olaplex products should not make your hair fall out unless you are using it incorrectly. If Olaplex made your hair fall out it is probably because you are over-nourishing your hair, using the product incorrectly, or having an allergic reaction to it. Whatever the causes, it is important that you stop the treatment in order to balance your scalp.

Most of the time it is something very simple that triggers hair loss. A little hair loss is common (especially in seasonal changes), but if you are losing a lot more hair than normal, you have to take action!

In this article I will explain one by one the most common causes for which you are suffering from hair loss due to Olaplex, and I will give you the best solutions to treat it.

Olaplex made my hair fall out, why?

The Olaplex line of hair products is one of the most famous worldwide. Quickly everyone began to see celebrities and influencers marvel at their results.

As a professional hairdresser, I’ve tried Olaplex products for many years, and in my experience they only make your hair fall out if you are using them incorrectly, because they can trigger build-up in your scalp.

Olaplex products work in a very specific way because they have a bond builder technology which reinforces the damaged bridges of the hair to repair it and prevent breakage. And hairdressers love these products!

But what if after buying your product kit you realize that Olaplex made your hair fall out?

The truth is that this is not a very common case, since Olaplex itself does not have any specific ingredient in its formula that makes your hair fall out.

But it is true that these products are not for everyone and they can make your hair fall out if you are not using them properly!

If your hair doesn’t need it, you may be doing it more harm than good. That is why it is important that you know how to make a diagnosis to know if you really need to use Olaplex products or not. Some products like the Olaplex oil step 7 are amazing for damaged hair, but they need to be used properly.

3 most common causes Why olaplex made your hair fall out

Causes why olaplex made my hair fall out

If you are one of the people who has felt that Olaplex made your hair fall out (or is starting to fall out), don’t worry! Now I will show you why and how you can solve it.

First of all, you need Olaplex to have two types of products: those for use by professionals in the hairdressing salon, and those for use at home.

If your hair is falling out after your visit to the hairdresser because you did some highlights with Olaplex, it is important that you know that the hair loss is more likely to be breakage, and not hair-loss from your roots.

Sometimes we fell that our hair is falling out when we brush it (specially when your hair is wet), but it’s probably that the ends are weaker because they lost protein though the bleaching, and it’s just snapping off.

And that is not because of Olaplex, but because your hair was damaged by the bleach.

This is very important that you take it into account because in 99% of cases it is a malpractice of the hairdresser. To be honest I’ve seen many times junior hairdressers that are using Olaplex on their bleaching and they think that the hair will not get damaged, so they push the boundaries of the bleaching more.

And most of the times the hair gets severely damaged!

On the other hand, if you have bought the Olaplex home care products and your hair is starting to fall when you wash it, you should make a detox in your scalp immediately.

These are the most common causes that are causing the problem in your scalp:

Cause #1: You are Over-nourishing your hair

The most common reason why Olaplex may be causing your hair to fall out is that it is over-nourishing your hair. If you overuse these products, Olaplex will make your hair greasy, create build-up in the scalp, and therefore cause hair loss.

When you give your hair more nutrition than it needs, you are making the scalp more oily, and you can even generate a build-up layer that will cause hair loss.

In most cases, this happens with bond maintenance shampoo number 4. This shampoo is highly nourishing! In my opinion even too much. Specially if your hair tends to be greasy, this shampoo would not clean your scalp properly.

Therefore, by using it frequently, you will add layers of oils to your scalp that will clog the follicles and make your hair fall out much more than normal. This Olaplex Bonding shampoo No.4 is the most likely cause for your hair falling out.


The solution is very easy! First of all, you should know that it would be safe for you to you use this Olaplex No.4 shampoo if your hair is:

  • Very damaged (with bleaching or highlights).
  • Very dry on the scalp.

Avoid using the Olaplex shampoo if your hair is:

  • Natural (no dyes or highlights).
  • With oily scalp.

If you have already used this shampoo and hair loss has started, you must detoxify your scalp to eliminate all oil residues. To do this, you must change shampoo immediately! I recommend that you use Kerastase Bain Divalent shampoo, because it will keep your roots clean and the ends of your hair hydrated.

Cause #2: Using the product incorrectly

The second most common reason Olaplex is making your hair to fall out is due to using it incorrectly.

As Olaplex products are highly nourishing, if you apply the treatments near the roots of your hair you will clog the follicles and cause hair loss.

This usually happens with the Olaplex No.3, as many people tend to apply it all over their hair. But you should really only use it from mids to ends! Otherwise you will saturate your roots.

The reality is that you have to keep all conditioners, masks or other treatments well away from your scalp! Other Olaplex products that could also cause this situation are the moisture mask No. 8, and the pre-treatment combo No. 0 & 3.

Even if you don’t apply them directly to the roots of your hair, the nutrition is always absorbed about 4 inches beyond where you start applying it. Therefore, even if you do not touch the roots directly with the treatment, you are doing it indirectly.


To solve this problem, the first thing you should do is apply the treatment only to the ends (and slightly in the middle).

From now on, the only thing that should touch your scalp is the shampoo!

Additionally, I recommend that you do a scalp exfoliation every 6 weeks to make sure your follicles are not clogged and remove all excess build up.

In my experience, the only scalp scrub that works perfectly with Olaplex is the Kerastase Scrub Apaisant. This product helps you prevent hair loss because in addition to cleaning it helps treat sensitive scalp.

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Cause #3: an allergic reaction

Lastly, an allergic reaction may be causing your hair to fall out when using Olaplex products. Remember, if you are losing a lot of hair, is not normal!

Most hair treatments have certain chemicals to help treat your hair, and when you have an allergic reaction to one of them, your hair can begin to fall out.

When a product makes you react, your scalp may feel red, irritated and itchy. If you feel any type of unusual discomfort, it is because there is some ingredient in the formula that is not working for you.

Sometimes you can even feel that the skin of the scalp begins to fall (it looks like dandruff), and when this happens our follicles suffer and the hair begins to fall out.


The best solution for this case is to stop using Olaplex products immediately!

When a product gives you an allergic reaction, you must be very careful and stop using it. At the first symptom, stop using it and consult a specialist doctor.

Allergies are a sensitive issue, and in this case, it is not worth using products that could be risky for your health. Remember that there are always many products and brands that can give you similar results.

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Bottom line

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing why Olaplex caused your hair to fall out, as well as the solutions to fix it.

Remember that a little daily fall is always normal. But if from one week to the next your hair begins to fall out twice as much as normal, or you have a sudden hair loss, it’s because something is happening!

Finally, do not forget that sometimes our hair falls out due to hormonal or seasonal changes. I recommend that if you have doubts, consult a specialist to be able to determine the cause of hair loss.

Until next time!