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Box hair Dye Tips to get better results [guide]

box hair dye tips

If you want to know the best box hair dye tips, you are in the correct article. Box dyes can be a bit confusing, and sometimes the color doesn’t turn out as expected.

The truth is that box dyes do the paining job. If you want to cover greys, o make your hair darker, they work. But the downside is that they do tend to damage the hair and if you want to make your hair lighter they are not safe.

The most important tips that you need to know when using a box dye is that quality matters, and should only use brown colors. If you want to avoid damaging your hair, you should buy the best quality ones, otherwise your hair will suffer. You should also avoid blonde colors in box dyes because they will never provide a good result.

Let’s go more in depth and see the best box dye tips to have the nicest possible result:

The Best box hair dye tips

Before I start, I must say that I am not a fan of box dyes. To be very honest with you, I must tell you that the box dyes do fulfill the function of dyeing your hair, however the quality of the product is usually very aggressive for the hair.

When you apply a box dye to your hair, you tend to damage it a lot because it has a high volume of peroxide, and the dye contains various chemicals that are just too aggressive for the cuticle of your hair.

For this reason, I recommend that you try to buy a professional dye at a hairdressing product store such as Sally beauty before sharing a box dye. The truth is that you will not find much difference in price, but there will be a big difference in quality.

However, we have all spent some time in life where we need to apply a box dye to get out of an emergency. In case you need to apply a box dye in your hair, my best tips are:

#1: Use the product only on the roots

tip use hair box dye only on roots

If you buy a box dye, make sure it’s only out of necessity and not because you fancy a color change. If you want to change the color of your hair, I highly recommend that you go to the hairdresser or buy a higher quality professional dye.

Use box dye only when you have an emergency that your roots have grown, and you need to cover or clear them.

Therefore, you should avoid applying the product all over the hair as it will open the seal of the cuticles of your hair. This will only damage your hair, and it will make it more difficult for you if in the future you want to get your hair lighter.

Use the box dye only on roots in case of emergency.

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#2: Never buy a bleach box dye

avoid bleach box dye

The most harmful box dye products are those that lighten your hair, such as super light blondes or those sold to perform a balayage at home.

These products always contain bleach in the formula, and it is not safe for your hair.

The bleach that box dyes contain is much more aggressive than that used in hairdressers, and they also have a stronger peroxide. Not to mention, your hair will probably look orange after dyeing. Just avoid very lightening blonde or balayage box dye.

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#3: Buy the best brands

buy the best  brands
bowl with color box dye

When you go to buy your dye, whenever possible, buy the best brands available that are higher priced. Avoid cheap box dye at all costs because they are poison for your hair.

As an additional tip, if you get a box dye that does not have ammonia, you will reduce the damage a little more. Normally, dyes that are oil-based, or those that are semi-permanent gloss type do not have ammonia.

And the more aggressive ingredients you can cut down, the better.

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#4: Don’t trust the photos on the boxes

do not trust color photos

It always happens that the photos of the box dye do not match the real color of the dye. For example, there are dyes that are super dark, and in the box they look like a light brown.

To do this, when you buy your dye, instead of looking at the photo, look at the number on the box. The only number that matters is the first, as this indicates how dark the dye is. The numbers that follow the first number are to indicate the reflection (example: gold), but you can always read that on the box.

The numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the darkest. The 1 and 2 are black colors, the 3 is almost black and the 4 is a very, very dark brown. Numbers 5, 6, and 7 are normal chestnut trees. Number 5 is a darker brown, 6 is a chocolate brown, and 7 is a lighter honey brown.

The numbers 8, 9 and 10 are the blonde tones. Use these numbers only if you have light or gray hair, but never if your roots are dark as you will have orange hair. Number 8 is dark blonde, 9 is medium blonde, and 10 is extra light blonde.

Take care of your hair

I hope this article has been helpful to you to know the best box hair dye tips.

Remember that whenever you have the opportunity to go to the hairdresser, go, it is worth it.

Until next time.