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Why is my hair frizzy? Fix your friziness problems

Why is my hair frizzy

If you are in this article, it is because you are surely wondering why is my hair frizzy?

Dealing with frizzy hair every day can be exhausting. It’s not fair that you spend hours straightening and treating your hair so that the frizz returns after 20 minutes!

The real reason your hair is frizzy is because the cuticle that covers the hair is damaged and has a lot of porosity. The rougher your hair cuticle is, the more friction and electrostatic it will generate, which will make your hair frizzy.

The best solution to solve this problem is to maintain perfect hydration in your cuticle.

Whether it is with a salon treatment, or with a good care routine with products at home, if you make your hair recover the coating that it lacks, it will make you say goodbye to frizz once and for all.

Let’s see how to get frizz-free hair:

Why is my hair frizzy?

Our hair has frizz due to the lack of coating of our hair cuticle. The cuticle of the hair is literally the covering of the hair, they are like small scales that cover each hair.

When the cuticles are sealed and healthy, our hair is soft and shiny. But when the cuticles are raised or eroded, friction is generated between our hair and that is when the hair looks dry and frizzy.

And also, if we have slightly wavy hair (the most common case of frizz), our cuticle will never be properly closed and smooth due to the curvature of the hair.

That is why the problem here is usually from birth and the drier we have the worse the hair will be.

The good news is that we can enjoy smooth, frizz-free hair! All you need is to fight the cuticle erosion situation, and you will be frizz-free forever!

To make your hair smooth and soft, there are two types of treatment that you can perform:

  • In-salon anti-frizz treatments are designed to coat the hair cuticle, eliminating frizz. These treatments are normally called keratin, and usually last about 12 weeks.
  • Home care anti-frizz products are another essential for controlling frizz. In each wash, they will provide your hair with the nutrition that your cuticle needs, and it will make it smoother so that your hair does not frize.

Ideally, the best anti-frizz solution would be to combine both, an in-salon treatment every 12 weeks with proper home care.

Here I tell you the best options so that you can eliminate it once and for all:

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Anti-Frizz salon treatments

Why is my hair frizzy, eliminate it with salon treatments

The most common way to remove frizz from hair is through a keratin treatment.

Keratin treatments are done in hairdressing salons, and their duration is usually 12 weeks at home.

What this treatment does is cover the cuticle of your hair with a kind of liquid keratin that melts in the hair and is sealed with heat.

By having all your cuticles coated with keratin, there is no friction or dryness, and therefore our hair looks much shinier, smoother, and without frizz.

Today there are thousands of different brands of keratin treatments and thousands of different names!

Of course, do not be confused with a straightening treatment!

The keratin treatment will not leave your hair completely straight, what it will do will be:

  • Eliminate 100% of hair frizz.
  • It will straighten your hair 30%.
  • It will enhance the shine and softness of the hair.

I highly recommend that you find a hairdresser that works with good quality products as it is a worthwhile investment.

One last tip! If you do keratin treatments to eliminate frizz, avoid highlighting your hair.

Anti-frizz treatments and bleaching do not get along very well and we can mistreat our hair a lot.

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Homecare products to fight frizz

Home care products to eliminate it

One of the most important things to do if you want to eliminate frizz from your hair is to use good quality products.

If you have hair with a frizz tendency and you use a supermarket product, every time you wash your hair you will erode more cuticles and make the problem worse.

Nowadays, sulfate-free organic shampoos are very fashionable, but unfortunately they are useless.

You need to use a line of products that deeply nourish the hair and seal the cuticle to avoid frizz problems.

We can control our frizz up to 60% with just products!

The ones I recommend the most are:

  • Use Kerastase Discipline Shampoo and Conditioner: These products will be your hair’s best friends. Every time you wash your hair it will remove all frizz without leaving a heavy or greasy feel. You will be surprised how much you can transform your hair from a single wash.
  • Apply the Kerastase Discipline Mask once a week: This mask has a high concentration of ingredients to repair and seal the hair cuticles. It is 10x more concentrated than a conditioner and its anti-frizz effect is spectacular.
  • Use Kerastase Oleo Relax oil: This oil is miraculous in eliminating frizz. You can use it on dry or damp hair and it will smooth your cuticles super well for a super smooth effect. It is the favorite anti-frizz product of many women.

These products will help you eliminate hair frizz whether or not you have a keratin treatment applied.

You do not need many products, the best is less quantity but of better quality like the ones you just saw.

Let’s get better hair!

I hope this article has helped you to know why your hair is frizzy. Completely eliminating frizz from hair takes time and patience, but I assure you that it is very worth it.

With the right care you can start transforming your hair from day one! Consistency is the key to success, and I guarantee that if you use the right products you will see results very soon. A good proper care is the best way to make your hair soft and under control.

And do not always forget when more care and good habits you can have, much better!

Until next time.