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Why does my hair gets frizzy when I brush it?

Why does my hair gets frizzy when I brush it

Frizz is one of the biggest enemies of hairstyles. Different things can make it appear. There are days when you may ask why does my hair gets frizzy when I brush it.

This question is normal and understandable because it happens to many people just like you. It also has a deeper answer than you might think.

The main reason why your hair gets frizzy when you brush it is that the layer that keeps the hair smooth, soft, and shiny is affected by lifting the cuticles that surround and protect hair. The deep reason for this is that it is dry and malnourished. That is why it becomes fluffy and shapeless when you brush it.

There are several reasons why this symptom is appearing, and brushing is increasing this appearance and sensation.

In this article, I will give you the most common reasons that are causing your hair to be frizzy. Also, why brushing detonates that appearance that causes us so much frustration, especially when we are in a hurry.

Why does my hair get frizzy when I brush it quickly?

Hair is made up of 3 layers and the outermost of them is where the frizz appears. This last layer is the one that envelops the hair and protects the other layers. This is where the so-called cuticles are found, which are a kind of scales that are aligned to wrap the hair and protect it.

For this protective layer to work effectively it requires lubrication and nourishment. This is where we can say what makes hair shiny, feel soft, and look smooth. By this, I don’t mean that your hair will be straight if you are curly. What I mean by this is that the surface of the hair is flat and silky. Identifying this type of hair is what we know as healthy hair. It is what looks shiny and beautiful, with movement and a defined shape.

To achieve this effect we often make the mistake of thinking that flat ironing and oiling the hair will keep it looking this way. Unfortunately, this is not so because when it gets wet it will return to its real state. It is very clear to realize that something is wrong when we run the brush through it and ask why my hair gets frizzy when I brush it. Or something like Why Is My Hair Frizzy All Of A Sudden?

It’s all because those little cuticles I’ve been telling you about get raised and electrified due to the static generated by the friction with the brush. Most of the time this happens because the hair is lacking certain nutrients and that’s why the cuticles rise very easily. The advantage is that it is fixable and repairable.

Below are the main reasons that Cause Frizzy Hair. Also, what is affecting this protective layer?

Why does my hair gets frizzy when I brush it?

Knowing what is causing your hair to get frizzy is key. Also figuring out Why Is My Hair So Poofy would help a lot with the styling routine.

Several things within our habits can be affecting it. Also, other external things that if you protect yourself and anticipate you can keep your hair away from frizz.

I will put here the main causes of making you experience frizz.

The 3 main causes are:

  1. Humidity
  2. Brushing damage
  3. Chemical damage
  4. Heat damage

These are the ones that will give away the frizz because they are undoubtedly affecting the coating that creates these effects. As you can see there are environmental causes and most are by our actions or decision. The good news is that you too can repair your hair with simple but continuous actions.

Let’s look at each one in detail…

#1 Humidity

The reason Why Humidity Make Hair Frizzy is that water changes the internal structure of the hair because contains hydrogen. The explanation is that water by its composition of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule and the charge that each one has makes it feel attracted to those in the composition of the hair. When they come into contact with the hair, they join between these molecules destroying the existing hydrogen bridges and forming new ones. So immediately some water touches our hair is a rule that the same thing will happen no matter what.

We can find humidity almost everywhere in the environment. We can also find it in the steam from a shower, in a kitchen, or in a restaurant. You can suffer from frizz if you enter a place where there is steam.

One of the clearest acts where this happens is when showering at night. When you get home tired and think about relaxing to sleep peacefully and take a shower it seems like a great idea. It is, but if you don’t dry your hair 100% the next day your hair will likely feel so poofy that you might not be able to style it.

To help you avoid humidity that makes your hair gets frizzy when you brush it, my professional recommendation is to apply a styling wax after styling your hair. Whether you have used a heat styling tool or not after combing or brushing it. Apply a little bit of wax on your hands first spreading it out and then apply it gently and with very little quantity. Spread it by applying pressure on your hair especially on the superficial area of your head as if forming an armor.

#2 Brushing damage

Another reason why your hair gets frizzy when you brush it is because of aggressive brushing. On more than one occasion especially when in a hurry it can be done improperly. When there are knots or dryness it is very common for us to tug on the hair to get it done quickly.

This aggressive tugging with the brush can weaken the outer layer of the hair and even break it. When this happens split ends can appear and with it frizz. The outer layer of the hair is quite sensitive and very little brushing can weaken it.

Another important reason is that your brush is very old. Plastic bristles may be pitted or have small cracks in them due to temperature or time wear. When this happens the brush itself will be scraping the entire outer layer and if it gets stuck between them it will be hurting you badly. This is why it may be lifting immediately. Even Tree Split Ends appear everywhere without any apparent explanation.

#3 Chemical damage

Certain chemicals cause this effect when not used properly. For example bleach, straighteners, perms, and even shampoos contribute to wear and weaken the cuticles. This could be for example that the soap contained in the shampoo. It can be too aggressive and will cause the hair to be damaged.

Some chemical process eliminates nutrients inside the hair. When they are removed in large quantities you will immediately begin to notice hardness, dryness, and even breakage at the ends.

This damage that is generated at the ends and in the hair in general eroticizes the cuticles and causes them to lift. This type of damage due to lack of nutrients will have the same effect that causes frizzy hair.

This effect is very common after bleaching. Also, Hair Is Still Frizzy After Keratin Treatment when it has been damaged. And to answer the question Why Is My Hair Frizzy it is most likely due to lack of nutrients that caused the damage to the hair. Hair reacts in many ways when it doesn’t have the right nutrients and frizz is one of the first signs.

#4 Heat damage

High heat is one of the reasons why your hair gets frizzy when you brush it. When you don’t dry your hair completely and a little moisture is left in the hair it can cause problems. A very characteristic sound is when you pass the iron or curling iron. A sound like frying in a pan can indicate that there was water contained. So it evaporated on contact with the plates to that the hot tool.

That is very damaging to the hair because you are removing all the moisture that the hair has in a very aggressive way. It’s like there’s electrification and that’s why the cuticles that I’m talking about are left open.

At the moment this happens the cuticles that are on the outermost surface of the hair begin to raise and then erotize. When the cuticles are raised or eroded, friction is generated between the strands of hair and that is when the hair looks dry and frizzy.


These 4 common ways that frizz appears when you brush your hair. Now you have a better idea of why it is happening. As you can see this is usually progressive depending on your styling habits and how you take care of your hair. There are also other ways in which it has nothing to do with you such as humidity that may be in the environment or your brush.

The important thing is that you have seen how you can prevent it from happening by taking care of it. If you change the way you wash your hair, the products you use to protect and clean it. In addition to the temperatures of your heat styling tools. All of this will make a huge difference.

I would also like to tell you that if you use the right Treatment For Damaged Hair or Treatment For Dry Hair product. With this, you will be able to regain the soft and silky texture of your hair. Always brush gently and patiently.

I hope this information will help you take better care of your hair and eliminate the problem of brushing frizz.