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why is my hair not growing? [The main 3 reasons]

why is my hair not growing

If you are wondering: why is my hair not growing?, you are in the right place. Long and spectacular hair is the dream of many women.

But the truth is that most people have a hard time getting their hair to grow even a little. And the months and months go by and you’re still at the same length! Are you wondering what could be the problem?

The most common reason your hair isn’t growing is because it’s constantly breaking at the ends. This makes all the growth that we see in our roots disappear from the length since our hair is not strong enough to lengthen.

In 90% of cases hair always grows healthy. The problem is that as it breaks at the ends you can’t appreciate that growth! And this is when we feel that our hair growth is stagnant and we are years with the same length.

In this article I will tell you the reasons why your hair is not growing as it should, and I will give you several remedies so that you can stimulate hair growth once and for all.

Why is my hair not growing?

There is nothing more frustrating than when you want your hair to grow, and no matter how hard you try you don’t see results. There are many people who even give up and accept that their hair will never grow. And this is not so!

There is always a reason why your hair does not grow the way it should. And for every cause there is always a solution.

Obviously genetics always has to do with it. There are people who have stronger hair with faster growth than others. But the truth is that no matter how much genetics has affected you, it will not be something extremely significant in terms of growth.

There are three causes that are the main reasons why your hair is not growing as it should. Now I will explain each of them:

Reason #1: Your hair is breaking from the ends

The most common cause for which we feel that our hair does not grow is because our ends are weakened and break on a daily basis. But this is just an optical illusion.

The truth is that our hair grows at a healthy and normal rate (you will notice it especially when the roots of the dye grow). The problem is that by having your ends weakened, all your hair growth is constantly breaking at the ends.

For this reason, all the new hair that grows does not make our hair longer, because everything that grows breaks at the ends every day.

This situation affects 80% of women who feel that their hair does not grow. The main causes of this problem is having colored hair (especially with highlights), or if we use heat on our hair frequently.

How to fix it?

To solve the breakage of the ends and help your hair grow in a healthy way, you must take maximum care of the health of the ends of your hair.

If you have dyed or highlighted hair, it is vitally important that when you touch up the color you do it only at the roots. If you highlight or dye all of your hair you will only make your ends more brittle and your hair will not grow. Avoid this as much as possible.

On the other hand, if you use the iron or the dryer often, always make sure to use medium temperature and with protection ends. Avoid using heat on the ends area.

Finally, I highly recommend that you use a special treatment to strengthen your ends such as Kerastase Therapiste serum. This is a serum that you apply to the ends area once a day and they prevent them from breaking! Honestly it is my best tool to grow hair.

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Reason #2: You are lacking nutrients

why is my hair not growing the main reasons

The second most likely reason why your hair is not growing is because you are lacking certain nutrients and vitamins that are essential for hair growth.

This can happen due to genetic issues, due to some medical treatment, or because your diet is not the best. The more nourished and healthy your hair follicles are, the better.

The hair growth process is always a cycle that has different phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. If our scalp does not have the necessary nutrients, this cycle can take us much longer than normal, and therefore our hair growth slows down.

How to fix it?

The best way to solve this problem is to try to have a balanced diet full of vitamins, and to take biotin food supplements like this one.

Supplements to stimulate hair growth are a very good option to treat your hair follicles from the inside out. But make sure you also make positive changes in your diet so you get the most out of them.

Another option that can help you a lot is to constantly massage your scalp with a growth-stimulating product to stimulate your scalp.

Massages increase the microcirculation of your follicles which is wonderful for growth. And the serum is a topical treatment that you apply to your scalp that is packed with the nutrients your hair needs to grow. My absolute favorite is the Kerastase Extensioniste Growth Accelerator Serum.

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Reason #3: Your scalp has a build up that clogs your follicles

This is another reason why your hair is not growing as it should. It is not as common as the others but it usually happens in 10% of cases. You will notice that you suffer from this if your scalp looks slightly yellowish, or if rubbing it usually loosens some greasy crusts from the skin of your scalp.

The buildup is when we accumulate sebun and product remains on our scalp due to an excess of silicones, styling products and oils. When we frequently apply this type of product to the scalp, light layers of sedimentation form on our scalp.

And what this does is that the follicles of our hair become obstructed and do not receive the necessary oxygenation for their growth. In many cases, people even suffer from intense hair loss due to this obstruction of the follicles.

How to fix it?

To solve this problem I recommend that you exfoliate your scalp once every fortnight for about 8 weeks. You will probably need more than a single peel to completely remove all residue. In about 8 weeks you will have done at least 3 exfoliations with which you will eliminate all the fat deposits.

To exfoliate your scalp, first apply the dry scrub and make energetic circular movements to begin to loosen the sebum. After a few minutes, moisten your scalp slightly and continue massaging your scalp. Then wash your hair normally. The best exfoliant I have tried to remove sebum is the Kerastase Fusio Scrub.

And of course. I recommend that you have a lot of prevention! Avoid using any product on your scalp besides shampoo or specific products for that area. And take care that your shampoo is professional because if you use supermarket shampoos you will clog your pores again due to their high silicone content.

bottom line

I hope that this article has been of help to you to know why your hair is not growing, and that you have been able to find the solutions you need for it.

Take good care of your scalp because it is the root of your hair! If your scalp is healthy, all your hair will grow healthy. And of course, always take special care with your ends because if they are weakened they will break and you will not be able to enjoy all that your hair is growing!

Until next time.