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Lowlights: a beautiful way to transform your hair


Lowlights is a color trend that many people don’t know about, and it’s extremely flattering. It is the opposite of doing traditional highlights to lighten the hair.

The lowlights color technique focuses on darken some strands of the hair and give more three-dimensionality. It’s perfect for situations when your hair is too blonde and even because having lowlights will make your hair more dimensional.

Don’t be scared because having lowlights doesn’t mean to change the full color, it’s just about adding dimension to your hair.

Let’s see below all the secrets of this innovative technique:

Getting lowlights: the hottest trend

Having lowlights has many benefits for your hair.

Basically it consists of making highlights in a darker color than you currently color have to give more three-dimensionality to the face.

The advantages of having lowlights are:

  • Your hair will be healthier because you will not need to bleach your hair (the highlights will be made with dye).
  • This technique is very low maintenance, since as your natural roots grow, the contrast will not be noticeable.
  • The color will last longer, since normally your hairdresser will use permanent dye, which will last much longer than the traditional toner used on blonde highlights.
  • The service in the hairdresser will be cheaper since they will not use bleach or toner.

As you can see, the advantages are many!

Of course, you have to make sure that this technique is the one that suits you the most.

If you have naturally dark hair, it is useless!

This technique is designed for when your hair is lighter.

Let’s see when it is more convenient to do some lowlights:

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To make a full blonde more natural

To make a blonde look natural

One of the cases where lowlights are more practical is to make blondes look more natural.

If you have all your hair bleached, the blonde color can look rougher, and when it grows it will see a not very flattering line.

Also, if you have frequently highlighted your hair, you get to a point where practically all your hair is blonde with so much highlight!

Therefore, if you add a few lowlights in either a darker blonde, or even a light brown, you will make your hair color look much more natural.

You can make as many as you want.

I recommend you start by lowlighting 25% of the hair, in very fine strands of hair for a super natural effect.

And remember that this is so that the blonde looks more elegant and natural.

You do not have to go too dark or do too much!

Start small until you find the point where you feel perfect.

To make a balayage effect

Lowlights for balayage

Another situation where you will find lowlights perfect, is to create a balayage effect.

The balayage technique consists of keeping the area of the roots darker, and the ends lighter and more illuminated.

Millions of clients around the world loves the balayage color effect because it is a very flattering technique, and it is very low maintenance.

If you have completely blonde or fairly lightened hair, and you do some lowlights in the area of the roots to darken them slightly, you will create a balayage effect!

The trick is that the lowlights are not applied throughout the entire strand of hair.

Your hairdresser should apply the color in lowlights in the area of the roots, and blend it in the middle to continue leaving the ends clear.

My advice is that the tone you choose is very similar to your natural color, or a lighter tone at most.

In this way you will keep a very beautiful blonde on the ends, but your roots will look super natural.

To create dimension and volume

Lowlights to create dimension

This technique is not very well known, but it is very helpful if you have fine hair.

When you have blonde (or light) hair, and almost all the locks are the same color, the hair can appear flat and lifeless.

Here the lowlights will be your best friends!

By adding them in specific points of the hair, you will be able to make your hair look more voluminous and textured.

The trick is to pick a color that is about 2 shades darker than your current shade.

Your hairdresser should place the lowlights so that they are more intense in the lower area of ​​your head, and lighter in the upper area.

In other words, that the lowlights are a little thicker and more predominant in the lower half of the hair, and much finer and scarcer in the upper area.

In this way you will create a visual effect of maximum volume!

This is because the super blonde locks in the upper section of your hair will be defined by the shadows in your lower area.

This type of effect looks spectacular if done right.

Let’s get better hair!

I hope you liked this article and it has helped you to learn a little more about lowlights.

At your next appointment with your hairdresser, propose this technique and let them advise you on what style and color would favor you the most.

I know that being a blonde is great, but nowadays naturalness and glamor are very fashionable!

You don’t have to have all your flat hair in the same color.

Dare to try new things and start small if changes scare you.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

Until next time.