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Balayage with money piece: The latest trend we all want

Balayage with money piece

In hairdressers, the trend of balayage with money piece is sweeping. Almost all clients who are going to get a balayage ask their hairdresser to do a face framing effect with this technique.

The reason why this effect is so fashionable is because it is very flattering and allows you to have a bright face without your roots growing noticeably.

The money piece balayage technique consists of lighting the hair with highlights in a degraded way from the middle to the ends, and illuminating the contour of your face with a few higher pieces closer to the roots. In this way you will have very nice highlights in the area of ​​your face but at the same time your hair will look degraded.

This technique is super flattering and there are many ways to customize it. Every day it is becoming fashionable for the money piece to be thicker, but there is something for all tastes.

In this article I will tell you more about the money piece balayage, and I will show you several effects that will look beautiful on your hair.

Balayage with money piece

The balayage technique came into our lives to stay. This type of hair coloring is so flattering and easy to maintain that every day more women fall in love with it.

For that reason, the balayage effect has been changing over the years and has evolved to the current technique where it is combined with the mone piece effect.

Firstly, in mid-2011, the balayage effect began to be known, and several brands of professional color products began promoting this style. However, back then balayage looked more robust. The hair was only bleached from the middle down, and the color used to look a bit brassy.

The balayage technique has evolved as the years passed. This way, instead of just bleaching the ends of your hair, the trend is to light up your hair with a dimensional highlights effect from above.

Next, at the beginning of 2018, balayage began to be used with the root melting technique. That way a darker toner was applied to the upper area for an even more faded effect.

And finally, in 2020 most balayages used the money piece technique. In this color effect, you bleach the strands of hair closer to the face. And nowadays there is practically no balayage without the money piece!

What is the money piece color effect?

What is the color effect

The money piece effect in balayage consists of bringing a few strands of hair lighter from above in the contour of your face.

The money piece highlights that will outline your face will come out from where you part your hair. This will mean that about the first inch of hair that outlines your face will have the highlights much closer to the root.

Therefore this effect is super flattering since it allows you to show off a highly illuminated effect on your face without having to make highlights all over your hair.

A money piece effect combined with balayage is the perfect touch. There are money piece styles where the lighting is very subtle like a light touch, and there are other styles where the money piece pieces are thicker and stand out a lot more.

It all depends on your style and what makes you feel more comfortable. Most importantly, you can wear this money piece effect in any balayage color you like. The trick to making it stand out is to make it the same color as the tips of your balayage. This way it will look amazing.

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Gorgeous balayage with money piece inspiration

Balayage with money piece inspiration

Let’s now look at these gorgeous money piece balayage that will make your hair look spectacular, and will inspire you for your next visit to the salon:

Subtle money piece effects

Firstly, this vanilla blonde balayage looks gorgeous and makes for a pretty light-up hair effect. This effect has loads of lit highlights and starts from the top. Most importantly, the money piece is quite subtle which makes it look very natural. This look is perfect if you want your hair to look pretty blonde.

I love this style of money piece! The highlights of the front are semi hidden and as they go down they become more pronounced. Therefore this is a great way to wear a face framing effect in a natural style. I definitely recommend it.

This effect is super natural and subtle. The money piece is defined but it is very thin! What is more, this makes the lighting concentrate and look very natural at the same time. This style looks perfect with a natural balayage faded from the middle of the hair.

I love this hair. This balayage style is super lit and has loads of highlights! Nevertheless the highlights blend perfectly because they are so thin, and the color with a slightly golden undertone gives the hair a lot of shine. The money piece effect is totally fused with this look.

High contrast money piece effects

This money piece is quite defined and stands out a lot in the hair. Therefore this look is perfect if you have brown hair and want to keep your roots fairly dark without sacrificing the blonde strands on your face. I really like this effect because the fame framing is not too thick.

This is one of my favorite effects! An abundant balayage, with a lot of dimension and texture, illuminated with a good face framing. Most importantly, in here the money piece is quite large but also it is degraded in a natural way in the roots. In this way you can illuminate your face a lot without making it look rough.

This style is perfect for lighting brown hair. The balayage effect is very natural and seamless. All attention here is focused on the money piece! Most importantly, this effect of highlights in caramel color illuminates chocolate hair in a spectacular way.

Lastly, this style is perfect to give a lot of light effect to the hair and keep it natural at the same time. Moreover, the money piece is quite prominent and looks perfect with this surfer balayage look. Also, if you have abundant hair, this look will be perfect for you.

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Enjoy the world of color

In conclusion, I hope this article has inspired you to find your perfect money piece balayage look.

Trends are changing a lot, but I assure you that this style of hair coloring is here to stay. It will probably change fashion in how thick or thin the effect is, but we will definitely enjoy it for a couple of years.

If you are afraid of changes and have never tried a style like this, start with a subtle effect. As you get used to it, you can always enjoy a more contrasting effect.

Finally, I would like to know what has been your favorite look? Tell me in the comments. Until next time!