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Styling Damaged Hair: The Best Way To Prevent Breakage

Styling damaged hair

Styling damaged hair can be tricky, since the more damaged our hair is, the more heat it will require to smooth the hair cuticle. If you have breakable hair, the most important thing you need to do is to reduce the temperature of the heat tools, and do not style your hair with heat more than 2 times a week. It is important that you focus on repairing the damage first, and try new hairstyles without heat.

There are many options that you can put into practice to start treating your hair and styling it without damage.

In this article I will give you my best tips to reduce damage when using heat, and I will show you several types of hairstyles that you can do to style your hair naturally.

Let’s start by understanding why our hair breaks with the constant use of heat:

Why styling my hair frequently causes hair damage?

Every time you use a heat tool, the cuticle of the hair heats up and its surface begins to peal away.

The more heat we use, the more we lose the coating of the hair cuticle, until we reach a point that is so damaged that it is when we begin to have split ends and breakage.

And it causes us to fall into a spiral of damage, because the more damaged we have the hair, the more heat we require to style it, and the more heat we use, the more damaged we will have the hair.

We have to break this circle ASAP.

Sadly, all styling tools cause the same type of damage to hair.

What makes the difference in terms of damage is:

  • How often we style our hair.
  • The quality of the heat tool.
  • The way we style our hair.
  • The type of thermal protection we use.

Let’s see now if, the best way to style our hair if it is damaged:

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Reduce damage when styling your hair

Reduce damage when styling damaged hair

In this section I will explain the basic care you should have to reduce hair breakage as much as possible when you style your hair.

All points are equally important, so try as much as you can to improve your care, especially if you already have damaged hair.

What you should do is:

Reduce the styling frequency

I know it is more difficult than doing it, but it is imperative that you reduce the frequency with which you use heat tools.

Don’t worry if at first it seems impossible, I assure you that as soon as you start repairing your hair, you will need less and less styling in your hair every time.

Ideally, the most you should use the hair straightener or dryer is twice a week.

If you use them more than twice a week, you will damage your cuticle a lot and you will not give it time to repair itself between ironing and ironing.

If you have fine hair, you should try to reduce it even more, since your hair has very little resistance to aggressions naturally.

So that the hairstyles last longer, I encourage you to use dry shampoo as it will make you wash your hair less, and therefore you will need to use heat less times.

Another trick that I give you if you feel that your hair becomes stiff and rough between days is to use a medium to ends oil to make it flexible and manageable again.

The less you style your damaged hair, the better.


If you use cheap heat tools you will damage your hair much more than if you use a professional tool.

If you have damaged hair, I recommend that you only use a dryer or iron, since curling irons are usually much more aggressive and cause more damage.

You can reduce hair breakage by 80% simply by changing your styling tools.

Good quality hair straighteners and dryers diffuse heat harmoniously and this reduces erosion of the cuticle of our hair.

If you really want to stop damaging your hair when you style it, having a good tool is the best investment.

The best heat tools that I can recommend are:

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson hair dryer

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Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson corrale straightener

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Dyson currently has the best heat tools for styling damaged hair.

This hair dryer and straightener will help you a lot not to damage the cuticles of your hair because it diffuses the heat in a harmonious way and does not overheat.

Another of its great benefits is that it cuts styling time in half, so your hair will have 50% less heat damage.

They are a bit pricey, but these are the best of the best.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightener

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightener

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The BabylissPRO nano titanium tools are another of my big favorites because they work so well and are quite affordable.

Titanium is one of the best conductors of heat that exist, with which it will take care of your hair that it does not overheat, and it will comb you quite quickly.

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Using heat tools correctly is one of the key points to avoid damaging the hair.

Believe me, it is useless to have the best hair straightener if you do not use it properly!

Basically what you have to be careful not to overheat your hair every time you style it, because otherwise you will be able to cause a lot of breakage.

My best tips for using the dryer are:

  • Always use the medium temperature, preferably never set it to maximum heat.
  • Avoid touching the hair directly with the dryer, always keep a gap of at least one inch.
  • If you use a round brush to help dry your hair, use it only when your hair is 70% dry, otherwise you will overheat the strands.

My best tips for using the hair straightener are:

  • The best temperature to iron your hair is approximately 160 degrees (avoid reaching 180).
  • Make sure your hair is always 100% dry.
  • Do not iron more than 3 times for each section of hair.
  • Be very careful with the baby hairs, pass the iron a maximum of 2 times in them.

Having this care with a good heat tool and no more than twice a week will help you a lot to achieve your healthy hair goals.


The last important thing for styling damaged hair is to always use a good heat protectant.

You should never use heat on unprotected hair, as it will damage your hair up to 8 times more!

Regardless of the type of heat tool you use or the frequency, you will always need a heat shield.

My best advice is that you always apply it just when you get out of the shower on damp hair, and brush it so that it is evenly distributed over all hair.

When you have dry hair and you are going to use the iron (either just after drying or between days for maintenance), use another small nut of product and brush it again throughout the hair.

In this way you will achieve maximum protection in the hair cuticle.

My favorite heat protectors are:

Kerastase extentioniste Thermique

kerastase extentioniste thermique

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Osis flatliner

Osis flatliner

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I recommend that you use the Kerastase cream protector when you wash your hair, as its texture is better distributed on wet hair and your hair will be protected at all times until you wash your hair again.

Use the Osis heat protector when you go to use the iron on dry hair, since its spray texture will make your life very easy.

Combining both protectors will give you wonderful results.

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Let’s enjoy our beauty

I hope you liked this article to know the best way to style damaged hair.

As long as you can avoid heat tools all the better! Today there are many hairstyles that you can do without heat.

And best of all, you don’t have to be very skilled!

If you are still going to use the dryer or the iron, remember to be very careful and use good products.

The goal is for your hair to be healthier every time!

Until next time.