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Balayage with bangs [look guide + inspiration]

Balayage with bangs

If you are here it is because you probably want to do a balayage with bangs, and you are not sure that it is a good idea.

There is no problem that you do a balayage service with bangs, you will simply have to use a technique without face framing.

The advantages of wearing a balayage are many, since it is a style that is very low maintenance and tends to favor all types of hair.

In this article I will show you the best ways to make your balayage look spectacular even if you have bangs:

Balayage with bangs: everything you need to know about it

Many women think that if you have bangs, the balayage technique will not look good.

But this is not true!

The balayage color technique has evolved a lot and today there are thousands of variants and styles in which you can enjoy it.

If you go to Instagram for example, almost all the balayage photos that you are going to see are with a thick highlight in the contour of your face, to make a face framing.

And obviously this should not be done if you have a fringe because it would look very strange.

But this is not the only technique out there! It is simply a modification of the original balayage that is very fashionable now.

What is a balayage exactly?

What is the ombre technique

In case you are not familiar, a balayage is a color technique in which your hair lightens from the middle to the ends naturally.

Before, a less blurred style was used, very focused on having only the light ends.

The balayage in which only the ends are lightened with a lot of contrast is very old-fashioned. Now a more natural and blurred effect is used.

For this reason, now the technique has been improving, and the highlights start from much higher, with a root melt to further degrade the effect, and the famous money piece (face framing) in the contour of the face.

The good news is that if you wear bangs you can get a balayage!

The only difference will be that you shouldn’t do the illuminating highlights of face framing, but you can do everything else.

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Can you do balayage with bangs?

Can you do balayage with bangs

Doing a balayage if you have bangs is a very good idea!

This combination is usually very flattering, since your hair will look very romantic and chic.

What you have to keep in mind is that you should never apply the balayage highlights in the bangs area.

The fringe area should always be in your natural color, similar to the color of your roots, and the balayage should start on the ear area.

I don’t recommend balayage too low or too high.

That the first highlights start about 6 inches from the roots will look perfect!

Inlcusive you can get closer to the scalp if you want to have an ombre effect, but the important thing is that you never touch the bangs.

If your hairdresser is very specialized in applying color, he can make light flashes of color in your bangs, but when in doubt, better not touch it and it will look spectacular.

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Balayage hairstyles with bangs that are trendy & chic

Get inspired by these balayage styles with bangs that are very trendy and will make you look beautiful.

Now I will show you some hairstyles that will make your hair look very glam:

This hairstyle is one of my favorites because it looks super natural and is so flattering.

The caramel colors of the balayage are perfect for brown bases, and the messy style of the bangs is very chic.

In this style, the balayage highlights are a bit more marked to increase contrast and add more definition to the hair.

This technique looks great with abundant and thick bangs like the model in the image.

This balayage style combines beautifully with the bangs, and best of all, it has subtle highlights in the upper area that makes it have a natural contrast.

Long thin bangs are perfect if you have long hair like the girl in the picture.

I love this hairstyle because it has a lot of contrast and dimension with the fringe style.

Here the balayage color is very golden, but the effect will look just as good with any fantasy color you want.

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Check these styles too!

This hairstyle will be perfect for you if you have dark and thick hair.

The caramel highlights have a lot of dimension, and the bangs are incredible with this style.

I love the textured, cropped cut style for medium length hair.

Honey-toned balayage is a perfect combination if you have brown hair.

I’m obsessed with how red balayage with bangs looks!

There are many combinations of red color styles that you can do, either with your natural foundation or with a dark reddish dye at the roots.

In very blonde hair you can also wear a spectacular combination!

Use the super light tips and add some highlights to the bangs for a perfect blending.

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Let’s get better hair!

I hope you liked this article and inspired you to find balayage hair styles with bangs.

Remember that it will look very good as long as you leave the fringe area dark, or with some small babylights.

Never make a money piece to frame the face, it is the only thing that I do not recommend!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, there will always be tons of hair styles that you can do.

See you in the next article!