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Why do hairdressers hate box dye? [honest facts]

Why do hairdressers hate box dye

You wonder why do hairdressers hate box dye?

The truth is, most hairdressers panic if you tell them you’ve applied a dye at home.

And the reason hairdressers hate box dyes is because the dye pigments are of very poor quality, and it costs a lot to remove them from the hair. And they also damage your hair a lot! The box dye pigments get attached to the hair strongly, and therefore are more complicated to remove in a bleaching process.

If you come to your hairdresser with a dark box dye wanting to lighten your hair, I assure you that it will not be easy.

Let’s find out why box dyes are so bad for hair:

Why do hairdressers hate box dye?

Applying a box dye is one of the worst things you can do to your hair.

Box dye normally fulfill the function of color if you need to cover gray hair, or darken your hair, however the cons that have this type of coloration makes it not worth it.

Today there are box dyes of all types of colors and styles, from discolorations, normal colors or fantasy tints.

But the truth is that they are cheap dyes made to apply at home, of very poor quality ingredients.

The worst of all is that they are even very cheap!

Obviously there are many brands, but if you try to buy a “good” box, and you also have to buy a pair because you have a lot of hair, the price difference with a professional dye is not much!

Honestly, it is better not to dye your hair than to apply a box dye.

Let’s see why hairdressers hate them:

Box dyes causes damage to the hair

Why do hairdressers hate box dye because of damage

One of the main reasons hairdressers hate box dye is because they damage your hair so much.

This type of dye has a high concentration of aggressive ingredients and a lot of low-quality ammonia.

Even in the boxes that are “without ammonia” they do not have ammonia, but they have other ingredients that substitute it just as aggressive.

And the truth is that only with the strong aroma that these types of dyes give off do we get an idea of ​​how aggressive they are.

Professional dyes on the other hand, have good quality ingredients that make them not aggressive with our hair, and also have treatments and proteins to treat the hair.

With a box dye, maybe the first day your hair feels soft and shiny (because of all the plastics and silicones that cover the hair), but as you wash your hair and that makeup falls off, your hair will appear. much drier every day.

And in addition to the damage it does to our hair, let’s not forget about the scalp.

The aggressive dyes on our scalp damage the follicles and we can have hair loss.

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The color result is never guaranteed

Color result never guaranteed

Hasn’t it happened to you many times that you buy a box dye color and the reality of the color result in your hair looks very different?

Most of the time the colors in the box have no relation to the color in reality.

You can buy a brown dye in theory, and when you take it off it is black!

And above all the blonde tones always go wrong and instead of blonde they tend to look orange.

Another thing that usually happens in box tints is that some colors are bleaching without you even knowing it!

Some of the light colors for balayage or similar effects contain bleaching powder to mix with the dye.

And this not only damages the hair a lot but also the colors will always look orange.

Never trust the photo of the hair you see in the box, the results in real life can be very different!

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Bleaching your hair after a box dye is tricky

Why do hairdressers hate box dye because it is tricky to bleach

The number one reason hairdressers hate box dyes is because bleaching afterwards can be a nightmare!

Professional dyes have quality pigments that can be stably removed if you want to lighten your hair.

But box dye have poor quality pigments that adhere very much to the hair and are very difficult to remove.

When we bleach the hair had with box dyes, the bleaching may not lighten almost anything, and also it is usually not even (there are usually spots in the lightening).

If we add to this that our hair will already be more damaged by box dye, lightening it can be a disaster.

Whenever you are going to remove those pigments from your hair, you should do a strand test to see how much you can lighten your hair without damage.

Never ever apply dark dyes because they will make your life much more difficult if you ever want to be blonde.

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Let’s get better hair!

I hope this article has been helpful to you to know why hairdressers hate box dyes, and why you should avoid them.

Sincerely, as long as you can use a professional dye, your hair will appreciate it.

There are always solutions so you can avoid having poor quality products, from sprays with color to hide roots, to color effects where the roots look very natural.

It is also possible to get semi professional dyes from home that will cost you almost the same as box dye but are of much higher quality.

I recommend that if you can completely avoid box dye, avoid them!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

Until next time!