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How To Use Olaplex Bonding Oil [Easy guide + tips]

How To Use Olaplex Bonding Oil

If you are wondering how to use Olaplex bonding oil, you are in the right place.

You’ve probably heard good things about Olaplex products more than once, and with good reason! These products are designed to repair and treat your hair fiber in depth.

Specifically, the Olaplex bonding oil is frequently used from mid-lengths to ends on wet or dry hair to restore the bonds of your hair that have been damaged by chemical or mechanical processes. Using a couple of drops of this oil every day will allow you to repair split ends and achieve much stronger hair.

This oil is a great beauty ally, since it will not only leave your hair aesthetically beautiful, but it will also help you to repair the damage in depth.

In this article I will help you to know all the insights of this incredible oil, and I will give you several hacks so that you can use it properly.

How does olaplex bonding oil Work?

The Olaplex bonding oil (step7) is one of the most versatile and innovative products that the brand has launched in recent years. This wonderful oil is extremely easy to use, and promises you to feel immediate results in the texture and condition of your hair.

As you probably already know, Olaplex products work in a way that always help your hair to get recovered from damage, and will make your hair stronger.

The advantages of this oil is that:

  • It is free of parabens, phosphates and sulfates.
  • It is designed for most hair types.
  • It is a super light oil that does not weigh hair down.

Basically the Olaplex bonding oil focuses on repairing our hair while giving it beauty and manageability.

On the one hand, Olaplex’s bonding technology helps us repair the damage caused by dyes or irons to the hair in order to restore hair health.

On the other hand, this oil leaves the hair feeling extremely soft, shiny and light! It is not an oil that leaves your hair weighed down, it is a treatment that leaves your hair much more manageable in the process.

Olaplex 7 bonding oil
Olaplex 7 bonding oil

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Different ways to use Olaplex bonding oil

This wonderful product can be used in a traditional way (as a styling oil), or it can be used in other ways to treat your hair.

Therefore, I would like you to know all its forms of use! Remember that this oil is a treatment, which gives it a lot of versatility unlike its competitors.

On the other hand, regardless of the way you use it, I recommend that you put at least a few drops every day. The constant action of the treatment on your hair is what will help you the most to repair it!

The main forms of use are:

  • Traditional way (as styling oil)
  • As a pre-treatment
  • Combined with other products

Note: You can use this oil in damp or dry hair. It doesn’t matter! In dry hair the oil will give your more frizz control, and in damp hair it will give you more softness and anti-porosity effect.

Let’s see each step by step:

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Traditional use

Traditional use

The most traditional way of using Olaplex bonding oil is as styling oil. To do this, you should use a few drops on your hair when you want to instantly beautify it. I recommend that you apply a few drops every morning to your hair. In this way you will show off shiny hair every day.

Styling oils serve to give hair a lot of shine, softness and an anti-frizz effect.

Also, remember that with this oil you are not only beautifying, but you are treating your hair!

Step by step
  1. First brush your hair to prepare it for the oil.
  2. Turn the bottle of your Olaplex bonding oil upside down, and give it a small tap so that a dosed drop comes out.
  3. Rub the product between your hands first to activate it.
  4. Next, apply the primer oil from mid-lengths to ends, massaging your hair downwards.
  5. With the residue left on your hands, apply the oil a little higher if you have flyaways.
  6. Finally, brush your hair to distribute the product and achieve a layer of shine (if you have curly hair, do not brush it, just distribute it with your hands)

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pre-treatment use

How to use olaplex bonding oil as a pre treatment

Another of the most recommended uses for your Olaplex 7 bonding oil is to use it as an oiling pre-treatment.

Pre-treatments are products that we apply to dry hair so that they act either at night, or a couple of hours before washing your hair.

In many Asian cultures, oiling your hair is one of the most popular beauty secrets. Oiling your hair will allow you to give it a lot of elasticity, nutrition and (in the case of Olaplex oil) repair.

Step by step
  1. First brush your hair to remove dead cells and prepare it for treatment.
  2. Place your bottle of Olaplex bonding oil upside down, and give it several taps to dose the product in a slightly larger quantity than normal.
  3. Rub the product with your hands to activate it.
  4. Apply the oil generously throughout your hair, starting with the areas that are driest (if you have a dry scalp, apply the oil there as well).
  5. Take a brush and start brushing your hair in various directions (normally, sideways, and finally upside down).
  6. If there are any areas that feel dry, apply more oil.
  7. Wrap your hair in a turban or hat, and leave it on for several hours.
  8. Rinse and wash your hair normally.

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Combined with other products

Woman using treatment Combined with other products

Finally, you can use your oil combined with other treatments to give a repair boost.

If you add a few drops of your Olaplex oil to a mask or conditioner, you will make the treatment much more powerful and restorative, as well as leaving your hair even softer and shinier.

I highly recommend that you combine it with products from the same Olaplex line, such as the step 8 deep mask, or the Olaplex 3. Its results will surprise you.

Step by step
  1. First of all, prepare a bowl with your favorite mask or treatment (only with the amount necessary for one application).
  2. Turn your Olaplex oil bottle upside down, and dispense a drop into the treatment bowl.
  3. Mix both products with a spatula until they have been incorporated homogeneously.
  4. Apply your treatment as usual.

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Bottom line

I hope you liked this article on how to use Olaplex 7 bonding oil.

However you decide to use this wonderful oil, the truth is that this treatment will help you a lot to recover your hair.

As a final tip, one of my favorite uses for oil is to add a few drops to your hair color for added nourishment.

Until next time!