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What causes frizz? the main 3 reasons + solutions

What causes frizz, how can you fight it? Are you tired of frizz? How can you beat it?

Having frizzy hair is very unpleasant, especially when you have just styled it, but what causes frizz?

I will answer that question by telling you that there are at least 3 main reasons that are directly related.

One of the reasons that cause frizz is the humidity in the environment, which you can blame when the minute you go out your hair lose shape and have thousand of flying hairs floating around. Another reason frizz appears is the damage of being bleached or having a change in shape by chemical products.

Frizz attacks everyone, it doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair. Frizz affects us all. 

Keep reading to find out all about what is causing it, how to prevent it, and how to be able to defeat it.

What Causes Frizz In Hair?

It is very likely that you have asked yourself this question many times. Especially when you’ve walked out the door after combing your hair and a few minutes later your hair is frizzy.

There are several reasons that can cause frizz or you may even be one of those people who have always had it. I will separate it into the most common ones which are:

  • External factors
  • Hair condition
  • Chemical procedures

I will put some of these in more detail so that you can realize that some of them have nothing to do with you and others can be improved if you pay attention to them.

All of them can be corrected thanks to the technology in today’s products. I will give you my professional advice on the ones that work best for you to have positive results. There is nothing worse than thinking that something will work and then realizing that it will not.

The 3 main reasons cause frizz

1. Humidity
2. Damaged hair by bleaching or chemicals (change the shape like straightening or curling)
3. Dehydration

#1 Humidity

We hear this and repeat it constantly but really, how is it that humidity can cause even frizz on a sunny day?

There is nothing better than knowing how science and chemistry can explain much better how it works. The answer has the science behind like you can read here explained in an easy way to understand. Below I will explain this in better detail.

The science behind:

The moisture in the environment is water, and water contains hydrogen.

This is important because hair internally has something called hydrogen bonds, which help to maintain the shape of the hair (either smooth or curved).

When the water appears and touches those bridges makes a reaction in the keratin molecules. That extra hydrogen load, makes the frizz appear. Which is nothing more than sticky hair getting stuck to one another.

That is why when the humidity is around in the environment, even if you are freshly combed or with iron. Inevitably you will have some shapeless hair floating around instantly. As soon as this happens, they have been affected by water particles in the air already.

To explain simply, water changes the internal structure of the hair because contains hydrogen. So immediately some water touches our hair is a rule that the same thing will happen no matter what.

On the other hand, there are other causes besides humidity that can cause frizz too.

#2 Damaged hair by bleaching or chemicals

Bleach is well known for making beautiful highlights and gorgeous colors by lightening hair color. But it is also a reality that due to its lightening properties in this process it eliminates nutrients inside the hair.

Those nutrients in the hair are responsible for maintaining natural shape, softness, and weight. When they are removed in large quantities you will immediately begin to notice hardness, dryness, and even breakage at the ends. Also if the damage was bigger, not only at the ends but throughout the hair. Frizz is the first thing appearing in this case.

To avoid these happening to you I suggest taking into account these things:

  • The quality of the bleach is very important when doing any type of lightning process. Take a good look and choose good brands that have high standards of hair care.
  • In the same way, your stylist should also take care of you during this process and not over-process the hair beyond the necessary time, and check that your hair is safe at all times.
  • Another piece of advice will be that after any color service, returns those nutrients to your hair by doing nourishing and restorative treatments at the salon to balance your hair nutrients again.
  • Keep your hair nourished at all times to make sure it regains everything it lost in those color services and is always soft, strong, and in place.

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#3 Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons we get frizz. It is not that we do not drink enough water, this is the internal water of the hair. It may be dry inside due to continuous flat ironing, which makes that strand of hair.

Dehydration causes the cuticles to open. When they open, the sensation of hardness and roughness begins.

As they open they begin to lose their ability to retain nutrition and also to absorb it. This causes the hair to fall into a cycle in which the hair becomes drier and drier and frizz appears. Frizz is the way that hair with open cuticles can’t fit together and therefore looks unkempt and spongy with no shape.

You can check here The Best Treatment For Dry Hair that will also help you fight frizz at the root of the problem. You can also find out Why Is My Curly Hair So Dry? if your hair is curly.

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Products That Fix The Frizz Problem

It is very important to follow the steps that I mentioned before, also I highly recommend special salon products to eliminate frizz.

My professional recommendation to treat frizz is the Kerastase discipline line. It has ingredients like castor oil and others that help protect the hair for 72hrs against frizz.

Also, mask discipline anti-frizz, and Fluidissimo Discipline from Kerastase too.

If you use any of these kits, your hair will be more hydrated, soft, and protected, staying in control for much longer.

I highly recommend that you use a whole package together from the same brand with different products for each step. Never combine different products from different brands because sometimes they are not compatible, and you will not achieve the result you expect.

You should know that each hair is different. However, they are well-known brands with high-quality ingredients and that is why I recommend what has worked for me and I feel comfortable with. However, it is not a rule, is on you to try it to know if they are great for you too.

They are easy to use, and if they suit you as they have for me, they will keep you covered longer against frizz. Helping you keep your appearance neat and under control.

Solutions To remove frizz from hair

  •  Make sure you use the correct shampoo for your hair, not too soft, and not too heavy to avoid making your hair dirty and having a greasy appearance.
  •  Add a protective layer on the cuticles to wrap and repel water from the environment.
  • Repair your hair if it is damaged to eliminate frizz.
  • Apply an anti-frizz aid such as smoothing keratin or a permanent straight so that your hair can keep more weight down.
  • Use straighteners without formaldehyde.

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Now You know what causes frizz. Frizz is the enemy of all hairstyles and it is a difficult fighter to defeat but if you follow the path of advice that I have left you, I am sure that you can feel much better than before handling frizz.

If you have a routine against frizz I’m sure you will win and forget about frizz.

Click here if you want to start an anti-frizz routine. Tell me which one you tried and how you improve the anti-frizz war that causes you to frizz.

Leave me in the comments if you try these tips as they went and how I help you.

Until next time.