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Can You Mix Olaplex 3 With Bleach? [when & How]

Can You Mix Olaplex 3 With Bleach

Using bleach is very common in all hair coloring effects. So much so that many home projects are done every day. With this, you need to take care of it and you may have a question like can you mix Olaplex 3 with bleach?

This is a good question to ask yourself because you will be able to bleach and repair your hair the right way.

You should know that you cannot mix Olaplex 3 with bleach because the olaplex product would make the bleach not lighten. If you mix them they will cancel each other out, however, they can work very well one after the other. Depending on your color goal you can apply the bleach first and after removing it very well apply Olaplex step 3 to balance your hair.

If you apply them in the right order, and in the right services you can get great results of shine and softness.

In this article, I will tell you which are those occasions when you can apply it and in what order. This way you can have your hair protected and give it the benefits of each product.

Can You Mix Olaplex 3 With Bleach Safely?

The truth is that you cannot mix Olaplex 3 with bleach safely because they inhibit each other. Because of the way How Does Olaplex Treatment Work it does not work to mix them. By this, I mean that step 3 of the olaplex will not allow the bleach to lighten properly. Likewise, the bleach will not allow step 3 to deliver its properties to the hair while it is working. This is why you should not mix them because it can end up in a mess and waste of product.

However, they can be used one after the other in a very beneficial way for your hair. So you can’t mix them in the same bowl but you can use them in the same color service. Just use one first, remove it and then use the other.

Depending on which service it is you can alternate the order in which you apply each one to achieve the best result. Other color services do not include bleach but can go hand in hand. Hair that is previously bleached is the first candidate for using Olaplex step 3.

So this is why I will show you in which cases you can do this combination of products without mixing them. With this, I hope that you can get the most out of both and that your hair will be healthy and strong.

When You Can Mix Olaplex 3 With Bleach?

The truth is that you can’t mix olaplex step 3 with bleach at the same time. This is because neither would work well. Because of the way each one works, they work against each other if you mix them together. However, they can be used on the same day by using the bleach first and after setting it you can apply Olaplex step 3.

There are some cases where doing this is especially beneficial if applied in the correct way. Cases where this could help you prepare and strengthen the hair are:

  1. In a Color Bath
  2. Before a Toner
  3. Before reapplying bleach

These are services that are normally done in the salon but can also be done DIY at home. During these types of chemical procedures if you apply olaplex step 3 you will notice a huge difference.

Let’s see below how to do each of them.

#1 Color Bath

During this procedure, you can use olaplex step 3 to give you a result of intense shine, protection, and much more softness. When you use a color balm on your hair it is to reinforce the same shade you already have. This is usually used a lot on blondes, and reds and to pre-pigment some hair that will be darkened.

Normally is done on damp hair. This is especially good to be able to use Olaplex step #3 just before prepping the hair and before washing the hair. This way the hair will be very nourished and at the same time after washing it will be able to absorb the color.

This is a very useful hack because the hair will look about 3 times shinier and will be much softer. So even if you dye your hair you won’t feel the dryness and porosity that you usually feel. It will help when you apply the dye so that it can spread evenly because it will be very moisturized. And so that you don’t feel that Olaplex Makes your Hair Greasy, don’t apply it to the roots. Always use it sparingly and about 10 cm away from the scalp. Although you cannot mix Olaplex 3 with bleach you can use this alternative during a color bath.

#2 Before Put A Toner

When we have to apply a toner it is usually after bleaching. It can be after highlights or balayage or any procedure that includes it. As you may know or imagine, after bleaching the hair you have to give it a color so that it doesn’t get the bright yellow that the pure bleach leaves behind.

This is what they call toner, and it’s a great idea to use olaplex step 3 after removing the bleach and rinsing well. Then it becomes a wonderful idea to put it in as a hair-strengthening treatment. Olaplex makes the addition of this treatment help repair the inside of the hair so you don’t allow the bleach to dry it out.

This will give you a better hair feel, and more silkiness and the color will last longer.

If you are wondering Do I Have To Shampoo After Olaplex 3 the answer is yes, that’s why you should apply it this way to allow you to wash it and remove the residues before applying the toner.

In order for you not to have a problem like Olaplex Made your Hair Fall Out you must monitor that you do not have any allergic reactions. Also, do not use it excessively to maintain the balance of your hair.

#3 Before reapplying the bleach

In a traditional highlighting or bleaching service, you may need to reapply bleach more than once. This happens when you want to lighten your hair with more shades. Especially when you want to lighten the hair a lot and you want to take care of its texture.

This is where you remove the first remaining bleach, apply step 3 to balance, and then wash it out.

This will cause the shock generated by the bleach to be controlled and the product in step 3 will treat and help strengthen the bridges that the bleach has just weakened.

By doing this you will be able to help repair and strengthen the hair before shampooing and when you apply the toner the hair will be much more protected and lubricated. This will give you much better results and even speed up the absorption time.

You Can Use Olaplex On Curly Hair as well to protect it in the same way. It will help strengthen and protect it.


With this information, I hope you can be sure that you can’t mix Olaplex 3 with bleach but you can make alternatives with it.

These alternatives will help you receive the benefits of Olaplex 3 without having any contraindicated effects.

Using each product correctly is what will allow you to get great results. I hope I have solved your question. Good luck to you

See you next time.