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How to dye a wig at home like a pro [Step By Step Guide]

How to dye a wig

If you would like to know how to dye a wig for a professional result, you are in the right place.

Wigs are becoming more fashionable by celebrities, as it is a wonderful way to transform your look without sacrificing the health of your hair. But if you don’t do it carefully, you can destroy the wig!

In order to dye a wig, the most important thing is that you make sure it is made of natural hair. Synthetic wigs cannot be dyed as the hair is made of plastic. To dye your wig I recommend that you buy a professional dye and avoid bleaching it.

If you have no idea how to dye your wig, don’t worry because in this article I will explain step by step how you can do it to obtain good results.

Want to dye a wig? Learn the basics

Wigs are becoming more and more fashionable. A few years ago, the word “wig” sounded like fake hair that would look awful! But today wigs are just another fashion accessory with wonderful hair quality. The hair on the wig can even feel like your natural hair!

If you don’t believe me, look at the celebrities. It is very common that for red carpet events or even in music videos, wigs are part of the look all the time.

The truth is that there are many types of quality today. If you search online I assure you that you will find from $10 synthetic hair wigs to more than $1000 natural hair wigs.

If you would like to have a wig like those of celebrities in a particular color to look fabulous, you must have some things in mind and know the basics of the wonderful world of wigs:

Choose the right wig

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there are two types of wigs: synthetic hair and natural hair. They are both extremely different!

Synthetic hair wigs are usually dyed and styled but the hair will be made of plastic fibers. This means you can’t do anything to them! They are only to place them in the way they are stylized. The most you can do is untangle them.

On the other hand, human hair wigs usually come in a virgin dark color and the hair falls in a straight or wavy shape but is not styled (it can even look messy). This is the wig to buy if you want to have your wig at home.

How to differentiate them? Very easy! Synthetic hair wigs are usually very inexpensive (less than $200) and often have the words “synthetic wig” on the label. Human hair wigs are much more expensive and the hair should feel 100% real (prices can range from $400 to thousands of dollars).

You can’t dye synthetic wigs

The most important thing to keep in mind if you plan to have your wig at home is that synthetic wigs cannot be dyed. As good as they look, hair is made of plastic, so if you try to dye it, it won’t work.

The dyes are designed to penetrate the hair fiber, and in the case of synthetic wigs this does not happen because it is a different material. Therefore, it is not worth trying to have it because the result will not be good.

Maintaining a wig

Finally, keep in mind that if you want to have your wig at home, you should always keep it hydrated so that the hair cuticle remains sealed and shiny.

Whenever you go to have your wig, I recommend that you use the highest quality dyes and a peroxide as low as possible. In this way you will not open the hair cuticle too much and you will be able to have it more safely (which you should do at most once or twice a year).

To keep it hydrated you should give it a deep nourishing treatment for dry hair at least once every 6-8 weeks. The good thing is that the wigs stay clean for a long time, so you can always schedule their maintenance washes with the treatment.

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How to dye a wig at home step by step

How to dye a wig step by step

Now I would like to show you how to have a wig at home. The basic coloring rules for this type of case are very simple:

  • You can only have natural hair. If the hair is synthetic it will not work.
  • If the hair has been previously had you can only refresh the same color or make it darker.
  • With permanent dye you can only make the hair color 3 shades lighter than its natural color.
  • If you want a deeper lightening of the hair, highlighting it or painting it a fancy color you will need to bleach it first or at least use a bleach bath.

These points are basic when choosing the color and the indicated process. To be honest, in most cases you will need to use bleach. Natural wigs are normally made from beautiful asian hair that requires bleaching to make it lighter. Let’s see the step by step:

step 1: Prepare the wig

The first step you must do to have your wig is to prepare it. Your wig should be clean and free of styling product residue. If you just bought it, you don’t need to do anything because it will come new. But if you’ve worn the wig before and you’ve put hairspray or something on it, I recommend you wash it first.

Also make sure the wig is 100% dry before you dye it. If it has wet areas, the color will not stick well to them (unless you are going to dye it with just a toner).

Finally, you can protect the lace area by applying a small layer of styling gel (only on the fabric, not on the hair). This will block the aggression of the peroxide in that area. When you apply the gel, let it dry for about 24 hours or dry it with a dryer if you are in a hurry.

Step 2: Prepare the color

The second step is to prepare the color formulation. I recommend that you buy the best quality dye possible. This will allow you to enjoy your wig longer!

Another important point is that you use the lowest peroxide possible. If you are going to lighten the hair, use a maximum of 20v. On the other hand, if you are going to darken it or deposit color, use a maximum 10v peroxide.

Prepare the color formula, and if you can add the Olaplex treatment to the formula. In this way you will protect the hair fiber up to 10 times more! Once you have everything ready, it’s time to dye it.

Step 3: Dye the wig

Now is the funniest moment, to dye your wig! In order to have your wig well, place it on a mannequin that can be attached to a surface, or failing that, look for a comfortable table where you can work with it.

Color application will vary depending on the type of color you want to achieve. The 3 most common cases are:

a full permanent color

If you’re just applying an even tint, it’s a fairly easy process. Use this application if you plan to achieve a dark color such as brown, red or black. Don’t try to make your hair much lighter with a permanent dye because it’s not strong enough.

Apply the color first on the roots with the help of a brush. Once you finish, apply the color from the middle to the ends until the rest of the hair is covered. As you go, applying the color with the veil brush, massaging it with your fingers so that it reaches all the areas well. Wait about 30m and it will be ready!

Highlights or balayage

If you plan to do a lighter color effect, you should use aluminums. In this case it will be almost impossible to have your wig if you do not have a mannequin or support where you can work comfortably. However, I recommend that you have enough knowledge of the subject if you plan to bleach your hair. Otherwise you can run the risk of burning the hair of the wig!

Apply the bleach to the sections you want to work on and wrap the strands in aluminum foil. Remember that when using the bleach on your hair you should saturate the strands with the lightener. The bleach must always be moist for it to work well.

Full bleached or fantasy color

You will need to bleach all of your hair if you wish to dye it a fantasy color or for an overall blonde color. Remember that bleaching can break your hair, so only proceed if you feel confident about it.

Apply the bleach mixture throughout the hair as quickly and evenly as possible. Since it’s a wig, it doesn’t matter if you start by bleaching the roots or the ends. Make sure to saturate all the hair well and let it act for about 30 minutes, keeping an eye on it every so often.

When you’re ready, wash your hair very well and remove excess water. Now it’s time to apply the toner in a similar way to permanent dye. Apply the desired color (fantasy dye or blonde toner), let it act for 20 minutes and it will be ready.

Step 4: Wash the wig

Once the color is ready, it’s time to wash your wig. Be sure to use a professional shampoo and conditioner to seal in the color. If you use a supermarket you can run the risk of affecting the dye.

If you have any moisturizing mask for colored hair, don’t hesitate to use it! The trick is to try to moisturize the hair as much as you can just dye it so it doesn’t dry out. When you’re done, make sure to rinse everything well.

Step 5: Dry & Finish

Now it’s time for you to dry it and style it the way you like! Don’t forget to use a heat protectant before styling.

Always use medium heat, and avoid high heat at all costs! Wigs are not as heat resistant as our hair is when attached to your head. So dry it, style it and when you’re done use a few drops of moisturizing oil for the ends. Now you can start using and enjoying your new wig!

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Bottom line

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing how to have a wig from home.

Changing your hair color in 5 minutes by putting on a wig is one of the most exciting things you can do with your hair! Don’t be afraid to try new things because a wig is really almost the same as extensions.

My last recommendation is that if you don’t feel confident about having it, you can always take it to a professional to do it for you! It all depends on your expertise on the subject.

See you next time!