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Can Dry Shampoo Cause Dandruff? [Fix It!]

Can Dry Shampoo Cause Dandruff

Nowadays dry shampoo has become very popular. It is common asking if can dry shampoo cause dandruff?

Especially if you are feeling your scalp itchy or something out of the ordinary.

Dry shampoo can cause dandruff in cases where the product is not removed for long periods. Also, when you use it too often and if it’s a low quality product can irritate the skin, dry it out, and lead to dandruff.

In this article, you will know how to avoid it at the first symptoms and keep your scalp healthy.

Can Dry Shampoo Cause Dandruff on my scalp?

Can Dry Shampoo Cause Dandruff on my scalp

Certainly, if you don’t remove the dry shampoo residue properly dry shampoo can cause dandruff on your scalp.

The scalp has certain pH and the environment must be maintained for the health of the hair and skin.

This is what helps to maintain the hair and scalp stay clean and free of dandruff.

The reason dry shampoo can cause dandruff on the scalp is because of oil accumulation due to insufficient hygiene.

Also, skin alterations cause this reaction. There is a fungus called Fungi Malassesya that lives in 90% of adults and can be triggered by this.

Another reason may be that an allergy to the ingredients of the product production.

Dry shampoo has ingredients that can dry the skin if it used in excess causing deregulation of the scalp environment.

How Can Dry Shampoo Cause Dandruff?

How Can Dry Shampoo Cause Dandruff

The way this can happen in the hair is due to cleaning habits and aggressive quality products or products loaded with ingredients that the skin does not need.

Although dry shampoo is very useful and practical, it should not be overused.

Just like many other products, if not used properly it can affect rather than help.

The ways dry shampoo can lead to cause dandruff are:

  1. Not washing the hair well
  2. Not removing the product
  3. Aggressive product or over oil load
  4. Using it too often

These are the most common mistakes we make that can lead to this happening. However, they are avoidable and simple to change.

#1 Not washing the hair properly

Not washing the hair properly

Many people like the effect dry shampoo gives and may think they no longer need to wash their hair.

Sometimes we can start to using it excessively. This is not good because dry shampoo does not replace regular head washing.

It is also important you know that low-quality products can be difficult to remove from the skin.

So it is very important that if you are going to use dry shampoo you remove it well using a good quality shampoo.

The one that I professional recommend is Kerastase Divalente Shampoo which is amazing at cleaning and taking all the oils out.

Additionally, if you have been using a cheap dry shampoo for a while and you feel that you have not been able to remove the residue and your hair feels sticky on the scalp my professional suggestion is to use a scrub exfoliator to remove any residues.

Always make sure you know How Dry Shampoo works and How To Use Dry Shampoo For Better Results.

#2 Not removing the product

Not removing the dry shampoo

This is a continuation of what I was saying before. Dry shampoo can cause dandruff because the residue is what leads to the wrong scalp environment.

When you do not sufficiently remove the residues that are produced daily on the head such as sweat, dust, hairspray, wax, and oils can be bad.

What happens is that the residues are not removed and accumulate to form layer after layer of residue. This is called build-up.

This build-up is what clogs the pores of the head and starts to generate chaos in the skin as all these oils and residues degrade and create different substances.

These substances can deregulate the ph of the head and cause dandruff.

In our body, everything is usually in perfect harmony. Small variations can cause this harmony to break down. It is when this happens that problems such as dandruff and hair loss appear.

Don’t worry if you are experiencing this because you can fix it.

It’s not all bad using dry shampoo, in fact Dry Shampoo Will Help Greasy Hair if you use it properly.

If you have a lot of dry shampoo accumulation in your scalp, I strongly suggest you to use once a week the Kerastase scrub ,which also will help to calm your scalp if you’re feeling itchy or irritated.

#3 Aggressive product or oil overload

Aggressive product or oil overload

Another reason how dry shampoo can cause dandruff is when the product you are using dry too much or is aggressive.

Certain type of skin become sensitive and irritated with some products.

As we saw before one of the main causes of dandruff is the change of ph in the head and that is why a product with a lot of oils or too agressive during the cleansing can cause it.

The scalp is a very sensitive skin that is in constant contact with the sun and all the aggressions of the weather like:

  • rain
  • sun
  • cold
  • snow

We have to be sure that we use a good product to avoid damaging our skin and making it sensitive.

Be very careful with this because if you left it unattended can cause hair loss u other problems more serious.

Me recommendation is that you use a good quality dry shampoo like the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo. This will prevent dandruff and many other problems related.

#4 Using it too often

Using a product too often

Using it too much can certainly can lead dry shampoo to cause dandruff when is used too often and in too much quantity. It can also cause the ph levels change.

When a product is used too regularly there can be complications or you may simply not see the result.

When too much of the same ingredient is obtained, the body stops assimilating it and starts to block it.

In the case of dry shampoo, when it is not well removed from the head and scalp, the build-up start forming. As we have seen before, it is the build-up that causes the follicles to become clogged and not well-oxygenated.

Also, the lack of oxygenation can lead to a change that creates dandruff.


Now you know what can cause dandruff when you are using dry shampoo incorrectly. Also, overusing it or not removing it completely.

This will help you look better and prevent it from happening again.

Dandruff can be very uncomfortable and the best thing to do is avoid it.

So now you know how you can help prevent it from happening again and build new cleansing washing habits.

I hope it has helped you and you have solved your doubt.

See you next time.