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why do I have split ends? [Facts]

why do I have split ends

Split ends are one of the most common and annoying hair conditions there is. You must be wondering why do I have split ends.

Just this question is what will help you find out what is causing them so you can change certain habits. Especially to avoid getting them in the future.

The most common reason why you have split ends is that there is damage to the hair. When you have split ends it means that the outermost layer of the hair is already damaged. Several things damage it such as chemicals that oxidize the hair. They can also appear when using very high heat on the hair. A bad haircut can also cause them to appear.

The important thing about knowing why they appear is that you can identify the source and use it as a prevention. In addition to this in this article, I will tell you solutions.

This way you will be able to recover your hair and prevent them from appearing again in the future.

Why Do I Have Split Ends In My Hair?

Hair damage is very old and all too common to see. However, we don’t always know what split ends are or What Do Split Ends Look Like. If you already know you have split ends but have no idea why you have split ends I’ll tell you. First of all, you should know that split ends are very common.

The main cause of split ends is damage caused by products or heat. The truth is that the ends are quite sensitive and can get damaged very quickly if they are not strong.

Malnutrition can also be What Causes Split Ends. When the outer layer of the hair is not sufficiently lubricated and fed with the necessary nutrients is when it happens. Split ends are the ultimate step when the hair cuticles become erotic due to lack of moisture and lubrication.

Damage to the outer layer of the hair is what causes the much-talked-about split ends. There are several reasons why you have split ends and I will help you to know which are the most common ones so you can avoid them.

The Reasons Why You Have Split Ends

Hair is a fiber that is made up of several layers. Just like a weave in clothing so is hair similar. It has several layers and certain stitches that wrap around it. The tips are the most sensitive area of the hair because of their position on the supply scale. By this I mean it is farthest away from where the hair provides the nutrients to grow and look beautiful.

That is why it can easily become damaged and open due to its sensitivity to external agents. The ends are exposed to everything we do. That is sun, air, rain, dust, steam, and more. I will tell you that I once inadvertently put the tip of my hair in boiling oil. So don’t feel bad if your ends are not at their best.

I will detail in my professional opinion 3 common causes of why you have split ends:

  • Products
  • Manual breakage
  • Bad haircut

These are the most common and the easiest ways we can make split ends appear. Some may sound silly to you but many of these are the ones that if we don’t pay attention to them are the main causes of split ends appearing or coming back after a while.

Let’s look at each one in detail…

#1 Products

Products are the main reason why you have split ends. This is because many products are drying, aggressive, and generate roughness between the cuticles. Some can cause oxidation in the hair which is like drying it at an accelerated rate.

When this happens it starts the cycle of dryness which is when the ends can’t repair themselves and are lifted. When this happens they lose their ability to absorb and this is what causes a chain of damage to your hair and a Cause Of Split Ends.

This causes your cuticles to separate and not absorb the nutrients that are sent to them. This makes it drier, more split, and more susceptible to breakage. This is when the Tree Split Ends appear, which are the ones that have more than one open end but have several spiky ends. Along the length of the hair, they have different ends.

#2 Manual Breakage

This is the most common of all and the most hidden because you usually wouldn’t imagine that you are dealing with open ends. Brushing and combing are things we do almost monotonously or automatically.

Sometimes it’s normal to have knots in our hair or shampooing causes it to tangle more. That’s where brushing without patience when it gets stuck can break it. In addition to having a good brush in good condition for the brushing to be safe. An old brush or one made of very hard bristles can cause that.

That’s why I highly recommend that you check out The Best Paddle Brush to help you brush your hair carefully and safely.

#3 Bad haircut

This is another reason why you have split ends suddenly and inexplicably. When a cutting tool is old it can make what we call bites instead of cutting well. This can cause the ends to get open because it is aggressively and unevenly removing the outermost layer of the hair. Making the appearance of What Does Damaged Hair Look Like.

That’s why you need to be sure which tool your trusted stylist is working with so you don’t get any surprises. Also, The Dry Cutting Hair Technique if not done correctly can do this immediately.

Razor cuts also tend to do the same if not done with the correct technique this reaction on the ends are certain. This is because the razor can literally make a cut that leaves the tip exposed in such a way that it will not look good and will leave the undercoat exposed. So make sure that whoever cuts you with this tool is fully trained.


With this information, I know that now you will know more and you will be more careful about what can cause all this. The advantage is that now that you know you will avoid many problems since after healing it will not reappear.

This will be of great help to you because keeping your hair free of damage reflects care and dedication. Your hair will change and start to look better. It will also start to shine more and feel manageable, soft, and frizz-free.

That’s why knowing why you have split ends helps you improve your habits and have better hair. It will always be cheaper to prevent than to remove.

I hope you found this helpful and useful. See you next time.