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How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last? [The Reality]

How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last

There are different semi-permanent straighteners, keratin is one of the most affordable and fastest to do. But how long does keratin treatment last?

Keratin has become more and more requested to eliminate frizz and make hair smoother. Its results are very favorable and with correct care, it can be very comfortable.

The keratin treatment last from 6 to 12 weeks. The 24 hours after the treatment are crucial to seal and making it last for the long as possible. Also, what makes the difference depends on the product and the application. In addition, the 24 hours after the treatment are crucial to seal and making it last for the long as possible. Additionally, the care routine you have afterward at home will ensure that the texture, softness, and appearance are maintained smoothly.

Following some tips could help you prolong the duration of the straightening or encourage you to try it.

Here in this article, I will explain the main ways to make it last longer.

How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last?

The duration of the keratin has different aspects defined like the product. We can find some brands that last 6 weeks and other more expensive ones that last up to 12 weeks. Other things correspond to you taking the time and money you invest worthwhile.

When these details are not taken care of, you can completely lose the effect of the keratin from the next day or in the first week.

The type of hair you have can also reduce the length if it is very curly, coarse, and dry. For this type of hair, it is better to use stronger straightening treatments such as Japanese and permanent straightening. With this, you will avoid sensitizing your hair with the chemical and when you do, it will be the ideal treatment for you.

However with simple care and make sure you go to a good professional too. Keratin can give you wonderful benefits such as forgetting about frizz and keeping your hair styled longer. In addition to reducing the curl by up to 60 percent.

Let’s see the main things that make keratin treatment last.

What Can Define how long A Keratine Treatment Lasts?

There are different brand names of products and each one has a different formulation. however, they share characteristics that will make the promise they have made come true. Each salon should tell you what to expect from the keratin they handle. The most common ones last 8 weeks and the ones that are a bit more expensive last up to 12 weeks.

Here I will tell you about the main details that will define how long a keratin treatment lasts.

  1. The application of the product and professional techniques.
  2. What you must do in the first 24 hours to guarantee its duration.
  3. The routine you must follow to maintain and improve the appearance of the treatment.

With all of this, you will be able to know what to expect from the treatment in terms of its duration and how to take better care of it to have very shiny and frizz-free hair.


The application is divided into several aspects such as the product and the brand, and the way in which the process is carried out in the salon.

I’ll split it in two:

  • The application of the product
  • The technique during the steps and movements during the application

With this, it will be easier to know everything clearly and easily identify how you can make sure that the next key points are followed and you can keep it and enjoy it to the fullest.


Normally, keratins have to be applied to wet and very clean hair without residues to leave the hair very porous to receive the next product and absorb it.

A cream or liquid-based product is then applied from the roots to the ends of the hair.
The hair must be soaked very well to ensure that everything is covered. If it is not done evenly, there may be hair that does not receive the product and this generates that the frizz is not removed and is not straightened. To know more about what can cause frizz see this article.

To ensure that all this is done correctly, always do this treatment in a place of professional people.
Do good research on reviews of the place. A good professional will help you apply the product well and will tell you exactly what to expect from keratin.


The technique is very important because 70 percent of what straightens hair is brushed with hot air and flat ironing.

Doing it with a natural bristle brush increases the result because it makes the hair very well and lets the heat of the air from the dryer pass through.

Once that is finished, the iron is passed and this is also essential to do it well so that it lasts much longer in perfect condition.

The sections must be very thin to ensure that the heat and shape of the iron are passing through equally.

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#2 The First 24 Hours After

The first 24 hours after you finish your appointment at the salon you have to follow the most important tips so that it lasts very well and without the frizz. don’t wet your hair Do not be in places that have steam.

  • Do not touch your hair or put it behind your ears. Right now is when your hair is sensitive to any pressure or shape that can leave it marked. That is why it will be essential that you take maximum care of it during those hours to ensure that you have the product in good condition.

#3 The Routine To Make It Last Longer

The home care routine is just as important as the application because that is when the hair is provided with a product that works, cleanses, and provides it with ingredients that reinforce the treatment. It is also what will soften it and prevent frizz from reappearing. Washing with a shampoo that contains a lot of butter or fat can cause the effect you are trying to achieve with keratin to come off. Likewise, washing it with a shampoo that is too drying can cause the same effect.

My professional recommendation is the line of products of Kerastase Discipline that enforce the anti-frizz effect and this is exactly what will prolong the effect. In addition to the special scent they have and the gentle repair they offer.

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Now you know that there are different times in which a keratin treatment lasts. You also know that there are several things that can help or, on the contrary, cause the effect to be lost.

If you follow the advice that I have put here you can increase and maintain the effect of keratin.

Until next time.