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How To Bleach bath hair At Home [Easy Guide]

Bleach bath hair

Doing a bleach bath in your hair is one of the favorite techniques for lightening your hair today.

The advantage of having a leach baths, is that you won’t damage your hair as much as normal bleaching. And also, they are  much easier, faster and more affordable to do.

This type of color technique is used to lighten hair by 1 to 2 shades, or also to remove excess pigmentation from the hair dye.

If you colored your hair by mistake in a slightly darker color, if you have a reflection that you do not like as too red or too ash, or if you simply want to lighten your hair a little more, the bleach bath is the ideal technique for you.

Let’s see how it works:

What is exactly a bleach bath?

The bleach bath color remover technique consists of applying a lightener to the hair in a simple way, similar to a shampoo to eliminate the pigmentation of the dye and make our hair look lighter.

Every day more women are encouraged to do bleach baths at home because they are simpler than a normal color extraction with bleach.

If you have no idea how this works, do not worry, here I will explain the process step by step.

Remember that this technique is indicated to lighten the hair from 1 to 2 tones, if you have dark hair and want to be blonde it will not work for you!

Hair tones work like this:
1 – Black
2 – Brown Black
3 – Very Dark Brown
4 – Dark Brown
5 – Medium Brown
6 – Light Brown
7 – Dark Blonde
8 – Medium Blonde
9 – Light Blonde
10 – Super Light Blonde

Now that you see the different shades you can get an idea of ​​how light your hair can look.

For example, if you have dark brown hair, the result will be between a medium to light brown.

The only exception is if you have red or black hair, in this case you will probably remove the pigment a bit but normally you will not lighten your hair much.

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How do I apply a bleach bath at home?

Bleach bath hair at home

You already know that whenever I can I will recommend that you go to a good color professional to do this type of service.

However, if you cannot go to the hairdresser or you want to do it at home, I will tell you the best way to do it.

If you follow the instructions that you will see in this article, you will do a good bleach bath and your hair will not be damaged much.

What products do I need?

To make a bleach bath you need bleaching powder, peroxide and shampoo.

I highly recommend that you go to a professional products  shop, and buy a good quality bleach. If you use a cheap bleach you will mistreat your hair a lot and you will not even lighten it well.

For the peroxide, you should buy a 20v bottle. Never buy a 30v or 40v bottle. If you have very sensitive hair you can use a 10v peroxide.

It doesn’t matter which shampoo you use, but if you have a professional one on hand it will be much better, since the glycerin in supermarket shampoos can slow down the lightening process.

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How do I apply the bleach bath?

To apply the bleach bath, mix the ratio in 1 part bleaching powder with 2 parts peroxide.

Stir the mixture very well and once it is ready add a little shampoo to soften it.

You should always apply the bleach bath on damp hair, it will help you to achieve a better homogeneous result, and to prevent damage in your hair.

I recommend that you apply it with your hands in a simple way and massage it lightly so that it penetrates well in all areas of the hair.

Just be very careful not to touch the areas in which your hair is not dyed, because you can make colored spots in your hair.

Try to be as accurate as possible.

Woman in shower
How long the bleach bath should be in my hair?

There is no exact answer to this question since each case is different, but you should let the bleaching process roughly for about 30 minutes.

I recommend that you decide how long to leave it depending on two factors:

  • The quality of your hair.
  • How much you want to clarify it.

If your hair is very damaged or you feel that it is very fine, you should let the bleach bath act less, approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

If your hair is resistant and has almost no damage, you can let it act a little longer, up to 45 minutes.

On the other hand, if you want to lighten more your hair, you should let the bleach process more time.

Bare in mind these factors so you can make an approximate calculation of how much time you need and check your hair throughout the process.

What should I do after the bleaching?

Once you have finished the process, you should wash your hair very well to remove all bleach residue.

Now is the time for you to apply toner because your will look brassy now, and the color probably will look uneven.

Choose an ammonia-free toner in a color similar to the level of lightening you’ve achieved.

Never choose a blonde toner if your hair has turned orange, for example.

  • If your hair looks yellowish, choose a blonde toner.
  • If your hair looks orange, choose a light brown toner.
  • But if your hair still looks very dark or reddish, choose a darker brown toner.

When in doubt, always choose a lighter color because it will be easier for you to tone your hair again, instead of having the need to apply another bleach bath.

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Is bleach bath the same as a color remover?

Is the same as color remover

You must know that bleach bath is not the same as color remover.

When you use a bleach bath, you are lightening your hair with bleach diluted with shampoo on damp hair.

If you use a color removers, you will be using a  bleach-like product designed only to eliminate the reflection of dyes 9just the shade).

The color removers are indicated only to eliminate the shade of the dye (for example a fantasy color or a red tone), but should not lighten our natural hair.

If you just want to remove the pigmentation from the dye a bit, you can try a color remover.

But if you want to lighten your hair a little more, I suggest the bleach bath technique much more.

How to take care of bleach bath hair

Take care of bleach bath hair

If you have done a bleach bath, or some bleaching technique, it is important that you add to your hair the proteins that it has lost.

When you use bleaching, the cortex of our hair weakens, and if we do not treat it immediately we can begin to feel breakage in the ends of our hair. 

I highly recommend you first of all to lower the frequency with which you wash your hair a little, ideally to twice a week maximum.

When you wash your hair, you should use a kit of professional products such as Kerastase’s Resistance line.

The kit consists of a special shampoo and mask so that every time you wash your hair you recover the lost proteins and repair the hair cortex.

It is totally worth it, since the products usually last at home for about 3 months, and it is a perfect way to keep your hair healthy after a bleach bath.

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Let’s get better hair!

I hope this article has been helpful to you to solve all your doubts about bleach bath.

Always remember that it is better to use quality products for both bleaching and maintaining your hair.

Healthy hair really makes a difference, and sadly I have seen many cases of women who carelessly bleached their hair and their hair does not grow because it is very weakened at the ends.

Take great care of the quality of your hair and do not do more than one bleach bath every 4 months!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

Until next time.