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Blue balayage ideas for a gorgeous hair

Blue balayage

Blue balayage hair is one of the most popular styles within fantasy colors. The blue color is perfect in both light and dark hair color bases, and for this reason it is one of the great favorites.

One of the things that I love the most me about this type of balayage is that there are so many colors and style combinations that you can do, which makes it a very versatile style.

For you to wear a spectacular blue balayage you should always bleach your hair first. The fancy blue color only works if it’s applied over a bleached yellow color. The best way to do this color style is to first lighten some areas from the middle to the ends, and once you have washed your hair, apply the blue color to damp hair.

If you are not very familiar with the world of color do not worry. In this article I will teach you everything you need to know about blue balayage, and I will show you stunning hairstyles to inspire you.

Blue Balayage Basics

Although blue balayage hairstyles are spectacular, first of all you must make sure that it is the appropriate technique for you.

Not everyone likes the same things, and I’d like to guide you in finding your perfect color style. There are certain points that you must see before dyeing your hair blue:

  • Blue color is a type of semi-permanent dye: That means that in a few washes it begins to fade. You have to be clear that you should go to the hairdresser to touch up the blue color (not bleaching, that is only once) frequently, or at least you must be willing to apply the blue color yourself at home.
  • You will always have to bleach your hair first: Make sure your hair is healthy so it can resist bleaching. Blue colors only works if you have blonde hair. If your hair is now very dark, it is very likely that you will not be able to dye it blue in a single session.
  • You should have a specific color maintenance care: These types of fantasy colors always need special shampoos for their care. If you wash your hair with a drugstore shampoo, it is very likely that in two washes you will not have any color left.
  • Choose the appropriate blue for your skin color: If you have light skin, you can use pastel or slightly metallic blue colors. In more tanned or forgotten skin, it is recommended that you use intense and dark blue colors to maintain a balance in the hair. And if your skin is chocolate, I highly recommend that you use a purple color so that you look perfect.

Blue balayage FAQs

Blue balayage faqs

Now that you know the basics of a blue balayage, you can make a better decision about whether it is an appropriate color for you. The truth is that I really encourage you to try new things, and this type of hair coloring looks spectacular.

The advantage of getting a balayage instead of dyeing all your hair blue is that it looks much more elegant, and is very low maintenance. If you dye all your hair blue in 4 weeks you will have to touch up with bleach again, plus it looks artificial.

Let’s now see the most frequently asked questions about blue balayage:


The price varies depending on the country you live in and the type of salon you go to. However, the average price of a blue balayage is $200. To touch up the color without bleaching the hair (only applying the blue color) will cost you approximately $100.


To make a blue balayage in your hair, you must first bleach the strands that you want to be blue with the balayage technique. Once your hair is blonde and freshly washed, apply the blue dye all over your hair and let it act for about 20 minutes.


The duration of the blue color depends on how porous your hair is and the quality of the dye you use. On average, the first time you dye your hair blue it usually lasts about 3 weeks. Every time you touch up the blue you will make the color last 20% longer because it saturates your hair with the pigments.


To maintain a blue balayage you should wash your hair maximum twice a week with warm water (never with very hot water). The most important thing is that you use a special shampoo to maintain the color like this one.

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Stunning blue balayage ideas

Now that you know everything about this type of fantasy colors, it’s time to get inspired with these stunning looks:

I love the electric blue and turquoise color combination of this balayage. You can wear this color as a total look all over your hair. Also, you can blend it with your natural root color with an ombre effect.

This bright blue balayage is perfect for any type of hair color. All natural colors will look spectacular with this effect. Do not forget to enhance your face by combining it with the face framing technique.

The combination of intense blue and purple looks spectacular. This balayage effect looks very dimensional. I love that both colors make each strand of hair pop. Perfect for slightly darker natural hair colors.

This blue balayage is perfect for very dark bases. Blue tones with a lot of pigmentation like this one will last a long time. That way you will avoid your hair looking greenish before its time.

This blue balayage pastel is one of my favorites. With this color your hair will look like a mermaid! Pastel colors go perfectly with blonde or light brown hair colors.

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Enjoy a beautiful hair

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing the most important points of wearing a blue balayage in your hair.

These kinds of color effects really look very nice and are worth trying. If you are afraid start with something soft. You will see that very soon you will want more!

Until next time!