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Losing a lot of hair [the best solutions]

losing a lot of hair

If you are losing a lot of hair, you are probably looking for a solution that really works.

The truth is that our hair always falls out on a regular basis (approximately 100 hairs a day), but if you suddenly feel an intense fall or start to lose density in your hair, it’s time to get down to action!

The most common causes for which you are losing a lot of hair are stress, scalp buildup, hormones or even the fact of using a poor quality shampoo. If your hair has started to fall out in the last 6 months, it is very likely that you can recover it without problems.

If your hair has been falling out for years, it is very likely that you can recover only part of it. However, in this case there are many solutions that you can put into practice so that your hair regains its vigor.

In this article I will explain in detail each of the most common causes for which you are losing a lot of hair, and I will give you the necessary tools so you can fight against hair loss!

Why am I losing a lot of hair?

First, you must identify why you are losing a lot of hair. Remember that it is totally normal that you lose about 100 hairs because of hair fall a day on average. When you should be concerned about hair loss is when your hair suddenly begins to fall out twice as much as normal, and the loss has not decreased in about two weeks.

Another sign that you are suffering from hair loss is if your hair fall out when you wash it more than normal.

When it comes to hair loss problems, the sooner you act the better! If you wait too long, your hair follicles can become clogged, making it difficult for you to regain your hair density in the future. If your hair is thinning, taking care of it in early stages is extemely important.

Prevention is the key to success, as soon as you begin to feel the first symptoms of hair loss, you should use an anti-hair loss treatment.

The most common causes for which you are losing a lot of hair are:

  1. Stress
  2. Scalp buildup
  3. Poor quality of your shampoo
  4. Hormones and medication

Now, let’s see each one of them individually:

Cause #1: Stress

losing a lot of hair due to stress

Yes, although it may seem like a joke, stress is one of the most common causes of hair loss. When we are stressed, the chemistry of our body changes, and this causes that the follicles of our scalp start to weaken. And therefore the hair starts to fall out.

Stress is the most common cause of temporary hair loss today, and can cause anything from mild episodes of hair loss to alopecia areata.

I know it may sound almost impossible to lower our stress levels, but the more we can reduce it, the better it will be for our hair.


The best solution you can do in this case is to try to eat a healthy diet, reduce your stress levels with some activity such as meditation, and take biotin food supplements to fortify your scalp. The more you can to to prevent and regulate the stress levels in your body, the better!

Cause #2: Scalp Buildup

scalp buildup

Having a scalp build up is the second most common reason why you are losing a lot of hair.

Scalp build up is a combination of residue that causes the pores of our hair to become clogged. By not receiving enough oxygenation, the follicles begin to weaken and our hair begins to fall out.

The two most common causes for which we can have scalp buildup are:

  • When our scalp has a greasy tendency and we use a shampoo that is not cleansing enough, we accumulate greasy residues with each wash.
  • When we use an excess of styling products on our scalp such as gels or lacquers.

To know if you have build up, you just have to rub your scalp and see if you have dandruff-like particles that look more yellowish. Therefore, the greasiness from the scalp can cause the hairloss because of the build up.


The best solution to remove all the build up from our scalp is to give ourselves a deep exfoliation at least once a month. To do this, you must use a special exfoliant such as the Kerastase fusio scrub. This hair scrub will not only eliminate build up residues, but will also balance the levels of oil production in the scalp to prevent it from happening again.

Cause #3: Poor quality of your shampoo

poor quality shampoo

Another of the most common causes for which you are losing a lot of hair is by using poor quality shampoos like the ones you find in the supermarket.

Commercial shampoos or conditioners from drugstores have glycerins and silicones that can clog the pores of the scalp, causing hair loss.

In addition, several brands have ingredients in their formula that can irritate and dry out our scalp, making the situation worse. The lower the quality of ingredientes of the product, the more problems it can cause to our hair.

Remember that a healthy and balanced scalp is the best prevention so that we do not have hair loss problems.


The best solution is to stop using low-quality products and start taking care of your scalp with a professional shampoo. If you are already suffering from hair loss, I highly recommend that you use Kerastase’s Bain Genesis shampoo, as it is a shampoo that will stop hair loss and promote a healthy, nourished and elastic scalp.

Cause #4: Hormones and Medications

losing a lot of hair because of hormones

The last most common cause why you might be losing a lot of hair is when you go through an intense hormonal period (such as being pregnant). Hair loss also happens due to the ingredients of some medications.

If your hair is falling out due to a hormonal process or due to some medication you are taking, it is very likely that you will not be able to stop hair loss completely.

But what you can do is reduce it to the maximum and prevent it so that you do not continue to lose hair density in the future. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Hair loss during pregnancy is normal, however, as soon as you start seeing the lack of density in your hair you should treat it.

This type of hair loss is probably temporary, however if it lasts for more than 3 months you should start treating the hair loss immediately. Weight loss and hair fall are also related due to the lacking of nutrients in the scalp.


In this case, my best recommendation is that you apply a hair loss ampoule treatment to your scalp as soon as possible. The treatments in vials are of short duration (normally 10 days), in which you must apply one every night before going to sleep. The best hair loss ampoules are Kerastase aminexyl specifique.

Let’s get better hair!

I hope that if your hair falls out a lot, this article has been helpful to you. The sooner you start taking care of yourself, the better. And don’t forget to massage your scalp to stimulate your follicles!

In case your hair is not falling but you are noticing that is thinning in the contours of your face, it might be because you are suffering from tension alopecia. In that case, to avoid losing a lot of hair you should avoid doing tight ponytails as much as possible.

Until next time.