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How To Use Olaplex 8 Moisture mask [step by step]

How To Use Olaplex 8

If you would like to know how to use Olaplex 8 Intense moisture mask, you are in the right place.

Olaplex Step 8 is one of the most recent launches that has won the hearts of many consumers. This innovative mask promises to achieve softer, shinier and healthier hair.

The Olaplex 8 moisture mask is used once a week in place of the conditioner. You will only have to apply a small nut on the squeezed hair, and wait 5 to 10 minutes for it to penetrate. Once it’s ready, you just have to rinse your hair and enjoy the results!

This intense mask will strengthen the disulfide ends of the hair thanks to its bond building technology. In other words, it will help you repair your hair in depth!

In this article I will tell you all the insights of the Olaplex step 8, and I will give you my best tips for its use so that you can achieve the best results.

How to use olaplex 8 for best results

First of all, I would like you to know a little more about the Olaplex product line that has conquered the world.

The entire Olaplex product line focuses on repairing broken hair bridges. These bridges are what support the hair structure and prevent our hair from breaking.

The bridges of our hair are damaged by color processes or heat tools. That’s why, when they are very damaged our hair begins to break! The famous bubblegum elastic hair is when the bridges of the hair are totally destroyed.

That is why it is so good and beneficial to use Olaplex products! Therefore, in each wash they will repair your hair to achieve a stronger and more resistant mane. The key points in this article are:

  1. Everything you need to know about Olaplex 8.
  2. How to use Olaplex 8 step by step.
  3. How to complement Olaplex 8 with other products.

1. Everything you need to know about Olaplex 8

Olaplex 8 is a multi-benefit hair treatment that promises to deeply moisturize dry and damaged hair.

This mask is ideal if you have damaged, dry and brittle hair. Its most notorious characteristic is that it gives the hair a healthy and healthy appearance.

Its biggest advantages are:

  • It will repair chemical and mechanical damage to your hair.
  • It gives a lot of shine to the hair.
  • Hydrate and moisturize your hair in depth.
  • It will give you an anti-frizz effect to control frizz.
  • It will fill the capillary structure so that you feel more body in the hair.

As it is made to fill in the hair bonds and strengthen them, this treatment will make your hair feel fuller and therefore you will have a healthy volume. No frizz!

This mask works well on all hair types, but if you have curly or wavy hair you will notice that your curls become more elastic and hold their shape better.

This treatment is definitely a must for your hair!

Once you start using these treatments, you will feel a difference in your hair. If you are not very familiar with them, I recommend that you take a look at this article where you will learn how Olaplex products work.

Bond intense mask

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2. How to use Olaplex 8 step by step

How to use olaplex 8 in steps

This wonderful mask is very easy to use, and best of all, it does not need to sit on the hair for too long. My best recommendation is that you have a routine in which you can use it frequently between washes.

Remember that it is always better to use the treatments consistently (even less often), than to use it many times in a few weeks and then stop it.

Constancy is the key to success in treatments!

You should ideally use the Olaplex 8 mask once a week. That is, between washes of your frequent shampoo.

However, if you only wash your hair once a week, I recommend using it once every two weeks. In this way you will take care that your hair does not get oversaturated with nutrition (which causes caking)!

Step by step
  1. First, detangle your hair well before starting the treatment. You can use a few drops of Olaplex bonding oil 7 for better results. Find out more about how to use the Olaplex bonding oil in this article.
  2. Moisten and wash your hair thoroughly twice. This will help remove all residue and buildup from the scalp. The new 4C clarifying shampoo will be a good ally!
  3. Then, squeeze your hair well and dry it with a towel. Ideally, you should remove as much excess water as you can.
  4. Use 3 to 5 pressures of the mask (depending on how much hair you have), and apply the product from the middle to the ends, massaging your hair well.
  5. Wait about 10 minutes for the treatment to act in depth.
  6. Lastly, rinse your hair! I recommend that you rinse your hair a little more deeply to thoroughly remove the residue from the mask. This way you will achieve an effect of more volume.

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How to complement it with other products

Now that you know how to use this powerful mask, I will tell you a very important tip:

If you use your Olaplex 8 mask combined with the other products in the line, you can enhance its effects by up to 200%.

The truth is that if you use your weekly treatment with a low-quality shampoo (like the ones in the supermarket), you will be wasting the product. This happens because commercial shampoos leave a silicone layer on the hair that prevents the mask from penetrating the hair.

My best recommendation is that you combine this treatment with Olaplex bonding shampoo 4 from the same Olaplex line. This way you will really feel a result!

On the other hand, the Olaplex bonding oil 7 is another of the best complements for this treatment. You can use this oil as:

  • Pre-treatment at the time of detangling.
  • Mixed with the mask for a more softening action.
  • As finished when styling your hair.

If you use the three steps: Shampoo, mask and oil, I assure you that you will notice a much deeper difference!

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Bottom line

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing how to use your bonding oil mask on your hair.

When we take care of our hair, you definitely notice the difference!

Finally, I would like to advise you that if you have time, you dare to use the mask as a night treatment so that it works all night on your hair. You can apply it this way once a month. And you will feel your hair much softer!

Until next time!