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Can Dry Shampoo Thin Your Hair? [The Reality]

Hair cleansing products can help hair feel lighter. But you may wonder if can dry shampoo thin your hair?

It is important to know because if you use something you would like to do it safely.

Dry shampoo can thin your hair just if you don’t wash it for a very long time and build up-start to form, and after a long time can cause the follicle to thin. Things like not removing the product, its quality, missapplication and high loads of oills can cause thinning.

In this article, you will know the ways dry shapoo issue so you can feel confident about using dry shampoo.

can dry shampoo thin your hair badly?

The simple answer is yes in case you use a poor-quality product and don’t wash your hair for a long time.

Dry shampoo can create build-up from residues. However, it is due to not having thorough hygiene and the ingredients of the product.

It is not common that this will happen to you but considering this scenarios will help you to be cautious and avoid that result.

This will ensure that it is never the case for you and that no residue builds-up on your scalp.

There are ways to avoid this by having good cleaning habits, also by using dry shampoo correctly and applying conditioner correctly.

Sometimes, many product missapplication are what cause thinning or even sudden shedding.

Principal Ways dry shampoo can thin your hair

Principal Ways dry shampoo can thin your hair

The truth is that most of the time this can happen due to side effects where the follicle reacts like this.

Especially when there is residue accumulation is when anomalies can happen.

Here are the causes that can lead to dry shampoo can thin your hair:

  1. Not washing your hair by substituting your normal wash for dry shampoo.
  2. Not removing the product correctly
  3. Using a product with a high oil load
  4. Wrong application

These are the most notorious and common ways to lead thinning.

No doubt there can be many more but these are the most important and simple to change.

If you pay attention to these details you will be able to use the dry shampoo safely so that it does not thin your hair.

#1 Not Washing Your Hair With Water

The way dry shampoo can thin your hair is by not removing the residue from the scalp.

Dry shampoo can be so easy to use that many people may think that can substitute washing your hair but no.

I should not be a substitute for washing with water. Dry shampoo is an alternative for the days when the hair is not washed.

When you don’t wash your hair this dry shampoo residue plus the oils that we all produce will start to acummulate.

Layers of residue can clog the pores and can create long-term follicle malfunction creating thinning.

To avoid this I strongly suggest that always wash your hair and use dry shampoo as a complement.

You have to wash your hair about 3 times a week.

You have to leaving days without wetting the hair in between each washing to allow it to dry inside completly.

This would be for example Monday, Thursday, and Saturday you wash it normally with water and shampoo in the shower.

After that, on non-wet days, you may use dry shampoo.

You can use it about 2 or 3 times a week.

With this type of rutine, you always remove the residues because you will wash your hair with shampoo.

Doing it this way will prevent dry shampoo can thin your hair by build-up that is generated by not washing it.

#2 Not Removing The Product Correctly

This is one point which is closely related to the previous one and also dry shampoo can thin your hair because do not remove the residue is what leads to white build-up.

So to be more clear, not washing the hair creates residue and not removing the residue creates build-up. So one goes after the other.

When you do not sufficiently remove the residues that are produced daily on the head such as sweat, dust, hairspray, wax, and oils is when the problem start.

What happens is that the residues are not removed and accumulate to form layer after layer get hardened. This is called build-up.

White build-up is something that can be appear by residues that never are removed and get hardened.

This build-up is what clogs the pores of the head and keep generating more and more oils.

These same oils cause the gland that produces sebum to become dysregulated and create even more oils.

When too much build-up is created the pores become clogged and this can affect the functioning of the follicle due to lack of oxygenation.

When the follicle is not well oxygenated and its circulation is interrupted it can cause problems such as thinning or even hair loss.

That is why it is so important to remove the product and the residues that can accumulate with a good and deep wash.

#3 Using a product with a high oil load

When the dry shampoo product you use is of low quality like the ones commonly found in the supermarkets. They can be loaded with certain ingredients that can lead to the feeling that dry shampoo makes your hair greasy.

When you put these products on the roots of the hair which is the area that has the most oil load is when the dry shampoo can thin your hair because it creates or directs to the build-up.

As I explained in the previous points the bad thing is not removing the product from the scalp and not washing the hair.

This is what generates the build-up and that is what causes the clogging of the pores and this is what can lead to thinning and falling.

#4 wrong application

Another reason why dry shampoo can thin your hair is because of the misapplication of dry shampoo.

When the product is not applied correctly for example doing it too close to the roots it can cause problems.

Getting too close causes the product to become liquid instead of the indirect powder it should be.

When it falls in a liquid form it can saturate that area of the hair much more instead of cleaning it.

If you don’t remove the excess frequently, build-up of oils and sebum will begin to form.

As you have seen in the previous points, it is exactly what will lead to this thinning by interfering with the pores.

Clogging the pores is what cause the follicle to not work properly and can cause thinning hair.

This is why it is so important to apply the product at least 15cm from the roots of the hair. This allows the product to fall in a more evenly distributed spray pattern.

This way you avoid that some areas are more impregnated than others and it is easier to remove the product.

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With this information, you can see that it is very difficult for dry shampoo to cause thinning unless you don’t cleaning properly.

However, you must choose a professional product so that it can help you and is not aggressive to the skin.

If there are aggressive agents in it, it can irritate your skin.

Take into account this information and tips to follow a healthy washing and care routine.

I am sure that if you do you will feel much better and safer using dry shampoo.

I hope it has helped you to know more about how to apply dry shampoo and solve your doubts.

See you next time.