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Balayage Hair: how to get the perfect Hair Color

balayage hair

Surely you have heard more than once about the balayage hair color trend.

This color technique is more fashionable than ever and is one of the most demanded services in the hair salon. And with good reason! This color effect beautifies and brightens your hair in a flattering way.

The balayage hair technique consists of lightening strands of your hair from the middle to the ends to achieve a gradient effect on the hair. In addition, with this effect an illuminating effect is achieved on the face, since the strands of the contour are normally more illuminated.

This is one of my favorite coloring techniques nowadays because of its low maintenance and great flattering effect.

In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about balayage hair, and I will give you useful tips so you can get beautiful hair.

What is a balayage hair?

Firstly, you should know the difference between a balayage and normal highlights.

A balayage is a color technique in which the roots are kept in a dark tone, and the hair is illuminated from the middle to the ends in a lighter tone. This color effect basically consists of lighting your hair from the middle to the ends, keeping the roots in a more natural way (in most cases, without dyeing).

On the other hand, traditional highlights lighten your hair from the roots for a lighter hair effect. The disadvantage of this technique is that when your hair grows you can see a mark.

Nowadays more and more women are preferring to get a balayage than highlights because maintaining balayage easier, and because it looks spectacular on most hair types and can be done in most colors.

In the following section you will see all the pros and cons of balayage hair so you can discover if it is the coloring technique that is best for you:

Pros of having balayage hair

pros of balayage hair

The biggest benefit of having a balayage is that it is very low maintenance because when the highlights grow, the hair grows in a blended way.

This is amazing compared to normal highlights that usually grow in a rough line.

To maintain your balayage you only have to refresh the toner every so often, but to apply the balayage again you can wait up to 6 months!

Another of the great pros is that it is extremely flattering!

You will illuminate the contours of your face, which will make you look younger and brighter.

Cons of having balayage hair

cons of it

There are not many cons because balayage is a wonderful technique.

The biggest con would be for people who have a lot of gray in their hair. The reason is that since balayage always has dark roots, it can be more noticeable when the natural roots of your hair grow out.

Therefore, traditional highlights help more to hide gray hair.

Balayage can take long to apply, so be prepared to spend a few hours on the hair salon.

And of course, if you have damaged hair, you should be very careful when doing your balayage.

Remember that the area in which it is applied is from medium to ends!

What color should I go for?

color tools

Ideally, you should wear a color similar to your natural hair at the roots and a color 3 shades lighter (maximum) at the ends.

Nothing about applying a silver balayage on black hair!

Remember that the beauty of this technique is its naturalness.

If you have a lot of contrast between the roots and the ends of your hair, it will be very difficult to blend it.

  • If your natural hair is dark blonde to light brown, the balayage in shades of vanilla blonde or beige will be perfect for you.
  • On the other hand, if you have medium to dark brown hair, the honeys and caramel tones will be exquisite in your hair. The honey balayage color will always be a flattering choise in dark colors.

Tips for a perfect Balayage

tips for perfect balayage

These tips will make your balayage look more beautiful:

  • Ask your hairdresser for a balayage with money piece to give a lot of light to the contours of your face.
  • If you have a lot of colors in your hair, first dye your base a solid color (gradient from roots to ends), and then add the balayage.
  • Refresh the color of your hair by applying a toner every 8 weeks.
  • Wait a week to wash your hair after coloring.
  • Maintain your balayage hair with a specific shampoo and conditioner to keep it as nice as the first day.
  • If your ends are damaged, avoid over processing them and ask your hairdresser not to bleach them.
  • Style your hair with soft waves, it will look spectacular!

Bottom line

I hope this article has been helpful for you to have a beautiful color.

I highly encourage you to try this color technique.

You’ll love it!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

Until next time!