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Why Does My Hair Get Greasy After One Day [Fix it]

Hair gets greasy after one day

If you are wondering: why does my hair get greasy after one day?, you will surely be looking for solutions so that your hair stays clean for longer.

The truth is that there is nothing more annoying than washing your hair in the morning, and the next day waking up with oily hair again! But don’t worry, there are always ways to control scalp oiliness.

The most common reasons why hair gets greasy after one day are washing your hair too often, using water that is too hot, using conditioner too close to the roots, or not using the right shampoo for your hair.

Whatever the reason that is causing your hair to be more greasy than normal, there are always solutions so that your hair lasts clean for longer.

In this article I will explain the most common causes for which your hair becomes greasy after a day, and I will give you solutions for each of them.

Why does my hair get greasy after one day?

Many people naturally suffer from an oily scalp. Greasiness problems are never completely cured, but they can be controlled in a way that does not bother us anymore.

On the contrary, there are many cases where we make our hair greasy by not taking proper care! Therefore, if you have incorrect hair care habits, you are probably generating much more oils in the roots of your hair than you should have.

And most importantly, besides the greasiness you can create a lot of build up in your scalp that can lead you to dandruff, or even hair fall as a worst scenario. Bare in mind that oily hair is bad for your hair because it could lead to scalp problems.

Sometimes is difficult to tell if your hair is greasy. However, if your hair gets oily just after one day is a sign that you need to change your habits for a better cleansing routine.

The main reasons why hair gets greasy after one day are:

  • Overwashing your hair
  • Using too much hot water
  • Applying conditioner too close to your scalp
  • Using a heavy shampoo.

If your hair is oily, continue reading! We will see the main causes why your hair gets greasy after one day individually:

Reason #1: Over washing your hair

hair gets greasy due to overwashing your hair

Washing your hair too often is the number one cause of your hair becoming greasy after a day. Is a key priority to know and plan how often you should wash your hair to avoid excess of oils in your scalp.

The reality is that the more you wash your hair, the more you will stimulate the production of oils from the scalp, and the faster your hair will get dirty.

Ideally, you should wash your hair twice a week. If you wash your hair more than this, you will get into a cycle where you will need to wash your hair more and more.

Of course, when you wash your hair always make sure to shampoo twice, since the first wash removes only surface dirt, and the second wash is the one that cleans more thoroughly.


The most important thing is that you do it maximum two to three times a week. The reality is that if you are used to washing your hair every day, it will be very difficult for you to stop suddenly. I highly recommend that you start reducing one day a week until you get used to your new washing routine. Avoid washing your hair every day at all costs!

Having a good quality dry shampoo that you use properly will help you a lot in keeping your scalp clean between washes so you feel more comfortable. Avoid supermarket dry shampoos that will only leave your hair feeling greasy, and use a quality product like Klorane dry shampoo.

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Reason #2: Using too much hot water

hair greasy after one day because ofusing hot water

Another of the most common causes for which our hair becomes greasier than normal is due to using water that is too hot when washing our hair. Hot water is not good for your hair at all!

The reality is that hot water stimulates the production of oil in the scalp, and makes it a bit difficult for us to clean our hair. Hot water is the number 1 enemy of oily roots!

If you have an oily scalp and you are a fan of hot showers, you should be very careful! You will only aggravate your problem if you keep using hot water on your hair. Bare in mind that using too much hot water will make you have sticky hair after washing, which is not a very pleasant feeling!

Hot water can also make your hair feel itchy, which could cause sensibility problems in your scalp.


The best solution is to start using warm water when washing your hair. Do not worry, since you do not have to suffer bathing with cold water either!

My best advice is that when you get into the shower, you bathe your body with hot water as you like, and when you wash your hair, regulate the temperature so that it is a little warmer. I assure you that you will begin to notice a difference.

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Reason #3: applying conditioner too close to your scalp

applying conditioner

Another reason why our hair becomes greasy after a day is applying the conditioner very close to the roots. You should always be very careful in the way you apply conditioner in your hair. This is definitely something you should avoid if you want to make your hair less oily.

Conditioners are filled with nourishing ingredients that contain oils or silicones. Therefore, if you use the conditioner close to your scalp you will make your hair very greasy!

Also, keep in mind that the conditioner always moisturizes about 3 inches above where you apply it. So, if you get it too close to the roots of your hair you will make it greasy much more easily.


The best solution is to learn how to apply conditioner and using it only from mid-lengths to ends. More specifically, make sure to always apply it from the neck down. If your hair is very short, I recommend that you apply a minimal amount, and only to the ends.

On the other hand, I recommend that you use a non-greasy moisturizing conditioner like the Pure Volume from Pureology, since it will leave your hair very clean without adding oils to your hair.

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Reason #4: Using a heavy shampoo

using a heavy shampoo

Using a heavy shampoo that is not cleaning your hair properly is another reason you might have greasy hair after one day. Especially sulfate-free or organic shampoos (which are very trendy) are enemies of oily hair.

The reason is that shampoos without organic sulfates, or highly nutritious, do not usually have much cleaning power on the roots, and also tend to be very heavy. For this reason, in each wash we can even make our hair more greasy.

Therefore, you need a cleaning agent on your hair! Otherwise, every time you wash your hair you will accumulate a small layer of oil on your scalp which is very difficult to remove later, and it can even cause hair loss problems.

In addition, you should also wash your hair properly to make sure all the oils in the scalp are removed with a proper shampoo.


My best recommendation is that you use a professional quality shampoo that is indicated for oily scalps, and avoid shampoos that are too nutritious. Most likely, the shampoo has sulfates. but do not worry!

The quality of sulfates in professional shampoos is good, and therefore it will not cause damage to your hair. My all-time favorite shampoo for oily scalps is Kerastase Bain Divalent. This product will clean you in depth while leaving your ends hydrated.

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Bottom line

Now you know how to control an oily scalp and avoid getting your hair greasy after one day of washing your hair.

If you’re just starting out on these new habits, don’t get too overwhelmed.

Start with one, and gradually change your routine and your products so that you can enjoy your hair more.

I hope you liked this article!