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Will Balayage Damage My Hair?

Will Balayage Damage My Hair

When you’re in the mood to change your hair color, you may have asked yourself the question will Balayage damage my hair?

I think it’s a good question to ask. One of the most common mistakes is to think that something will be the same as another procedure and that is never a sure thing.

Balayage will not damage your hair. This depends on the fact that your hair has not been damaged for a time before, such as having had a process that includes bleaching. You should also not have had any shape changes such as curl relaxers or perms. Making a balayage color includes bleaching your hair. Bleach is a product that causes the weakening of the cuticles so you must pay attention to the aftercare of your hair after any lightening.

As long as you take proper care of your hair and have the right habits your hair can stay well cared for and undamaged. However, this will not happen on its own, you must take action to avoid any weakening.

In this article, I will tell you the best actions to take to avoid any kind of damage. Contrary to what many people think, you can have bleached hair much healthier than natural hair. This is possible if you follow certain actions and care routines.

Will Balayage Damage My Hair Badly?

The simple answer is that balayage will not damage your hair. However, bleach is a product that causes sensitization to the cuticles so you must pay attention to care after any lightening.

To avoid any damage, make sure your hair has not been bleached for a short time before, such as having had a bleaching process done in less than a year. You should also not have had any shape changes such as curl relaxers or perms. 

Having a balayage includes bleaching your hair with bleach to achieve the results of that effect. Bleach is a product that causes the weakening of the cuticles so you must pay attention to care after any lightening.

How do I prevent balayage will damage my hair?

To be sure balayage won’t damage your hair there are several things you can do to prevent it. Especially if you prepare your hair before having any lightening done you will be safe and confident that it will not damage your hair.

The best ways to prevent balayage from damaging your hair are:

  1. Prepare your hair before the process
  2. Use bondage on the day of lightening
  3. Use high-quality products during the balayage service
  4. Have an aftercare routine after the lightening procedure

By following these actions it is very unlikely that your hair will be damaged or suffer during the Balayage process. In fact, doing so will help your hair return to its original composition and if you continue to do it, it may find itself stronger than it was before you applied these products.

Let’s take a look at each of them so you can learn all about them.

#1 Prepare The Hair before Balayage

One way to prevent balayage from damaging your hair is to plan and start strengthening your hair. About 2 months in advance, you will have a perfect time to replenish your hair with proteins and nutrients so that when the bleaching day arrives your hair will be so strong that you won’t notice any wear and tear. This would be done through repairing and nourishing treatments both at home and in the salon

The salon is where you will find the strongest and most restorative treatments. My suggestion is to always look for places that offer Kerastase or Redken which are brands with high-quality treatments that work.

By doing this you advance your hair with firmness and nourishment with intensive treatments every 3 weeks and regular maintenance at home.

Here you can find the best hair treatments for dry hair.

#2 Use bondage on the day at the salon

As I said before hair is made up of different nourishing molecules and chains that make its structure strong and healthy. On the inside, the hair has these important bonds that it needs to take care of to feel good.

Bleaches are oxidative agents that weaken these chains. One product that helps a lot to protect these chains from bleach is bondage. This product is added to the bleach and because of its chemical composition, it prevents the bleach from damaging your hair.

It’s amazing what a difference good bondage can make in achieving a light color. Protecting your hair is always a good option and bondage is a perfect option to add.

The brand I can recommend is olaplex, also Loreal, and Redken have the same service to protect bridges and bonds.

You can learn more about how does olaplex work, as well as how to use the olaplex mask if you already have it.

#3 Using high-quality products

This is perhaps the most important point to ensure that balayage does not damage your hair. The product used to do it is key to the final result. Especially the bleach and the dye have to be of very good quality because the process is already stabilizing.

High-quality products invest in technologies to preserve the hair as well as possible and even provide it with nutrients and balance it after the aggressive process. All this research and technology is inside the dyes and bleaches such as Loreal Professionnel and Redken.

I suggest that you always look for salons that have high-quality products for good results. There may be other good brands on the market but I recommend the ones I have tried and used with excellent results for many years. I have found that they take very good care of the hair and work on different types of hair in the same positive way.

Some ideas to get a well-done balayage hair or there are also excellent brown balayage ideas.

#4 Have a care routine after Balayage

The last point to avoid Balayage damage to your hair is when the color service ends in the salon. It is extremely important to have a recovery routine whenever you lighten your hair. As I said the process of lightening hair requires bleaching. This can be for highlights, balayage, ombre, shading, or any technique that requires your hair lighter. The weakening that this generates is inevitable but treatable and recoverable. That’s why before doing a balayage you must prepare the hair and then recover the nutrients and give it back what it needs to make it strong again.

You can take a look at this article where I talk about what to do after bleaching.

My suggestion is to have a shampoo and mask to help strengthen your hair. Depending on the level of sensibilization you have is the product you should use. That’s why I recommend you take a look at the article on what to do after bleaching because there I explain each of the levels and which product is best for you.

A product that you can use at a medium level that works well for any hair after bleaching is Force Architect by Kerastase. This family of shampoos and masks restores strength to the hair while leaving it soft and manageable. It is recommended for anyone who has bleached their hair. It should be used for at least 1 month and washed a maximum of 3 times a week. Ideally twice.

Doing this routine will make your hair feel better and better. The keys are to always space out the washes by knowing how often to wash your hair.

For more ideas on how to Maintaining Balayage And Colored Hair you can see more on the link.


With all these actions you can be sure that it won’t cause you any harm to have a balayage. I must tell you that this care can be used for any other effect that requires lightening. Whenever you do a procedure remember not to use any product that is sensibilize for at least 3 months.

If you follow the routine and tips well you will quickly feel your hair repaired and back to its strength.

I hope all this has helped you to know what to do and to improve the care you give to your hair. It will be shinier, healthier, and silkier.

Until next time.