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Will Dry Shampoo Help Greasy Hair? [tips to know]

Greasy hair can be very uncomfortable and annoying. Is common that you may wonder if will dry shampoo help greasy hair.

A lot of questions can arise about this product.

Dry shampoo will definitely help greasy hair to maintain a clean look. It will also help control natural oils production. Having a correct washing routine and alternate with a good quality dry shampoo will help eliminate the grassy effect on hair.

In this article, I will show you the keys to how dry shampoo helps oily hair. Also, how to use it correctly and my professional opinion about the quality of the product.

Will dry shampoo help greasy hair?

Will dry shampoo help with greasy hair

Yes, dry shampoo will help with greasy hair because of its absorbent properties.

Dry shampoo absorbs the oil caused by the scalp’s natural sebum production. It also absorbs sweat and dirt that may accumulate on the scalp.

When a good quality product is used, it has the effect of cleaning and maintaining especially greasy hair. By using it on the bangs and roots it avoids having to wash it so often.

This advantage greatly helps greasy hair because avoiding wetting and washing it helps to reduce the production of oils in the scalp.

In addition to how fast it works, it can help you clean the oils in less than 5 minutes.

That’s why it is a great help to eliminate the dirty and oily effect of hair in almost no time.

The Main ways Will dry shampoo helps greasy hair

The Main ways Will dry shampoo helps greasy hair

The most common way dry shampoo will help greasy hair is by cleaning superficially. It has many more benefits but I will give you the most important ones for greasy hair.

A well-used dry shampoo can help much more than you can imagine. In fact, it can be an excellent treatment for greasiness and excessive oil production.

The main ways dry shampoo will help oily hair are:

  1. Cleaning your hair in between washes
  2. Keeping your hair away from water
  3. Help regulate the excess oil production in the scalp

Knowing this in deep you can create a routine where you alternate its use with a cleansing shampoo to keep your hair clean and healthy.

Let’s see each one in detail:

#1 Cleaning your hair in between washes

Cleaning oils with dry shampoo will help greasy hair

Dry shampoo will definitely help greasy hair to get clean. It is important to use high-quality dry shampoo. This will really make your oily hair look clean in less than 3 minutes.

Whether for when we are in a hurry or to add to our beauty routine it is fantastic.

Its properties mean it can trap dirt and grease and just shake and brush those particles out of your hair. So an oily fringe or straight hair with this characteristic can be cleaned in no time.

The biggest problem with greasy hair is that after a day or two it has a dirty or oily look that can be uncomfortable.

This is where dry shampoo is used to alternate on days when you shouldn’t wet your hair so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Helps to cleanse by absorbing oils and encapsulating them. When you pass the brush over those grease particles that were locked up, they go into the dust that you brush.

That’s how it cleans and gives you back a clean look.

My professional suggestion is to use refresh dust from Schwarzkopf. It is a product that works very well and cleans residues and odors very well.

Also, I highly recommend you see How To Use Dry Shampoo to make sure you apply it right.

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#2 Keeping your hair Away Hair From Water

Keep away Hair from water

At this point, it has many benefits not only for oily hair but for colored hair as well.

Avoiding contact with water as much as possible helps to avoid using hot water and stimulates the gland that controls oils (sebum) production.

Also, water is an oxidizing agent by nature. This is sure to contribute to color fading.

Further washing or wetting of the hair stimulates this same gland which will produce more oils. This is not a good thing because what we want is the opposite.

That is why if you avoid washing your hair too often, this will help you to reduce the oils. With this, dirty hair will slowly be reduced and your hair will stay clean for more time.

#3 Help Regulate The Excess Oil Production In The Scalp

Help Regulate The Excess Oil Production In The Scalp

The sebaceous gland is the one that produces sebum (oils) on the scalp. It is the one that sends the signal of how much sebum should be produced.

There are several ways in which its functioning can be altered when it is stimulated in certain ways and reacts. For example:

  • Using hot water
  • Washing your hair too often
  • Hormonal changes
  • Products with a lot of oils

All these things can cause the gland to send more oils to protect the skin from external damage or simply by the reaction.

However, we don’t want this over oil pro production. We want th opposite to have a more natural and cared-for appearance.

By avoiding washing it so often because of the oil production and using dry shampoo you are helping this gland not to be stimulated and stop sending those signals.

It is important to know that it will help you feel better with oily hair as long as you use it well.


Now you know how dry shampoo can help greasy hair.

As we have seen throughout the article it is important to use a good quality product so that it doesn’t have the opposite effect.

Also, apply it at the right distance and alternate it with a cleansing shampoo to keep your roots free of build-up.

I hope all this information has been helpful and you feel more confident to use dry shampoo in your routine.

Until next time.