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How to use manic panic for perfect results

How to use manic panic

If you would like to know how to use manic panic to achieve good color results, you are in the right article.

Fantasy dyes are a totally different world than normal dyes! Manic panic is a brand that for many years has given us wonderful vibrant colors for fantasy hair.

However, not many people who want to dye their hair with any of these fantastic colors know how to do it properly! And this makes the color results not good.

The best way to use manic panic semi-permanent dyes is to apply them to clean, dry hair. Once the hair is saturated, let it act for about 20 minutes and when it’s ready, don’t wash your hair! Just rinse them thoroughly with water.

Now I will explain step by step how you should do it, and the most common mistakes you may be making when dyeing your hair with fantasy dyes.

I will also help you to make your color last much longer! Let’s start:

how to use manic panic like a pro

The first thing you should know is that manic panic is a type of semi-permanent dye. Semi-permanent dyes do not have the power to lighten the hair, only to deposit pigments in it.

This means that your hair must be lightened (or naturally blonde) so that you can use fancy color dyes. If you apply a manic panic dye to black or dark brown hair, it will do absolutely nothing. These dyes do not work on dark hair.

Therefore, it is important that you choose a color that is appropriate for the lightening base that your hair has at the moment.

It’s your choice if you want to bleach your hair so you can get a vibrant color or not, but remember, manic panic dyes don’t work on dark hair (with the exception of one color they have called Raven that it’s black).

Which manic panic color can I use in my hair?

Which manic panic color can I use and how to use it

To know what kind of fantasy colors you can use in your hair, you should first have an idea of ​​the type of color you are interested in.

Here I will give you a small guide of the perfect colors for each hair base, however, there is a general rule that it is good for you to know:

If your hair is fairly light and looks blonde, you can use any kind of manic panic color. Intense colors will look very bright, and pastel colors will look perfect. But if your hair is not so light and it looks, let’s say, orange, you should only use very intense colors and with a lot of pigmentation. You can not use pastel colors.

This is important because many people are fascinated by fancy pastel colors, but to achieve this your hair needs to be extra light blonde.

Manic panic color guide

Now let’s see what kind of manic panic colors you can use depending on how light your hair is:

  • Red: You can use this color in almost all cases. The darkest your hair can be for it to work is with a reddish-orange base color.
  • Orange: You can use this color if you have lightened orange or blonde hair. If your hair is slightly reddish it will not work:
  • Yellow: This color is not very commonly used, but it is worth including. For this color to work you must have blonde hair. If your hair looks slightly orange it won’t work.
  • Purple: Deep purple colors can be applied if your hair looks between yellow and orange. If you want a lighter purple color you should have blonde hair.
  • Blue: This color is quite complicated! You can usually use it in a very intense shade on a yellow or slightly orange base. But if you’re looking for a lighter or popping blue, it will only work on yellow blonde bases.
  • Green: The green color should always go on a blonde yellow base. If your hair looks slightly orange it won’t work.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what hair you can apply these primary colors to, it will be easier for you to choose your perfect color with manic panic.

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How to use manic panic step by step diy

How to use manic panic step by step diy

Now that you’ve bought your favorite manic panic dye, it’s time to have some fun and apply it! Obviously we are taking into account that your hair has already been lightened (or is blonde) for this to work.

The most important thing to know is that manic panic dyes should not be combined with any type of developer. Being semi-permanent dyes, their form must be applied directly as it comes in the container. If you mix it with developer you will make a chemical mixture that will make the dye not work.

You should also know that since this type of dye is not aggressive, it does not matter how many times you apply it. You can apply it frequently and it is very safe. Even if for some reason you need to apply another color you can apply this dye twice in the same day.

The best way to use Manic panic
  1. Wash your hair first: If your hair is dirty, the oils in your hair will create a barrier that makes it difficult for the dye to penetrate. Start by washing your hair well and do not use any type of conditioner.
  2. Dry 100% of your hair: Having dry hair will make the dye seal better and achieve better results. You can apply it on damp hair too, however it will wash out faster.
  3. Prepare the dye: With a dye brush, pour the manic panic dye into a bowl of dye so you can apply it more easily. This is the perfect time if you want to combine several colors. Once you have everything right, you can start the application.
  4. Apply it throughout the hair: Either with the brush (recommended) or with your fingers, saturate all the strands of your hair well. Don’t be afraid to apply it all over your head, as it will only work on strands that are light. On the dark parts it won’t do anything (unless you’ve bought a super dark shade).
  5. Let it act: Manic panic dyes do not take a specific processing time because they do not open the hair cuticle, they are more of a treatment. You can leave them from 5 minutes to 1 hour. However, the time that I recommend the most is that you leave it for 20 minutes in the open air.
  6. Rinse it: This part is very important! Do not use shampoo to remove the dye as it will wash out 30% of the vibrancy. Just remove the dye with water (preferably warm – cold), and use conditioner if you want.
  7. Let it seal: Once you’re done, it’s super important that you don’t wash your hair for at least the next 3 days. And when you wash it off, you need a professional sulfate-free color care shampoo.

Let’s have fun with colors!

I hope this article has been helpful Thor you to know how to use manic panic on your hair.

Fantasy dyes are wonderful. They always look fashionable and very cool. Just don’t forget to take care of your hair so that it is always healthy!

Whenever you have the option, I recommend that you apply the fantasy dye only to some highlights, such as a balayage effect. I don’t really recommend that you apply it all over your hair because when it grows it will look rough, and it’s also not a very flattering effect.

Vibrant colored strands will make your hair look much more elegant and chic!

And as an extra tip, if you are thinking of wearing a blue color, always combine it with a purple color. If you apply the blue alone, when it washes out it will most likely look green!

Until next time.