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What is Smokey Hair Color? [transform your hair]

What is smokey hair color? Do you want to know what does it look like for the smokey hair color? Trends Winter 2021

There are many many color techniques out there in the world of fashion. But what is smokey hair color?

With time it is taking more strength but still, there isn’t much information about it. In addition, sometimes it is confusing to be able to distinguish the different applications.

Smokey hair color is a new trend with a very natural and faded look. It is based on the idea of the smokey eye in makeup. Where its main characteristic is to have 3 different shades of color but be blurred between each one. The colors used in smokey hair should be very similar but change from dark to light and the reflection should be the same. For example, honey with honey, copper with copper, etc.

However, it has very clear differences from other techniques. Smokey hair will stand out and also is where you can get the best advantages.

Here in this article, I will tell you how to identify it and why it may be an option for you this year.

What does Smokey Hair look like?

How smokey eye look like? Find out this trend 2021 winter, Can you wear smokey hair color?

The Smokey Eyes makeup technique is the base for the Smokey Hair Color trend.

It has 3 steps:

  1. Dark shadows are found on the edges of the eye.
  2. In the middle are neutral and medium-intensity tones which help to connect and give harmony in the transition of the 3 tones.
  3. Lastly, the light in the ends illuminates close to the tear.

All this applies equally to the hair, in this technique.

  • Firstly, we will have the area of the roots with the deepest and darkest shadow color.
  • Secondly, that darkness needs to be blurred towards the middle, where it will be mixed and combined to meet the transitional medium tone.
  • Finally, in the end, we will find the area of light. To achieve a natural and refreshed appearance.

Here I share some examples to look at…

#1 Smokey Brown To Honey
#2 SOFT pink smokey
#3 Blonde Smokey

What is the difference between smokey hair color and Balayage?

  • Balayage has light locks of hair mixed freely in the roots and middle area. Unlike the smoky hair color which is designed to remain without texture.
  • In the middle zone is used medium tones, and only the ends are lightened because the effect is made in horizontal sections.
  •  Balayage has a color palette with strong contrast, and for this reason, the lights can easily stand out like little stripes.
  • The Smoky Hair Color handles shades of cold reflection and subtle differences between the 3 colors used.
  • Also in Smokey Hair, the sections are clearly delimited horizontally.

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FAQs About smokey Hair Color

Can I get a smokey color in my hair?

Of course, you can get a smokey hair color. Are you already blonde? It doesn’t matter what color you wearing now, just decide to try something new. If you feel comfortable with the dark tones in the roots.
This can be for you!

This technique allows a rich gamma of colors to give this fashionable appearance.

Who can get smokey hair?

Everyone wants something new and darker.

The opinion of your trusted professional hairdresser is very important because this is not a technique to do yourself. After all, you have to be very precise and careful to get the blurring between the 3 tones. To keep it subtle and natural.

This is all the smoky hair color is about, integration of the 3 tones is what gives it a fresh and effortless appearance.

If I’m already blonde, could I wear a smokey color anyway?

Of course, you can do the smokey hair color in your hair, this will give you an effect of deepness.

It is good for blue and green eyes because of the shades that it creates. But how to know if the smokey hair color is for me? The smoky hair color is very friendly with almost all skin types and is flexible to use, and looks modern.

Apply it in shades of pink, blue, violet, or in natural tones such as browns, mochas, or blondes. It is quite versatile.

Is it a trend for This Year?

Absolutely yes.

The smokey hair color technique is one of the most modern and new stylish to wear this new year. Because it is an evolution of old techniques provides a refreshing and modern style.

Looking casual and Chic.

What are the advantages?

Can I get a smokey color in my hair? How to know if I can wear the smokey hair color?

The main advantage is that its maintenance is much less demanding than other techniques.

Such as balayage or ombre, not to mention traditional highlights or a global blonde. Instead of going to routine maintenance in 6 weeks, you will be doing it in around 10 to 12 weeks.

Which is amazingly useful if you don’t have a lot of time.

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Let’s get better hair!

Smokey Hair Color is good to wear this new year and I think it will be getting more popular in the next few months. For sure this technique is here to stay. Decide to try it and become part of this movement.

Tell me in the comments if you would like to try it.