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Can You Use Olaplex On Curly Hair? [How & When]

Can You Use Olaplex On Curly Hair

Curly hair is often one of the hair types that needs the most treatment. Especially to keep it moisturized and to maintain its shape. This may make you wonder if you can you use Olaplex on curly hair?

This is a very appropriate question to ask because Olaplex is usually used on damaged hair and this can raise a lot of questions.

The truth is that you can use Olaplex on curly hair. In fact it will do your hair a lot of good to use especially step number 3. Because of the technology that Olaplex has, it helps to reinforce the disulfate bridges. These are what make the hair strong and resistant that’s why it becomes a great option to strengthen and redefine it.

In this article I want to talk about why it is a good thing to use and how it can benefit you.

can you use Olaplex on curly hair safely?

Using Olaplex step 3 on curly hair is highly recommended. In fact, there are many clients and people who have had very positive results using it.

Curly hair has several conditions and symptoms that are very recurring. The way curly hair chemically is on the inside it tends to be very dry. It tangles easily. And split ends very easily.

That’s why most of the time people who have this type of hair are looking for effective treatments that can help these problems and thus look healthy and shiny hair.

So you can rest assured that using Olaplex on your curly hair is completely safe and highly recommended. Because of the way How Does Olaplex Treatment Work, curls can look healthy.

How using Olaplex on curly hair can be helpful?

As I said it is good to use Olaplex on curly hair. So I would like to talk to you a little bit more about how this can be good for you.

When you know more about its technology and how it works you can feel more confident. That’s why I’m going to detail 3 areas where Olaplex can be good for curly hair:

These are:

  1. To fix Dryness
  2. Remove Damage
  3. Restoring Shape

With these 3 main ones, you will be able to see the basics of how curly hair behaves and how to help it so it doesn’t become damaged. This way you will prevent it from getting worse and especially you can help it to recover.

#1 Fix Dryness

Dry hair is one of the main problems with curly hair. Olaplex step No. 3 is excellent to cover this problem because it is super nourishing. Its consistency is very creamy which helps to lubricate the cuticles very well.

In curly hair, the cuticles are the first to become sensitive and erotic. They are easily lifted and porosity begins due to a lack of lubrication.

When we improve this the cuticles can be more lubricated and this will reduce the friction between them. This will help to keep the hair with less frizz. In addition to the properties that Olaplex has based on promoting the formation of disulfide bridges.

These are directly related to hair strength so it will help you to have less breakage and will translate into better absorption of nutrients, softness, and less dryness.

#2 Remove Damage

Having split ends or generally having hair that has been labeled as damaged is becoming more and more common. In fact, curly hair is one of the most common hair types to suffer from this problem due to its structure. Even though it seems more resistant than straight hair. The reality is that curly hair is very sensitive and can be damaged very easily.

It is common to see a lot of small hairs on the floor or on your clothes that don’t match your length. This means that there is breakage and that the ends have broken off. This represents that there is damage to your hair and it is not strong.

This is where using Olaplex is very good for curly hair because it will help repair the damage you have on your hair. Olaplex is excellent at repairing the bridges in the hair that are often damaged when you have breakage.

Olaplex helps the hair to produce the necessary strands of bonds that hair needs to be stronger and more resilient. If you use it regularly and in the right way your curls will recover much faster. One of the doubts that arise is whether Olaplex can cause Protein Overload. The reality is that no, you can use it safely in this sense because it is not based on proteins but on disulfide bridges.

If you are planning to bleach your hair it would be worth knowing if Can You Mix Olaplex 3 With Bleach. This way you can know which products can be used together and which cannot be combined.

#3 Regain Shape

Another way that Olaplex is a good idea to use on curly hair is to help bring back the curl to your hair. One of the things that happen to curly hair when it is damaged is that it becomes straight. Many hairs start with their natural shape at the roots. Then as it moves away from the head it loses its original shape and becomes straighter and straighter

This is another sign that the internal composition of the hair is not right. When the internal bridges of curly hair are not strong it loses its shape. Many straighteners use this very thing to straighten hair. First, they break the bridges of the hair and thus undo the shape of the hair to create a new one with the chemicals in it.

Olaplex is a product that helps to create bridges in the hair in a molecular way. This way your hair starts to produce what it needs to form the strands to become strong again. Just remember that even if you have dryness you must take care to apply it correctly so that you don’t feel that Olaplex Makes My Hair Greasy.

In the case of shape, it is closely related to this. When these bridges are built up again, the shape will be able to hold again because these bridges are complete again.


Now you know that you can use Olplex on curly hair. In fact, it can be very beneficial. Always remember to follow the correct routine for its use.

Always alternate its use leaving at least one day without washing or using its products to avoid greasy hair.

If you do everything right you will see that your hair will recover incredibly. The curls will be more defined, softer, and with less frizz.

I hope this has helped to clarify your doubts and you can use it on your hair.
I wish you luck.

See you next time.