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How To Fix Oily Hair Without Washing It? [Easy Tips]

How To Fix Oily Hair Without Washing It

Especially when you have an appointment and your hair doesn’t look clean you may wonder how to fix oily hair without washing it.

When you are short on time or if you have recently washed your hair you may need an alternative.

The best option for how to fix oily hair without washing is using dry shampoo or some type of talcum powder because it will get rid of the greasy look quickly. These products will immediately absorbs the oils without wetting the hair.

In this article, you will find practical hacks to make your hair less greasy in a short time.

how to fix oily hair without washing your Hair?

how to fix oily hair without washing your Hair

The first thing you need to know in order to fix this problem in your hair is to identify where it is coming from. There are two common areas where you may notice it.

The first and most common is at the roots, this is where most of the oils are produced and can accumulate.

The other area where you may feel oily is on the rest of the hair such as the mid-lengths to ends.

However this is much rarer and is usually due to not removing conditioner properly or applying products that saturate your hair such as oils.

To solve these sensations that are in the roots, you must remove that grease with products that do not wet the hair. There are products that due to their chemical properties can do it.

On the other hand, if your problem of oiliness is generalized all over your hair, you must correct your washing habits and find products that help you without making your hair greasy.

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I’m going to put here the most practical ways to improve your appearance in a few minutes with things you already have at home and some hacks to make your life easier.

The best ways to achieve this are:

  1. Apply dry shampoo.
  2. Use translucent powder.
  3. Use talcum powder.
  4. Braiding your hair also corrects the problem in just a few minutes.

That’s why I’ve chosen these hacks so that in an emergency they can be your lifesaver as they have been for me.

#1 Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is definitely the best option to use. It has been created especially for this type of situation.

Dry shampoo can really help greasy hair with its properties because they can absorb and disintegrate oils , it can remove oil from the skin immediately after it touches it.

I can professionaly suggest Schwarzkopf Refresh Dust that clean very well and live a fresh feelingof clean hair with volume texture.

After applying, you have to shake your hair to remove the dry shampoo residue. Then run a brush through your hair to remove all the residue.

Dry shampoo usually leaves a white residue that looks like talcum powder if not removed.

Applying dry shampoo correctly can help so much more than you can imagine.

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#2 Talcum powder

Talc has a very similar effect to that of dry shampoo. Dry shampoo also contains talc among its ingredients.

Talc has the property of absorbing moisture and oil. That’s why with just a little bit it can eliminate that oily texture and appearance.

One of the most important things to do is to apply a small amount with your fingers, like sprinkling it on the area you are most interested in.

This way you can have it clean in a few minutes. The talcum powder will absorb the grease and moisture in your hair.

It is a very useful tool that we always have at home.

Baby powder is more recommended because it always takes better care of the skin but you can use any kind of talcum powder because they all work the same way.

When you have an emergency you can use it in small amounts and sprinkle it from a couple inches of distance so it doesn’t clump or stain your skin.

Shake your hair after that and pass a brush to eliminate the residues.

#3 Translucent powder

The translucent powder is incredible to fix oily hair without washing because it is already formulated to eliminating oil from the skin.

In makeup, it is one of the first elements we have to apply to compact the makeup. It is used to eliminate the bright effects of foundation.

If you use this translucent powder on your roots with a brush and apply it to the areas where you have the most oily appearience, it will help to clean it.

Since it doesn’t normally have a highlighted color, it will hide it beautifully.

In fact, for me, it is one of my favorites as an alternative! After all, it is very easy to remove because it already has an appearance that blends in with your skin.

The important thing is to apply a very small amount and remove it the same way you remove dry shampoo.

What you should do is with a large powder brush take a small amount and sprinkle it about 2 inches from the roots. After that, you can pass the brush as if sweeping the excess, and this way it is removed along with the grease that is there.

You will notice how the oils are mattified providing a clean appearience.

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#4 Braiding your hair

One of the best ways to to fix oily hair without washing when you don’t have any of the products above is to braide it in.

There are some occasions when you won’t have the elements I’ve talked about and you may be desperate. Don’t worry there is still a way to look nice!

When you braid your hair you can hide the effects of the grease for minutes. It often looks like a much sleeker hairstyle because it is more compact due to the grease itself.

My professional suggestion is to do a braid because in this way you take all the hair contained.

Braids are a hairstyle that always look very elegant and can save you from that trouble in a few minutes.

How to Avoid Oily Hair

If you apply some prevention hacks I know you can have great and most importantly visible results when it comes to balance oily hair.

The products and forms that I am recommending below will help a lot to fix oily hair, and if you decide to try them you too can see the results by yourself.

Prevention #1 Detox the Scalp

The best option to prevent an oily appearance is a good detox. It means removing and cleansing the scalp of all greasy residues and oily agents.

Sometimes you can feel your hair Sticky After Washing it, and one of the reason is because you are not cleaning your hair well enough.

To do this you must cut out all the shampoos you are using and apply an exfoliator instead.

My professional suggestion is Fusio Scrub by Kerastase. It is a product that contains granules that remove old residues very well and the technology it has cleans very well.

Also, has a very pleasant smell, and leaves the scalp skin feeling refreshed and clean.

I recommend that instead of using traditional shampoo you use this product the first week every time you wash your hair.

Wash your hair 2 times a week max with this product. Rub it only on the roots, and then rinse it. Then repeat the same one more time.

Duting the second week, start alternating it with another shampoo that is not nourishing. It is best to use Kerastase Bain Genesis to help gently moisturize without greasing your scalp.

Prevention #2 Use A Stronger Cleaning Shampoo

Having a shampoo that gets rid of grease is vital to fix oily hair.

Most of the shampoos that you can find in the commercial market such as supermarkets do not fulfil this purpose. Inclusively most professional shampoos don’t either.

In my professional experience, there are very few that can do this without damaging your ends or removing the color from your hair.

That’s why I want to tell you that using a shampoo that meets these conditions is vital to quickly solve the appearance of greasy hair.

My professional recommendation is to use Bain Divalent shampoo by Kerastase which fulfills all this in a very positive way and I have tested it not only on myself but on hundreds of different clients with very good results.

I also want to tell you that having the right washing routine along with the product should go closely together.

If you have an oily scalp all the time it is because your sebaceous gland probably produces more oils (sebum) than it should.

When this happens to help control this problem you should give your hair more of a gap between washes.

For example at least 2 days without washing it, then wash it with this shampoo and then leave it for 2 days without wetting or washing it.

Watch the temperature at which you wash your hair because this will help this gland produce fewer oils (use warm water instead of hot water).

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Bottom Line

When you have greasy hair either because of genetics or because you are experiencing it suddenly, it’s still a very uncomfortable feeling and it’s normal to want to fix it.

Especially if you can’t wash your hair the conventional way, it’s good to discover new ways to get your hair looking fresh and clean quickly.

I hope that with these ideas you will be able to solve it in various ways depending on what your situation is.

With these solutions, you can fix it with any of the products that are sell almost anywhere.

I hope this can help you.

Until next time.