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Hair Still Frizzy After Keratin Treatment [Fix It!]

hair still frizzy after keratin treatment

If you are wondering why your hair still frizzy after keratin treatment, you are in the right place.

Keratin treatments serve to eliminate frizz from the hair and slightly straighten it temporarily. Its effect should last about 12 weeks. But in some cases it can happen that after the treatment you don’t feel a difference!

The 3 most common causes for which the hair remains frizzy after a keratin treatment are due to not taking proper care of it during the 72 hours after the treatment, washing it with the wrong shampoo, or because the treatment was applied incorrectly at the hairdresser.

The reality is that your hair should feel smooth, shiny, and with greatly reduced frizz after a keratin treatment. If for some reason your hair doesn’t feel like this, don’t worry!

In this article I will tell you the most common reasons that can cause this situation, as well as what to do in each of them. There are many causes for frizzy hair, but after a keratin treatment it should be all fixed!

What is the anti-frizz keratin treatment for?

what to expect if hair still frizzy after keratin treatment

The first thing you have to know is what are the results you should expect on your hair after applying the treatment. It is important that you have realistic expectations before doing this treatment, since keratin should leave your hair soft and frizz-free, but it is not a treatment to straighten your hair.

  • Keratin treatment should normally reduce 80% of the frizz from your hair.
  • Your hair should have less volume and feel more controlled.
  • You shouldn’t expect a hair straightening! Your hair will only straighten a little bit (about 25% straighter in the besy scenario).
  • It will recover your hair with a thermoactive smoothing power that will help you to style your hair in less time.

What does this mean?

In other words, your hair will have a coating with which you can enjoy softer, shinier and much more controlled hair. Also, if you try to straighten your hair with the dryer or iron after keratin, it should be twice as fast and easier because the heat activates the treatment to achieve smoother hair faster.

The keratin treatment should last about 12 weeks, in which your hair should feel soft and frizz-free. If for any reason your hair is still frizzy, something went wrong with the treatment.

Why is my hair still frizzy after the keratin treatment?

If you have done a keratin treatment with great enthusiasm, but when you wash your hair you realize that it is still frizzy, you will surely feel terrible.

But the good news is that if you know what are the reasons why the treatment has not worked for you this time, the next time you do the treatment you can have a good result.

The trick is to have the right care and with the right products!

The 3 most common reasons why your hair can remain frizzy after a keratin treatment are:

  • Not taking adequate care in the first 72 hours after treatment.
  • Wash your hair with the wrong shampoo.
  • A bad application of the keratin treatment in the hairdressing salon.

Cause # 1: Not having proper care after treatment

Not having proper after care

The most common reason why keratins doesn’t work is not following the post-treatment instructions. Sadly, there are times when hairdressers do not explain this part well and therefore the results of the treatment are not so good.

Immediately after applying the keratin treatment, you must do this for 3 days:

  • Do not wash or wet your hair at all (be very careful with the steam from the shower, or when you wash your face).
  • Avoid applying perfume or products to your hair (or even oil).
  • Do not put your hair in ponytails or clips (your hair should be loose at all times).

As an additional tip, you should brush your hair well every day to avoid tangles and let the cuticle of your hair seals smoother.

After 3 days, then you can wash your hair and continue with your usual care.


If you haven’t taken proper care within 72 hours of your keratin treatment, you probably can’t do much about it as your hair will have sealed incorrectly.

The best thing you can do in this case is immediately start using an anti-frizz treatment at home like the Kerastase Discipline mask to reactivate the keratin coating on your hair and enjoy an anti-frizz effect.

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Cause # 2: Using the wrong products

using wrong products

Another reason why your hair still feels frizzy after keratin treatment is not using the right products for its maintenance.

It’s not just about using a sulfate-free shampoo!

You need to have certain types of active ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner that take care of the treatment and stimulate the anti-frizz effect of the hair.

The truth is that if you do not use a special shampoo to maintain the keratin treatment, you could eliminate its effect in just a couple of washes. Therefore, if you use drugstore or supermarket products (even without sulfate) your keratin treatment will not last.

On the other hand, if you wash your hair with specific professional products, the effects of the treatment should last about 12 weeks.


The best thing you can do to protect your keratin treatment is to use its special maintenance shampoo from the first wash. Most keratin brands have their own maintenance shampoo and conditioner at home.

In case you don’t know what it is, you can also use universal products to maintain your treatment such as Kerastase Discipline shampoo and conditioner. These products will help you keep the keratin treatment on your hair for as long as possible.

Cause # 3: Treatment applied incorrectly

hair still frizzy for bad application of keratin treatment

If you have done all the above well and you have cared for your hair correctly, a poor application of the keratin treatment in the hairdresser may be the reason why you do not have the results you expected.

There can always be cases in which your hair type does not absorb the treatment well (for example, if you have very curly hair)

However, you should always feel a soft, slightly relaxing effect on your hair’s frizz.

When you go to the hairdresser, make sure that:

  • Your hairdresser apply the product so that all your hair is very saturated (and there are no dry parts).
  • When at the blow-dry part of the treatment, your hair should be 100% dry and smooth (it is normal if you see steam).
  • Lastly, when using the iron to seal the treatment, they should pass it 8-15 times per section.

If your hairdresser takes care of these details and uses a good quality keratin treatment, you will always achieve very good results.


In case you have done everything right but the treatment has been applied incorrectly, there is not much you can do. Obviously, anti-frizz products will always help you to keep your hair under control, but you will not be able to recover the effect of the treatment if it was not applied correctly.

My best recommendation is that you go to the hairdresser where they did the treatment and tell them about the situation that you have not felt the effect of the treatment. They will probably help you find a solution, or even offer to reapply the treatment.

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Let’s get better hair!

I hope this article has been helpful to you and when you apply a keratin treatment, you make the most of it.

Remember that keratin treatment is for making your hair less frizzy, but it doesn’t have the power of actually make your hair straight. Keep this in mind in case you have a curly hair type and you are trying to make it more straight with this treatment. In that case you should be looking for more of a permanent straightener treatment.

One last tip!

Never do this treatment more than 5 times a year so you don’t to overprocess your hair.

Until next time!