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Can Olaplex 3 Be Left On Overnight?

Can Olaplex 3 Be Left On Overnight

Repairing treatments are an excellent idea to help our hair. Especially Olaplex helps a lot to repair it and questions can arise like can Olaplex 3 be left on overnight?

Step 3 is one of the most famous and one of the most frequently taken home, so this is a very good question. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time or want something more in-depth.

Yes, you can leave Olaplex 3 be left on overnight as long as you avoid getting it in your eyes. The best action time for step No.3 is 30 to 40 minutes, however, you can leave it on longer. The advice the brand on their official website suggests is to do it while the hair is still moisturized. This means that it has moisture in it, so it is very likely that overnight it will dry out your hair but there is very good feedback on the results of doing this.

Some tips can help you get better results from step No. 3. Applying it correctly and with some tips on how to do it will enhance its benefits.

In this article, I will tell you what is essential for you to achieve this and some ideas when you don’t have much time. So you can use the little moments to repair your hair safely.

can Olaplex 3 be left on overnight safely?

The ideal time for Olaplex No.3 to work is between 10 and 20 minutes. The brand on its official website does not suggest it since it is important to keep it away from the eyes. However, there are no contraindications to leaving the product on the hair longer. It even says that many people have had very good results doing it. I have also seen very good results in clients. So Olaplex No. 3 can be left overnight as long as you keep it out of your eyes.

In my professional opinion, it is best if you have a routine where you can leave it on long enough without doing it overnight. There are better ways to do it without running the risk of it getting in your eyes or skin when you turn over in your sleep. 

What the Olaplex brand says on their official website and courses is that you can leave the product on for longer than 40 minutes. However, the hair must be moisturized. In other words, it must retain moisture to continue to act properly. 

When you sleep at least 6 hours pass and the hair may dry out in that time. That’s why I suggest you do it in more controlled routines. Below I will tell you the best ways to apply step No. 3 so you will have very good results. Also, bare in mind that you should shampoo after Olaplex 3, which means that you can apply the treatment pretty much at any time.

What are the best ways to be Olaplex 3 overnight?

These ways of using it help a lot especially when You Use Olaplex On Curly Hair. This deepens the repair effect as long as it is kept moisturized. There are better options for using Olaplex treatment No. 3 but when you want to do it, it is important to do it safely. As we saw before you have to avoid it touching your skin or eyes to avoid irritation. Eyes are very sensitive and any product can irritate them. 

To help you to be as protected as possible when you do it you can do it in these ways:

  1. Turban
  2. High bun 
  3. Braided upwards

Each of them must have the product already applied. To do this you should dampen the hair with a spray bottle or make sure it is at least 30% damp. Apply the treatment from step 3 just below the ears. This will prevent your skin from getting too greasy. Only apply a similar circumference of 5cm in diameter and concentrate on the tips spreading it well.

#1 Turban

One of the best ways to leave Olaplex No.3 overnight is to wear a turban. This is used to cover the hair and avoid any contact with the skin and eyes.

The best way to do this is:

  1. Use a silk scarf or anti-frizz material of about 150cm. 
  2. Make a very soft high bun and catch it with a cloth scrunchie.
  3. Place the scarf horizontally behind your head right in the middle. This way you will have the same distance on each side. 
  4. Bring both ends to the front and cross them.
  5. Again, bring both ends around the bun, wrap them together and tie a knot at the front when finished.
  6. Tie another knot to make sure it doesn’t come undone.

#2 High bun 

This is one of the simplest and requires nothing more than a large fabric scrunchie.

  1. With your fingers bring your hair up to exactly the middle of your head. Where the two ears would connect at the top of your head.
  2. Give the hair a slight twist when you get there loosely.
  3. Twist the hair into a small soft donut.
  4. Squeeze down with one hand to avoid deformation.
  5. With the other hand tie the scrunchie gently with two twists.
  6. The hair should be lightly tied but securely held in place.

#3 Braided upwards

This is one of the simplest ways to put Olaplex 3 left on overnight.

  1. With your hands bring the hair up completely vertically right toward the middle of the head.
  2. Tie With a scrunchie the ponytail there with only 2 twists to leave it smooth.
  3. Make a simple 3-up braid in that ponytail.
  4. Once finished twist it around where the scrunchie is and at the end pin it gently but securely to tie it off.

Top 4 Quick Routines to use Olaplex step No.3

Many times we don’t have a lot of time and that’s why we decide to let on Olaplex No.3 overnight to avoid doing it during the day. Here I will give you little hacks so you don’t have to leave it overnight but just a couple of minutes to do the activities below.

Most of them take 25 to 40 minutes, which is why it is a perfect time for the treatment to work within the time recommended by the brand.

You will see that they are so simple that you don’t even have to do it this way before showering. With this, you can repair your hair by investing only 5 minutes of attention and leaving the rest to the product to improve.

Let’s see 4 hacks for this.

#1 While cooking breakfast

This is a great time to do this because it’s quick and you can do it before you shower without interrupting your routine. Just dampen your hair a little bit starting from the ends. Remove excess water and apply a 5 cm diameter of your conditioner.

Now you just need to prepare breakfast with a high bun tied softly with a scrunchie. With this, you won’t need any more and you can do everything the same way you normally do.

Just keep in mind that you should use it in proportion to the damage you have on your hair so you don’t overdo it. For hair with little damage, using it once every 21 days is fine.

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#2 Have a day of beauty

Another great and simple way is to set aside one day a month to pamper yourself and take care of your hair. You can invite a friend over to share while you apply it.

You can also take the opportunity to exfoliate your face and other beauty items such as moisturizing your eyebrows and hands. Always taking time for yourself is very important.

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#3 On a Cleaning day

We all have a day that we set aside to do most of our house cleaning. That day is perfect for you to invest 5 minutes in applying it before you start.

Remember that it must be from the ears down and only 5cm of product diameter to avoid future problems. For this, it is necessary to have 30% humidity and remove the excess with a towel and then apply the product.

Do a high bun as well and go about your normal activities. When you are done shower and wash as you normally would. You will feel the difference when you get out.

#4 Doing the Laundry

While doing the laundry and separating the blades is a perfect time. Usually, these activities take only a few minutes a day. Before you get down to it, apply treatment #3. Then separate your clothes and take them to the washing machine. In that time you will see that it goes fast and requires no effort.

You should also put on a high bun and tie it with the scrunchie. After you finish your chores don’t forget to shower and wash and condition yourself as you normally would. This way the treatment is properly removed and you can see the result.

With these little habits once a month you can have a great skincare routine for only 5 minutes of effort.

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Now with all this, you can know the best options for Olaplex 3 to be left on overnight and the best techniques to do it simply and safely.

I have also given you the 4 simplest and best ways to have a care routine that will help you take advantage of the benefits of the product in the best way. Most of all in a safe way to avoid any pore clogging.

I hope it has helped you to be clearer that you can use olaplex overnight but do it safely to protect your eyes. I also hope the hacks will help you find the time to take better care of your hair in a short amount of effort and also leave it on for the ideal amount of time.

See you next time.