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How to grow out long hair in 3 easy steps

How to grow out long hair in steps

If you are wondering how to grow out long hair, you are in the right place.

Having healthy and long hair is the dream of many women! But the reality is that it is very difficult to grow our hair, especially if we dye our hair or use heat tools.

To grow out long hair you need to improve your hair care routine, strengthen your ends so they don’t break, and use a line of hair products with proteins that will help you to grow your hair. The more nourished you have the follicles of the scalp, the more your hair will grow.

Today there are many “miraculous” techniques that promise to help us grow hair. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In this article I will show you how you can grow out long hair in 3 easy steps that will allow you to realistically achieve the hair of your dreams.

How to grow out long hair realistically

Surely it has ever happened to you that you have proposed to let your hair grow, and after a few months you throw in the towel because it seems impossible. Many times it happens that it seems that our hair reaches a certain length and from there it doesn’t happen! No matter what you try, it seems impossible to grow our hair.

But the truth is that your hair grows much more than you think! Your hair should always grow a certain amount per month, and there are rare cases in which growth is slowed down.

Your roots never stop growing, the problem is that the lengths of your hair are weakened and therefore all growth breaks from the ends.

And this is the great reason that our hair does not grow as it should.

People who enjoy long and abundant hair is because they have a thicker natural hair type, or because they have virgin and undamaged hair. Regardless of how your hair is (or what has happened), here you will learn how to solve the problem once and for all!

Know the reason why your hair does not grow

Why is not growing

Most women think that their hair does not grow, so they try thousands of supplements and natural remedies to help them grow hair. And as you surely guessed, their hair still does not grow! You need to know the main reasons why your hair is not growing.

I’ll tell you a secret:

In 95% of cases, the hair grows in a surprising healthy and normal way.

So why don’t you ever get long hair?


Every time you brush your hair, every time you wash your hair, every time you go to sleep, your hair is breaking!

Therefore, if you want your hair to grow faster, it is extremely important that you strengthen your hair to avoid and prevent breakage. The main 3 steps you need to follow in order to grow out long hair are:

  1. Improve your haircare habits.
  2. Make your ends stronger.
  3. Use good quality products with proteins.

If you are ready to start having long and beautiful hair, keep reading:

How to grow out Long hair in 3 steps

Grow out long hair

As we saw previously, the hair does not grow because it is constantly breaking from medium to ends. Therefore, no matter how much we grow from the root, you will never see the result if we do not make our hair stronger so that it resists daily aggressions.

If you follow these 3 steps, I assure you that you will begin to notice how your hair grows faster and healthier. Therefore, we will attack the essential points that your hair needs to grow faster, which are:

  • Stimulate root growth.
  • Strengthen the tips to prevent breakage.

You will be surprised that growing hair is not really such a difficult thing. You just need the right care.

Step 1: Improve your hair care habits

Improve haircare habits

Having healthy hair habits in your rutine is essential for your hair to grow. If you start following these simple habits, you will reduce hair breakage and therefore your hair will begin to grow in a healthy and strong way.

Remember that you should always be very careful with the ends of your hair!

The most important hair habits are:

  • Wash your hair no more than 2 times a week (3 times if you have a scalp problem such as grease, dandruff or similar).
  • Never tie your hair up if it is wet.
  • Brush your hair gently to avoid breakage.
  • Do not tie your hair tightly with rubber bands.
  • Avoid bleaching or dying with 20vol peroxide the middle and ends of your hair more than 3 times a year.
  • Limit the use of styling products such as hairspray, gels, or mousses (they are high in alcohol).
  • Never use supermarket dyes as they damage the hair cuticle a lot.
  • Use heat tools twice a week maximum, and always with thermal protection.

Step 2: Make your ends stronger

Make your ends stronger

Now that you know the basic healthy care habits to help your hair grow, it’s time to focus on strengthening your ends.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, what will make your hair grow long much faster is to avoid the daily breakage of your ends.

To do this, it is best to go to the hairdresser every 12 weeks at most to get a haircut. I know it may sound counterproductive to cut your hair if you want to grow it out, but this is the key to success!

The secret to growing your hair is that you only need to trim a half inch (or less) religiously every 12 weeks.

The ends of your hair will naturally split every 3 months, which is why it is extremely important to make regular cuts to keep them strong. There are many factors that can cause split ends, however is a fact that after a certain period of time they will appear naturally regardless how good you take care of your hair.

Afraid of the hairdresser?

Ok, let’s confess it. I know how incredibly difficult it is to find a trusted hairstylist who cuts “just the ends.”

From my own experience hundreds of times I have heard many women complain that they only asked for a small trim and the hairdresser ended up cutting half their hair!

I recommend that you find a very good professional that you can trust for your regular hair trims and to grow your hair (sometimes it is worth paying a little more for a senior hairdresser). Also, you can try a dry cutting technique with your hairdresser. This technique will help your hairdresser to have more control on the haircut to avoid cutting more than they should!

But if you haven’t had any luck, I have good news for you!

There is a very simple tool you can use at home called the Split Ender, which you can easily use to cut 1/4 inch off your ends!

You just have to pass this tool through your hair in sections as if it were an iron, and it will take care of highlighting all your hair without affecting your haircut. I’ll leave it here below!

Split ender mini

Step 3: Use professional products with proteins

How to grow out long hair using professional products

Using professional hair products with proteins is a must if you want to have long hair. The proteins will help your hair to grow stronger and to avoid breakage at all costs. That’s why a good shampoo and conditioner can make your hair grow 3 times faster.

On the other hand, if you use supermarket or drugstores shampoos, your hair will not get the necessary nutrients to get stronger, since they contain many nasty ingredients (including organic ones). Washing your hair with a supermarket shampoo (even the most expensive ones) is the same as washing your hair with laundry detergent.

Yes, you heard right.

No matter what “good ingredients” it says on the bottle, their concentration is practically zero.

Therefore, you need a product to wash your hair that provides the necessary proteins so that your hair does not break and stimulates growth. A poor quality shampoo can even make your hair fall out when you wash it.

There are many professional hair products that contains proteins in their formula. However, the only hair product line that I have tested with hundreds of clients successfully for hair growth is the Extentioniste program by Kerastase.

The extentioniste growth program by kerastase

My favorites ones! This line of products is like a training system to achieve healthier, stronger and longer hair. From day one, my hair began to feel different and over the weeks I saw how it broke less at the ends.

Of course, the most important thing is to be constant and always apply your product routine when you wash your hair (and remember that you should wash your hair no more than 2-3 times a week).

These are the products:

Extentioniste Shampoo
Extentioniste shampoo

Firstly wash your hair with this shampoo, it will make your hair visibly healthier from root to tip and the breakage of your hair will begin to reduce. This shampoo will stimulate growth in your roots! And remember, this is a professional shampoo, so it is very concentrated!

Use only a small nut of the product to wash your hair. This bottle should last you at least two months. What I like the most about this shampoo is that it doesn’t leave hair greasy at all.

Extentioniste Conditioner
Extentioniste conditioner

This conditioner will make your ends extremely stronger to avoid breakage in your ends. Also, this powerful treatment will make your hair thicker to become more resistant! Use a nut of the product and apply it from medium to ends (never near your scalp). Leave the product to act for 2 to 5 minutes for best results.

This conditioner will repair your hair in depth and with each application your hair will be stronger. If you have time, I will strongly suggest you to use it once a week as a deeply treatment, leaving it on your hair for at least 20 minutes.

Bottom line

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing how to grow out long hair.

Remember that patience is the key to success! Don’t despair of growing your hair from one day to the next. With proper care, and if you follow the steps in this article, you will see that little by little your hair becomes stronger and will begin to grow.

Until next time.