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Pastel balayage looks for beautiful hair

Pastel balayage

If you are thinking of getting a pastel balayage, I would tell you that it is a wonderful idea. This type of coloring is trending right now, and for good reason! Pastel colors look subtle and elegant.

And if you combine pastel colors with the balayage technique, you will make your hair low maintenance and it will make your life easier.

A pastel balayage hair is a color technique that paints strands of hair in very soft fantasy colors from mid-lengths to ends. This will make your hair have touches of fantasy colors in a very natural way since pastel colors are super soft. And with the balayage effect you will have a seamless color transition.

One of the biggest advantages of using fancy colors is that if you regret it they fade more easily than a very vibrant color. And they look great with blonde or light brown hair.

In this article you will discover beautiful pastel balayage looks to inspire you and find your perfect color:

The best pastel balayage looks

If fantasy colors in your hair catch your eye, starting with a pastel color is a very good idea!

Vibrant colors look spectacular on the hair, however you have to be very sure that you want to wear this type of look since it is a bit difficult to remove them.

Pastel colors on the other hand, are perfect as you can light up your hair and have fun, but if you regret it they are easier to remove! Normally just washing your hair will make them fade.

Of course, there are some colors more tricky than others:

  • Blue and green tones are usually more complicated to remove. Also, all blue colors when they start to fade will turn green. To avoid this I recommend that you put a little purple on it too.
  • Purple or peach colors are usually quite neutral and they wash out nicely. They have a medium duration, so they are very versatile.
  • Pastel pink or yellow colors are usually the most sensitive, and usually disappear in a couple of washes. If you want to increase its duration, I recommend that you wear a slightly more intense pink, since in a few washes it will turn into a pastel color.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what kind of color suits you best, get inspired by these beautiful pastel balayage looks:

Gold Rose Fantasy

This rose gold balayage color looks spectacular. You can do this type of color with toners or fantasy dyes. It will look perfect if your hair is brown or mocha, as it will make your brown base stand out.

Pink Bubble

I love this pastel pink color! It has a metallic effect that makes it look very shiny, and also combines very well with any type of hair color. You can wear it as an ombre effect all over your hair, or you can just add a few little highlights with this color.

Rainbow prism

This effect of lights in the hair in pastel colors looks spectacular! Combined with an ash-colored base, it is a perfect canvas for fantasy colors to stand out. You will look like a mermaid!

Sunset temptation

This faded balayage effect in various pastel colors looks gorgeous. One of the things that most catches my attention is that the color combination looks like a sunset, from the purple tones to the peach touches.

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Holographic green

I love the color effect of this fantasy balayage. This style is more of a total look with a mint green base, and the pink and blue strands are faded with an ombre technique. This look looks very modern and sweet, it is one of my favorites.

Subtle pink

This pastel pink balayage effect is one of my favorites! The colorful strands are faded into the hair in a very natural way, and this is perfect if you want to start adding touches of fantasy color to your hair but you’re not used to it. You can make this effect in the color that you like the most!

Rainbow dream

Highlight your hair to the fullest by combining different types of pastel colors in a balayage effect. For this look, it is important that your hair is fairly blonde, so the pale colors will stand out. The best of all? That when it grows your roots will be invisible due to the degraded effect.

Peachy Passion

This peach balayage is one of my favorites! Transform your hair with this wonderful pastel color that looks very flattering and natural. This beautiful peach color will be perfect with brown hair. It is also an easy color to maintain due to the type of pigmentation it has. I love it.

Magical silver

If you like silver or metallic colors in your hair, this pastel balayage style is perfect for you! Pink, blue and purple colors combine wonderfully with silver hair. You can do the balayage effect in silver with some strands in pastel colors, or all your hair can be silver and add the pastel balayage colors.

Purple & mint temptation

This pastel balayage in purple and mint colors will make your hair stand out like never before. Here the model wears this color as a total look with the balayage effect dividing both colors. However, you can also do this effect on the natural base of your color by combining both reflections.

Let’s enjoy our beauty

I hope this article has inspired you to find your perfect pastel balayage look.

If you have never had a fantasy color before, I recommend that you start with a few subtle touches of color to get used to it. Is essential that you know how to maintain a balayage color in your hair so that it lasts, otherwise in a couple of washes you can fade all the color!

A trick that works very well in pastel colors is to dye your hair with a color a little more intense (just a little), so in a couple of washes it will soften and look pastel. In this way the color will last much longer than if you start with a soft tone from the first day.

And the most important! Do not wash your hair more than twice a week and always use a shampoo to maintain the color free of sulfates.

You will see that you will make the color last much longer! See you next time.