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Can You Put Olaplex 3 On Dry Hair?

can you put olaplex 3 on dry hair

To get the benefits of a product like Olaplex you have to apply each of them correctly. That is why it would be good to know if you can put olaplex 3 on dry hair.

When you apply a product on dry hair it is very different. The application is different and so is the result. There are many variables of what can happen depending on the product and how you apply it.

The truth is that yes you can put olaplex 3 on dry hair as it will act just as well on your hair, however, you will use more product and it will be more difficult to spread it evenly on your hair. However, the results are very positive as the product penetrates and repairs very well. Because of its technology, it can work on both wet and dry hair. The texture of the hair is very soft after rinsing and washing it with a good personalized routine.

Doing this will immediately make the hair the first thing it absorbs and this can translate into better results upon removal.

In this article, I will give you some tips on how to use it dry and some useful information so you know a little more about this product.

Can You Put Olaplex 3 On dry Hair Safely?

The answer is yes you can. You Can Put Olaplex 3 On dry Hair. Step 3 is the position that became famous for being the at-home care of the product that is normally applied in the salon.

It is indicated for hair that has been sensitized for some reason such as a color procedure. This is most likely to occur with bleaching, but not always. Damage to the cuticles and hair fibers can also be caused by permanent straighteners or shape changers. When this happens it is normal that you want to restore the hair and that is why you have taken Olaplex step 3 home or are thinking about it.

This doubt arises because in the instructions you should remove it by rinsing and shampooing. This is key because it must be removed very well from the hair. You should know that you can apply it both wet and dry. The product will still penetrate your hair. In the case of dry hair, you should know that more products will be used to saturate the hair.

Leave it on as long as possible to work more deeply. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes for this purpose.

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The Best Practical Ways To Put Olaplex 3 On dry Hair

Now that we know that you can put olaplex 3 on dry hair we can go into a little more detail about it. The way How Does Olaplex Treatment Work is by providing the hair with the ability to repair the hair’s internal bridges. These bridges are what gives the hair strength, and elasticity and recover from damage in a nutshell.

Because of this great technology is that you can apply the No. 3 position on your hair dry or wet hair. When you want to do it dry I want to give you 2 very practical options so you can do it. These are:

  • Built A Weekly Routine
  • Live It Overnight

With these two ways, you won’t need too many options because you can create your variation with the information I will give you in each one. The idea is to keep it simple and you can adapt it to your personal needs. Each of us has different schedules and activities that you can adjust to find the best fit.

Let’s look at each one of them…

#1 Built A Weekly Routine

To effectively put olaplex 3 on dry hair it is good to create a repetition routine. Repetition is what creates a breakthrough in hair repair. To do this you must choose your favorite day for a beauty. My professional suggestion is to pick a day when you can be more relaxed than usual so you can take it easy and enjoy it.

Approximately 45 minutes should be dedicated to you and your enjoyment. An ordinary quick shower lasts about 20 minutes. And the other minutes are for you to do things slowly and with relaxing energy. However, if you don’t have much time you can do it in 30 minutes.

My recommendation is to set a reminder every 15 days so you can make this a habit and see your results.

The best tips to start your routine are:

  • Detangle your hair first.
  • Separate it in 2 halves in the middle of your head vertically.
  • Apply the product first on your hands and mix it between both hands.
  • Apply the product from the ears down. Apply enough product until the hair feels completely wet from the product.

#2 Live It Overnight

You can make a hack to apply this wonderful treatment without taking up too much of your time. When you leave it overnight you don’t have to worry about styling or removing it. However, in the morning you wake up ready to remove it with your special shampoo and repair mask.

There are a few ways Olaplex 3 Can Be Left On Overnight, for me the simplest is the high bun or the turban. You can see them if you click on the link about leaving it on overnight.

I have personally seen clients and I have had very good results leaving it on overnight. The repair is very deep, only professional advice is that after applying the product as in the previous topic build a routine. give about 2 sprays of water and emulsions down to distribute very well all the product and there are no empty spaces.

Remember not to touch the skin of your head with the product because it gets greasy and be careful not to get it in your eyes. So don’t forget to follow the tips or move 100 % away from the roots and skin to avoid irritation.


Now you know that you can apply Olaplex on dry hair. Besides that, with the 2 options, I have given you you can put together a style that suits you according to your activities. The important thing is that you do it so you can see the results you are looking for. If on the other hand, you are already a consumer of this product for whatever reason, building an adapted routine can also help you a lot.

I sincerely hope these ideas will help give you ideas on how to get your hair back with something you can apply. Consistency in applying the product plus the correct application is what you have to keep doing. This way you will see good results little by little and you will get better and better.

I wish you luck.
See you next time.