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What causes frizzy hair? [Practical Advice]

What causes frizzy hair

Frizz is one of the most recurrent enemies of any hairstyle. This makes us wonder what causes frizzy hair.

It’s almost a joke that right after styling our hair and going out, frizz appears. That’s why solving the question can help us take steps to avoid it.

What causes frizzy hair is usually the water in the environment or the lack of it inside our hair. Water destroys the bridges that already exist in your hair and eliminates the shape that your hairstyle already had. Water makes new hydrogen bridges because of its electrostatic attraction. It is very interesting to know that the science behind simple everyday acts exists and affects our hair.

There are other ways in which frizzy hair appears that are not only due to the external environment. In this article, I will tell you the main causes of frizz so you can identify them.

This will help you to analyze your habits and know what it is due to and be able to change them to combat them.

What causes suddenly frizzy hair?

The main signs that you have frizz are flyaways, and your hair feeling much more puffy than usual. Another sensation is that your hair suddenly gets very tangled.

It doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair, frizz attacks all hair types. When you recognize why it can happen you can also choose the best treatment for you. So you can eliminate it as soon as possible, also taking action to prevent it. 

There are 3 main reasons why you may have frizzy hair. Some are just a matter of the environment and have nothing to do with you. However, others appear because of what you have done to your hair recently. Others are due to nutrients that your hair is lacking and are a sign that you need to provide those nutrients.

The most noticeable is always water in the environment. The water molecules that float in the air when they come in contact with your hair generate a chemical reaction that causes frizzy hair to appear.

Below I will detail each of them so you can recognize and combat them.

Main causes of frizzy hair

Frizzy hair can be easily identified by how it looks and feels. Most noticeable is that there is a lot of unkempt, unshaped hair. It is also clear that the hair is not straight and flat. By this, I don’t mean that it should be flat ironed but rather that the surface does not look flat but rather wide and puffy.

A good comparison is that it looks like the effect of being electrified. Now I will explain that this has a lot to do with what happens with the chemical reaction of the water and the hydrogen bridges we have in the hair.

In addition to this other causes also make the hair feel tangled and difficult to manipulate. The most common reasons are due to :

  1. Environmental humidity
  2. Lack of moisture
  3. Damage

The way these causes act on your hair is very common and in many cases surprising. You will find that some of these you can avoid or help your hair recover to eliminate them. Hair is very grateful and can recover from these conditions if you take care of it and pay attention to it.

Let’s take a look at each one…

#1 Environmental humidity

The main reason that causes frizzy hair is water. Water is everywhere, especially in more humid weather. Rainy, snowy, or very cold climates tend to be humid.

This humidity is water suspended in the air. The problem with water is that we get frizzy hair. You may have noticed that when you shower your hair completely loses its shape. No matter how you have styled it, immediately when you wet it, it immediately goes out of shape depending on the weight of your hair and the shape it naturally has. It certainly changes when it gets wet and it is very clear to see it in the shower.

When you are outdoors we have already seen that there are also water particles in the environment and without realizing it they do the same effect but in a lesser proportion, usually, the small hairs that are more towards the surface are the first to be affected. These hairs are the famous fly-away hairs that are left without shape and stand up uncontrollably as if they were magnetized.

The explanation is that water by its composition of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule and the charge that each one has makes it feel attracted to those in the composition of the hair. When they come into contact with the hair, they join between these molecules destroying the existing hydrogen bridges and forming new ones.

That is why any hairstyle is destroyed when it comes in contact with water. And this is what causes frizzy hair. That’s why Humidity Make Hair Frizzy. and that’s why ask yourself Why Is My Hair Frizzy All Of A Sudden?

Solution #1

Here’s a mega tip that helps a lot to block the humidity from the environment to protect your hair. Use styling wax on the top layer of your hair to create a protective layer so that when water wants to get in, this layer of wax won’t let it in. Oils are not compatible with water and therefore protect the hair from this.

My professional recommendation is that you use a good quality wax that does not saturate your hair and also takes care of it. The Redken wax is very good, it contains a very acceptable hold that doesn’t leave your hair hard but gives you a lot of control.
It also holds the hair together without leaving it greasy.

#2 Lack of moisture

It may seem that this is the opposite, however, it is a different reason for what causes frizzy hair. Hair is a fiber that is fed from the follicle and absorbs nutrients from the body. The nutrients it needs are based on amino acids, proteins, lipids, and water. The combination of these is what we call nutrition and moisture.

When the hair is lacking in certain nutrients, especially amino acids and lipids are when it starts to feel dry and rough. At the moment this happens the cuticles that are on the outermost surface of the hair begin to raise and then erotize. When the cuticles are raised or eroded, friction is generated between our hair and that is when the hair looks dry and frizzy.

The main reason is that they begin to lift because of this lack of lubrication. By not being able to get this lubrication and nourishment they become more porous and start a chain where they cannot absorb the moisture and become drier and drier. This can lead to the next issue that I will tell you about in this article which is damage.

Some of the things that can be causing this lack of moisture are the way you style your hair and the tools you use to do it. Even knowing How To Wash Your Hair Properly can help you get your routine off to a good start.

Aggressive washing is also very likely to cause frizzy hair. Heat can damage your hair if you don’t take care of it and also gradually dry it out if you overdo it. Knowing how to Styling Damaged Hair can help you do it right before it gets damaged.

#3 Damage

Bleach is well known for making beautiful highlights and gorgeous colors by lightening hair color. Also, it Perms Damage Hair and be Cause Of Split Ends. Some chemical process eliminates nutrients inside the hair. When they are removed in large quantities you will immediately begin to notice hardness, dryness, and even breakage at the ends.

This damage that is generated at the ends and in the hair in general eroticizes the cuticles and causes them to lift. This type of damage due to lack of nutrients will have the same effect that causes frizzy hair.

This effect is very common after bleaching. Also, Hair Still Frizzy After Keratin Treatment when it has been damaged. And to answer the question Why Is My Hair Frizzy it is most likely due to lack of nutrients that caused the damage to the hair. Hair reacts in many ways when it doesn’t have the right nutrients and frizz is one of the first signs.

To improve that texture and give your hair back what it needs you need to know Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair. It will help you get your hair back to what it needs so it can reseal the cuticles and ends.

My professional recommendation to speed up that recovery is to apply Kerastase Theraspiste serum every day to help seal those ends. This will make your hair feel much more manageable faster and therefore less frizzy.


Using the knowledge and information in this article you can now better protect your hair against frizz. Combining protection against humidity against the environment and returning nourishment to your hair. With these two actions, you can improve the appearance of your hair noticeably in a few weeks.

You should know that it will take a while for your hair to get rid of this frizz because everything takes a recovery process. However, you should always protect it against humidity because it will always attack when it comes in contact with it.

I hope all this can help you fight frizz effectively. I know that if you apply the right products with well-established and well-practiced routines you can have very good results.